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Commander Zakaria: The End is Nigh

2019-01-08 05:58:37

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((Consortium Dreadnaught Phoenix, Bridge)) :: The unexpected message telling Zakaria to transfer Raga made him angry, but he knew there was nothing he could currently do. The people that sent those orders super seceded any orders he had before. He decided to overlook it and continue with the orders he had been given before what just happened. He was standing at his chair looking at the shuttle as it departed when he was interrupted. :: Reeko: Commander, subspace message coming in from Volcania. Zakaria: Very well Ensign, Let's hear the message. =3D/\=3D Commander, you're mission has been a success. In fact from= the reports sent in you have dealt a significant hurt to the Atlantis. The Federation continues to try and meddle with our business, yet every time they try to hurt us it seems to hurt them more. Your orders are to report to me on Volcania as soon as you can. We have a plan the Federation will never forget. =3D/\=3D :: Zakaria hated the secrecy, but he never knew what the person's n= ame was the only name he knew them by was The Informant, which fit the scenario. He looked at the crew of the ship and saw the loyalty in their eyes. :: Zakaria: You heard the orders. Plot a course by Deep Space 26 the usual way make sure they don't detect us. This mission is imperative that we = stay hidden from them. :: The crew nodded and began to initiate the orders, as Zakari watched them he knew what was going to happen could change everything, but he had to do it because of the Consortium. He had sworn an oath and he had to keep that oath to them. He remembered a piece of his orders and spoke up. :: Zakaria: Ensign change those orders! When we go by Deep Space 26 make sure and leave some evidence on our destination. Reeko: Sir, did I hear you correctly? Zakaria: Yes, do as you have been ordered. :: As soon as he was satisfied with the orders being carried out he gave the order to let him know when they arrived at Volcania. He retired to his quarters to get some rest the past few weeks had been less than restful. :: ((Captains Personal Quarters, Deck 2, Phoenix)) :: The quarters were quiet, as he always expected them to be, but tonight was more of a solemn silence one that seemed like nothing would be able to pierce it usually he would activate the lights, but tonight he wanted to sit in the solemn darkness. As he sit there tears began to stream down his eyes the pain in his body was more then anyone could understand the pain was more than anything he had ever endured and yet each day he tried to hide the pain, but the pain is what defined him, in fact, it's what= made him who he was. His career was driven by the hidden secrets of his past and it was something he wanted to make sure the Consortium never found out about it. The thoughts of his past began to run through his mind at a thousand miles an hour. The hum of the engines overtook his thoughts and he drifted off to sleep. :: ((Short Timeskip)) :: Zakaria was awoken by the sounds of impacts hitting the hull, immediately he got up and sprinted for the Bridge. :: Zakaria: Report now! Reeko: Sir, we were going by Deep Space 26 and they must've detecte= d us. A Federation cruiser ambushed us at the nebula entrance. Zakaria: Ok, well I'd like to know why we haven't fired bac= k? Reeko: Sir, the ship disabled our weapons and we're currently dead = in the water. Zakaria: Shields up! What's the ETA on our weapons systems? Engineering: We can't give you that time Captain. We do suggest hea= ding to Volcania now! Zakaria: Ensign get us out of here now! Reeko: Commander if we go now the Federation will be able to track us. Zakaria: Do it now! Get us out of here with all possible haste! :: The worst thing was the realization that the Federation had figured out how to detect them. It was at that moment he realized it had to be the Atlantis. :: oO Clever very clever. I never gave that ship the credit it's been = due. Oo :: He saw the stars stream past as the ship successfully went to warp. He knew the Atlantis would know where they were going, but what they didn=E2= =80=99t know just like everyone else was that it was all a plan one that only a few people knew was in the process. The Atlantis had done more to the Consortium then they knew and the Consortium wanted to confront them as a whole. He thought about the prisoner Raga he was going to try to escape, but what he knew was the locations where the Consortium had taken Raga. :: Zakaria: Ensign any contacts? Reeko: No Sir, but I'm sure they're coming and it will be f= ast. Zakaria: Estimated time to Volcania? Reeko: Ten minutes Sir. :: Those ten minutes were up before Zakaria knew it. He saw the familiar planet in the viewscreen the hub of the Consortium it was the one place that had been hidden from the Federation from the time they had become enemies. The time for secrecy had come to an end. The Dreadnought was the flagship of the Consortium fleet and to command, it was an honor one Zakaria did not take lightly, but even this was just a part of the final destination. :: Reeko: Sir, your shuttle is ready. Zakaria: Thank you Ensign Reeko :: Zakaria took the short shuttle flight to the surface. Volcania was just a codename for the planet Salara. As the shuttle pierced the atmosphere the surface could be seen it was full of buildings tall buildings most of them were corporate, but some had other purposes. Salara was one of the biggest financial hubs in or near the expanse. The shuttle headed for the tallest building in the area, upon landing he was escorted to the offices of the Informant. :: ((Floor 25, Consortium Headquarters, Salara)) Informant: Zakaria you have done well! You know what the next task is? Zakaria: Yes, but for safety, I feel we shouldn't repeat it. Informant: Your logic is sound. The Consortium is impressed by everything you have done and we will continue to reward you, as you help us. We know your plan wasn't to help us, but it's what we needed and yo= u came when we needed it most. Zakaria: I do not need any thanks just know that after this fight I am done. We knew this day was coming and it's almost here. I do have a question why did you take the Commander off my ship? Informant: We needed to get him away from what's about to happen. Zakaria: Well Sir, I feel he needs to be here to see just what we plan to do. I could be wrong, but the Atlantis and its crew will do everything in its power to recover their lost crewmember these Federation types are loyal to their last breath. Informant: I can make no promises, but I may be able to get him transferred back to the Phoenix, however in the meantime return back to the ship and await the arrival of the Fleet. Zakaria: The Fleet is many lightyears away it will not arrive by the time the Federation gets here. The Phoenix will be the only line of defense between them and Salara. Informant: Well if that's the case do what you can to protect us. W= e will try to get the fleet here as soon as possible. That is all Commander. :: Zakaria nodded and made his way back to the Pheonix he knew it was up to him to finish what had been started. It was time to end this. No turning back. :: Operative 157 Commander Zakaria Simmed by Ensign Maddi Hyden Security Officer USS Atlantis - NCC 74682 A239511MH0 Virus-free. www.avg.com <#DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2> -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-atlantis. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.