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Ensign Kaylin Burke - The Doctor Says

2018-11-08 04:01:00

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*((OOC: Day Three of leave, morning hours)) * *((Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis))* :: Kaylin was sitting at the small office space that was usually reserved for the chief medical officer, reviewing the charts for each crew member and civilian. In a way, it was comforting =E2=80=93 after all, one day she = might get to call such an office hers =E2=80=93 but at the same time it was also frightening. Even though she was not the CMO, with the departure of Dr. Cattan she had become the main primary care physician for Atlantis'= one hundred and forty odd crew. :: oO No pressure Oo :: She was so focused on the task at hand that she automatically stood up with a startle as the Captain's children ran into the sickbay =E2= =80=93 even before she realized they were the Captain's children. :: *Brell:* Calling out. Hello. *Burke:* Oh, hello Captain! :: She said, quickly stepping into the exam area, her expression seeping with concern. :: Did something happen? *Brell:* Good morning Doctor. No emergencies here just time for the twins check up. *Linalu:* Hello, Dockther Urke *Renu:* No hyops, pleaz. :: Burke couldn't help but chuckle.:: *Burke:* Awww :: She cooed, completely involuntarily. :: Hello girls! How about we get ye settled on a biobed and get this started then? I promise this won't be too boring. ::She watched as the Captain kneeled down and put out his arms, the twins quickly grabbing onto him. The ease with which he carried them both to the biobed impressing her.:: *Burke: *So, dad, do we have complains at all? *Brell:* All has been well, their third birthday was in september and we have been keeping up with all the changes. Renu is still heavier than Linal= u, she is a rather picky eater since starting solid foods. *Burke:* Ah yes, so she is in the picky phase then? :: She began, as she picked up a nearby PADD and pulled up their charts, moving closer to them to start her examination.:: That's quite normal around this age, I = for one used to love persimmons, of all things, right up until that time. Haven=E2= =80=99t touched them ever since. :: She smiled at the captain. :: :: She smiled reassuringly at the twins as she placed the PADD down and picked the tricorder from her belt, starting the scans. Getting scanned by a doctor was enough to make a lot of grown ups anxious, so she liked to get it done as fast as possible on the children.:: *Burke:* Very well, their readings look perfectly normal. The weight difference shouldn't be a concern, as long as you keep Linalu here = on a varied diet. A good idea you might want to try is to offer herself food that is close to the ones she already likes, with similar colors, = flavors and textures. :: She said, as she placed the tricorder back on her belt. :: *Brell:* I don't believe I have had the chance to formally welcome = you aboard. ::Smirking.:: I thought I'd throw you this tough assignment= right away. :: She quickly picked up the nearby PADD and entered a few quick notes. :: *Burke:* I assure you sir, as far as tough assignments go, this one is a piece of cake. :: She smiled at the children. :: Linalu and Renu are adorable, I couldn't have asked for better first patients now. *Brell:* I hope Doctor Cattan has gotten you up to speed on our sickbays quirks? *Burke:* She tried, but there was very little time to actually go through everything. The rest of the staff are helping me though, besides, I=E2=80= =99d like to think I'm a quick study. :: She said, with a wink.:: As for you = girls, I have good news. ::She went on, as she sed the PADD back down. :: No hypos! :: She turned back to the captain. :: *Burke:* It looks like their immunization is right on schedule, so we won= 't need to worry about that until next year so. *Brell:* Response. *Burke:* Now :: She turned back to the kids. :: Let's play= a quick game! *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. *Burke:* Have ye ever heard of =E2=80=9CSimon Says=E2=80=9D? :: She asked, = with a playful smile. :: *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. *Burke:* :: She chuckled. :: Okay, so let's start with an easy one= Simon says stick your tongue out! :: She started, sticking her own tongue out and making a silly face. :: *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. *Burke:* Very good! Now let me see :: She began, pretending to thi= nk really hard about the next challenge. :: Oh, I know! Simon says ::= She paused.:: Put your arms up! :: She commanded, lifting her own arms up. :: *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. *Burke:* Okay! Last one, are ye ready? :: She paused again. :: Simon says= pretend you're your favorite animal! *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. :: On second thought that was probably a bad idea. Kaylin was sure the Capitain did not expect to see the newest crewmember on the ship imitate = =E2=80=93 astonishingly accurately =E2=80=93 a terran chicken when he woke up this mo= rning. And honestly, neither did her, but it was easy to get carried away while playing with children. :: *Burke:* Congratulations, ye girls have earned a prize! :: She said, as she briskly walked back to the office and came back with a small container filled with chocolate chip cookies. :: I've these baked especially for my very first patients here on the Atlantis, and guess what now? You'r= e it! *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. :: She turned towards the Captain, offering him one as well. :: *Burke:* Don't worry Captain, these are completely healthy, I assur= e you so. :: She winked and whispered, still loud enough for him to listen. :: And completely sugar-free. *Brell/Renu/Linalu:* Responses. *Burke:* They're in perfect health, of course. :: She smiled, and suddenly realized her cheeks were starting to hurt a little from smiling so much. :: They are developing quite well, both seem very attentive, have good reaction times and reflexes and their vitals are well within normal. You have nothing to worry about so. *Brell: *Response. -- Ensign Kaylin Burke Medical Officer USS Atlantis NCC-74682 A239510KB0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. 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