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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker, PNPC Marine Captain Hannah Martinez, MSPNPC Akari Denada," Cornered" TAG: Mitchell, Turner

2018-11-08 01:48:37

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(( Embassy Gardens )) :: Three teams of Marines were slowly entering the gardens, making sure the= y were as stealthy as possible, but the man they were hunting would have a = hard time hearing them coming with a fighter overhead. Besides, the Marines= knew the territory, and they were comfortable going in, but Hannah knew th= at just because you knew the ground, did not mean that your quarry didn't a= dd something to the enviroment as the teams moved in, Hannahs' commbadge bu= zzed:: Mitchell:=3D/\=3D Green Lead to Martinez. =3D/\=3D Martinez: =3D/\=3D Martinez here, go ahead Green Lead.=3D/\=3D Mitchell: =3D/\=3D Think he's in the core. Probably up in the trees= . Recommend you send in the Kilo Nine unit. =3D/\=3D ::That was actually the best idea. The dogs could flush him out in the open= where they could see for sure if the man was armed or not. Nothing indicat= ed he had any sort of energy weapon, but knives in close quarters were just= as dangerous. Martinez spoke:: Martinez:=3D/\=3D Copy that Green Lead. The Kilo Nines haven't had any live= meat for awhile...=3D/\=3D Mitchell: response Martinez: =3D/\=3D I won't them them chew him too bad. I'm sure Hannibal wa= nts to have a little talk with him. Martinez out.=3D/\=3D ::Fortunately, the Kilo Nines were already on the move, having just been sn= iffing the grounds for more explosives. Tapping the comm, Martinez spoke:: Martinez:=3D/\=3D Martinez to Sargent Cooper.=3D/\=3D Cooper:=3D/\=3D Cooper here.=3D/\=3D Martinez:=3D/\=3D Bring the Kilo Nines to my twenty. I'm sending them in...= =3D/\=3D Cooper:=3D/\=3DCopy that. Be there in two. Cooper out.=3D/\=3D (( Deep in the Embassy Garden )) :: Akari heard the sounds of the four legged animals the humans called dogs= . They were fairly large and he had heard that they were quite vicious on c= ommand. To him, they were barely controlled wild animals, much like the Mar= ines who controlled them. There was no way out for him...he could hear the = small ships overhead, the sounds of the noisy animals coming closer and clo= ser. Would the Marines let the animals eat him for sport, after what he had= just tried to do? If he survived the animals, would he survive the suppose= d augment Marine commander? He saw him at the party, and the man was massiv= e, a literal walking mountain. If the stories he had heard about the man we= re true, if he survived the dogs, he would not survive the Marine Major...h= e had seen the video feed of him dropping a dead Romulan during some sort o= f press thing after the last time the Romulans tried to take Til'ahn back. = The thought of being torn apart by the Major was more chilling than being e= aten by dogs. There was no easy way out, and he had nothing left...he could= hear the voices of the Marines now, and the barking of the dogs...to him, = it was becoming more and more urgent, and he knew they were coming right fo= r him:: ::Reaching in his shirt pocket, he took out a tiny white pill. He had never= intended to take it, but now, despite his situation, he was going to choos= e how he was going to die. Not by the teeth of animals, nor the force of a = massive human. There was enough poison in the pill to kill ten Laudeans, an= d do it quickly. Even the vaunted Federation medicine would be unable to sa= ve him, as there was no antidote, at least, not one known to him. Popping t= he pill under his tongue, Akari stepped out, then put his hands over his he= ad. The Marines were less than thirty meters away, and when he came out, th= e Marines stopped, the Marines holding the dogs straining to keep them in c= heck. A woman stepped out in front and spoke, her weapon pointed right at h= im:: Martinez: LOCK YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD! NOW! ::Akari did what he was told. The pill was dissolving, and even now he coul= d feel the tingling in his body as the poison was taking effect:: ::Hannah locked her eyes on the man they had been hunting. No doubt he was = the one they were looking for. Holding up a fist, then giving a signal to w= ave the dogs off, Hannah spoke again:: Martinez: GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND CROSS YOUR LEGS AT THE ANKLES!!! DO IT= !!! :: Akari almost fell to his knees...the poison was taking effect. He compli= ed with the Marine as several came up to him, roughly searching him, checki= ng him for weapons, most likely...but he began to smile as he looked up at = the female Marine.:: ::Hannah knew they had their man, and the search turned up nothing more. Sh= e tapped her commbadge:: Martinez:=3D/\=3D Martinez to Green Lead and Major Parker.=3D/\=3D Parker:=3D/\=3D Parker here.=3D/\=3D Mitchell: response Martinez:=3D/\=3D We got him. He didn't put up a fight.=3D/\=3D Parker: =3D/\=3D Take him to the Marine brig. Green Lead stand by for a cha= nge in flight status.