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Lt Aidoann Danara: Summoned to Sickbay

2019-01-12 01:00:26

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((Bridge, deck 1, USS Atlantis)) Knight: Sir, is it safe to assume the asteroid jumped into the cloud? Williams: Its where I would go, but without shields? Doubtful. Unless of course it can cloak and shield at the same time... Never thought I'd see itbut then I haven't seen a cloaked ship fire either... Knight: If they jumped into the cloud they would have to exit via the Suden passage to avoid any serious systems failures due to the clouds effects. They might change ships but they would still need to pass DS26 if they want to re-enter free worlds space, using one of the shuttles we could notify the station to be on the lookout and tag any vessels that pass within possible time frames. Williams: You'll get no argument from me, but with the com out I don't know how we can do that right now... Knight: Sir, if we retrofit a sensor probe we wouldn't be able to have a conversation but we can program it to transmit a prerecorded message. Danara: Good thinking, I'll leave it to you since it's your area of expertise. I'll do what I can from here. I'd suggest keeping the message as innocuous as possible while still relaying key information.We don't know who else will possibly intercept that message. Williams: See to it, make it your top priority! Maeli: Commander, I'm reading power to the starboard nacelle and the port nacelle is no longer venting plasma, although there is still a minor trickle coming from it. It would seem Engineering is getting close to getting us warp power. Although, we likely won't be going very fast once they do. Williams: That's good news. It will take us time to limp home, but it wont take months if we have even a little warp power. Maeli: Lieutenant Knight, I am curious. It is quite a ways back to DS26 and under the most ideal circumstances in the Par'tha Expanse, transmissions get garbled because of the high concentrations of rubble, dust and other particles in the space around the Expanse. Makes navigation tricky, too. How do you plan to get enough power to support a signal that will reach all the way from here to DS26? Starships, of course, generate more than enough. But a probe? Knight: Most probes are already built with communication equipment, if we rip out the scientific equipment we can stuff it with power capacitors to give it enough power for a message to reach DS26. Danara: If the Commander is ok with it, go ahead. I'll defer to you and him on this one. Williams: I have only one concern that suddenly popped up. Can we encode it well enough so others wont pick it up. We have made a few enemies in the region. If they know we are crippled they might seize the moment to finish us off. Knight: I can make it work, sir. Williams: Alright, then proceed at your own discretions. Knight: I'm on it. Danara: Good luck, Lieutenant. Knight: Response Maeli: Sir, looks like we have warp power again. I doubt we'll get much speed based on these readings, but it's better than crawling along at impulse. Williams: Lets see how much they can give us and then take a little les. We don't want to push her to hard after what she's gone through. Kiliak: =/\=Helmsman, be advised. This is an experimental warp program simply to get us out of here. As far we know, it's untested on Atlantis. Do not exceed warp 3.7.Expect increased turbulence, and monitor your hull integrity closely. Accelerate and decelerate in increments, no more than one every ten seconds. =/\= Maeli: Engineering just confirmed, sir. Max warp is 3.7, and she recommends we slowly increase to that in order to minimize hull stress. Williams: Alright, take her to warp 3,2 steadily. :: Once more the turbolift doors opened. Alex expected a lot of people to come through but not their new security officer. :: Hyden: Ensign Hyden reporting to relieve you, Commander Williams, as ordered by Lieutenant Serala. Williams: Ah, good. Very well ensign.We are still in pursuit of a cloaked vessel. Or we hope so at the very least. I fired some random short phaser volleys in all directions but it hasn't given us any more data on the ships location. I think its safe to say she is already far ahead of us. Anyway... station is yours ensign. I believe this is your first time? Ask for help if you need any. But I am sure you'll do just fine. This is what you trained for after all. Hyden: Thank You, Sir! I will do my best to figure out what I can. We will find out what happened to Raga and where they took him. Williams: He wasn't taken. He moved over himself. Hyden: Commander I have an interesting reading I see a small warp signature from the asteroid I presume, but I see a larger signature near it. I can't give you it's heading, but I feel it's departing from the nebula and heading somewhere unknown. Orders Sir? Williams: As much as I'd like to we are in no position to start a fight with them right now. We have only phaser fire but without target computers we have to do it manually. With the ship shaking under its current trouble that will be a big challenge. So for now follow as good as we can.We have to wait for Foirr and Darkkdust to get our computers up and running. Then we can start with a proper damage report. Maeli, can you get find a link with Toryn somehow? Maeli: Response? Williams: Keep trying... We have to let him know we are doing all we can... ::and then the room fell silent for a second. Alex was eager to leave the bridge and check in on the captain but he knew his place was in the big chair. :: Williams: =/\= Bridge to Sickbay, can you give us an update on the wounded. =/\= EMH: =/\= EMH here Commander, I can confirm the man beamed to the bridge is the Captain bu... =/\= Williams: =/\= You are sure? EMH:=/\= I am sure, but his condition is grave there is a foreign deviceinside of his head. I need someone here who has experience with metalspying devices come to sickbay at once. =/\= Williams: =/\= Good work doctor, I take it that proves we had an impostor onboard as well. Its time we get some answers from him. Perhaps he can tell us where the alien ship is going! Can you see do that Lieutenant? =/\= ::Aidoann was anxious to know the Captain's status as well listening carefully to the report from sickbay. The report bothered her. While she wanted to see exactly what the prisoner would say herself her presence was needed more urgently elsewhere.:: oO This is not good news Oo Danara: I'm on it Sir. Have Knight check in with our prisoner to get some answers. Williams: Response? EMH: =/\= Get here quickly Lieutenant. =/\= ::Turning to exit the bridge Aidoann responded to the EMH.:: Danara: =/\= I'm on my way. =/\= ::Once the turbolife stop she exited at a sprint. Quickly making her way to sickbay.It didn't take her long to locate the EMH. :: Danara: How can I be of assistance? EMH: Response? Danara: What can you tell me about the Captain's condition? Specifically as it relates to this device you found? EMH: Response? -- Lt Aidoann Danara Chief Intel Officer USS Atlantis, NCC-74682 aurorav@gmail.com A239102AD0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-atlantis. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.