=3D/\=3D Mitchell: response Parker:=3D/\=3D Good work all. Let me know when you get him inside. Parker = out.=3D/\=3D :: A feeling of euphoria swept over Akari, and he fell over, looking up at = the sky:: ::Hannah saw the man fall over, and her initial reaction was to think he wa= s up to something nefarious..but once she saw his eyes rolled back in his h= ead, she knew something else was going on. Hannah slapped her commbadge:: Martinez: =3D/\=3D COMPUTER! EMERGENCY TRANSPORT TO MEDICAL!=3D/\=3D (( Medical Center- Duronis II Embassy )) ::Hannah, Akari, and the Marine team materialized in the Med Center, with t= he attending physician beginning to ask a question, but Hannah spoke first:= : Martinez: We took him in custody, and he collapsed. Physician: Put him on the biobed there! :: Akari felt like he was floating. He felt the bed beneath him, and he fel= t his body relax. He spoke, his voice soft, almost serene:: Akari: There is no antidote for the poison I took. Even your Federation med= icine cannot save me. ::The physician ran the scanner over him, then shook his head. Hannah knew = he didn't have long to live, so she had to ask the most important question:= : Martinez: Why did you do it? ::With his remaining strength, Akari spoke:: Akari: I gave you back everything you gave me...latinum, gold...and pain. Y= ou have no business on our world. You are little better than the Romulans. = They brought the pain of suppression. You brought the pain of other enemies= who sought to take our world and destroy you.:: Smiling:: Now, I am at pea= ce. Now....I... ::Akaris' head slumped to one side, the heartbeat monitors were now flat li= ning. Akari was dead. Looking at the Marine detail, Hannah spoke:: Martinez: Make sure the sweep of the Admirals' house is complete. Marine: Yes Ma'am. :: As the Marines left, Hannah talked to the physician:: Martinez: Keep him in the morgue. I'll find out what they want to do with h= im. Physician: Understood. ::Stepping outside, Hannah tapped her commbadge:: Martinez: =3D/\=3D Martinez to Parker.=3D/\=3D Parker:=3D/\=3D Parker here.=3D/\=3D Martinez:=3D/\=3D Our suspect is dead.=3D/\=3D Parker:=3D/\=3D Dead? How?=3D/\=3D Martinez:=3D/\=3D Before we took him into custody, he took some sort of poi= son. We got him to Medical as soon as we could, but they could do nothing f= or him.=3D/\=3D ::Hannibal sat back in his chair. He had hoped to find out why this man did= what he did, but that opportunity was now over. Hannibal spoke:: Parker: =3D/\=3D I'll notify the Admiral. Embassy status?=3D/\=3D Martinez:=3D/\=3D All buildings secure and swept. The Admirals house is get= ting one more once over before we consider it clear. Parker:=3D/\=3D Understood. Stand down the Marines and resume the regular n= ight patrol. Notify Security of same.=3D/\=3D Martinez:=3D/\=3D Will do. Martinez out.=3D/\=3D (( Marine CIC- Duronis II Embassy )) :: Hannibal let out a sharp breath. The threat had been dealt with, the Adm= iral was secure, and the Embassy was safe. It had been a wild last couple o= f hours, and he had no other indication of any other threats, either planet= side or spaceborne. With that in mind, Hannibal tapped his commbadge:: Parker: =3D/\=3D This is Major Parker to all units. stand down from Yellow = Alert. Embassy and all ships resume normal watches. The rest of shore leave= has been cancelled. That is all. Parker out.=3D/\=3D ::On his desk, a message came across his screen...the Admirals' house had b= een swept again and declared safe, but Hannibal wasn't going to let the Adm= iral come home just yet. He hit the comm button again:: Parker:=3D/\=3D Parker to Admiral Turner.=3D/\=3D Turner: response Parker:=3D/\=3D We got him, Admiral, but he committed suicide.=3D/\=3D Turner: response Parker:=3D/\=3D He's in Medical. I guess it would be up to you and Doc Hend= on as to what to do with him.=3D/\=3D Turner: response Parker:=3D/\=3D I've stood the Embassy and the fleet down from Yellow Alert= , but I strongly suggest you stay on board the Thor, just to make sure some= thing else does not rear its ugly head.=3D/\=3D Turner: response Parker:=3D/\=3D Understood. And I will Toni. Parker out.=3D/\=3D ::True, he needed to get some rest, but he could rest later. Right now, he = just wanted to get out of his dress greens and find his wife:: TAG/TBC MSPNPC=C2=A0 Akari Denada Lone Bomber AND: PNPC Marine Captain Hannah Martinez Weapons Specialist/ Marine XO USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy Simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO/Chief Tactical Officer Chief Of Security USS Thor/Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0 =C2=A0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - Duronis II Embassy" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-embassy+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-embassy@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-embassy. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-embassy/709548298.768505.1541641717972%40mail.yahoo.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.