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Lt. Cmdr T'Lea and Ensign John Williams - Late night talk ((No tags))

2018-11-08 18:37:15

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((Embassy of Duronis II, Outside T'Lea's Quarters)) ::As soon as John was released from sickbay, and he learned the Admiral would be fine as well, he inquired with the computer where to find T'Lea. Moments later, he stood outside her quarters, suddenly hesitating. Deciding to go through with it, he pressed her door chime. He spoke up, as soon as the door opened.:: J Williams: I uhh....I wanted to thank you. And I owe you, bigtime, for not ratting me out to the counselor or anything. :: It was late, and she wide awake, going over info on the Gateway Project and the bombing. Seeing John standing there, well, it was the last person she expected.:: T'Lea: Why? Should I be concerned? Do you need to see a Counselor? I live right next door to him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind a late ni= ght call. :: She lifted an eyebrow and cocked her eyes to her right, indicating Brodie's quarters. No harm in making the man squirm, she thought. A= lthough she wasn't really sure that he didn't need to see a Counsel= or. John's little =E2=80=9Coutburst=E2=80=9D sounded like PTSD =E2=80=93 something she= was very familiar with.:: J Williams: No. No need for concern, i guess. And please, let the counselor sleep. No need to bother him.::He looked at the counselors quarters.:: Though i would prefer to not stand in the hallway when we talk.:: He said, looking in her quarters.:: :: She glanced back at what he was looking at. Her quarters. She groaned a sigh.:: T'Lea: Fine. Five minutes. Just try to refrain from ordering me to attack any Gorn. :: With a gesture she let him pass. The place was void of personal effects, but what did occupy her space were work items. Data PADDS, reports, studies, etc. Furniture was standard issue Starfleet. A few chairs, a table, work station and sofa by the balcony doors.:: J Williams: Nice place...::He said as he entered her quarters.:: :: She headed for the replicator while he familiarized himself with what little the place had to offer.:: T'Lea: I would offer you alcohol, but I suspect you have probably a= chieved a high caliber concussion from the explosion. J Williams: And you'd be right. Just water, please? :: She placed the order and grabbed a cup of Vulcan Spice tea for herself.:= : T'Lea: Did Doctor Hendon clear you for duty yet, or did you sneak o= ut of sickbay? J Williams: I didn't sneak....really. I mean, there wasn't anybody there so I just left. He said I'd be released tomorrow anyway, so why st= ay, right? ::He added with a grin.:: :: Placing his beverage on the dining table she gestured him to sit if he liked. She took a seat at the table herself.:: T'Lea: Careful, breaking the rules will only make me like you. ::pa= use:: Good to hear that there is no new brain damage to report. :: There was a faint grin that followed before she took a sip of tea. She wasn't sure why he'd come here, other than the thank you fo= r not squealing on him. Honestly, she felt like whatever had happened had been was none of her business. Her silence would, hopefully, prompt him to get to the heart of the matter.:: J Williams: It's....I'm sorry i acted the way i did. After the explosion. I was...::He let out a sigh:: I rarely speak of this. Counselors don't understand. My father, the great Colonel Williams just said i was weak, for "allowing the past to effect me like that". ::He looked at her, attempting to smile.:: You've been at war, right? What do you know about the conflict with the Gorn? :: There was a small, affirming nod from T'Lea. Her kind of war pro= bably wasn't his kind of war.:: T'Lea: The Gorn conflict, though, I'm afraid I'm not well v= ersed in that area. I only recall an attack on a starbase, things escalated from there, and then the Hegemony suddenly surrender. No reason was given. J. Williams: ::John nodded.:: Mhm. That's the official account.::He fell silent, looking down. After a while, he spoke up.:: My unit and I. We were ordered, by starfleet intelligence...::John all but spat out the name, barely hiding his contempt:: To....clear a village. They assured us all the women and children had left, and only warriors remained. We were on a ledge, and for five minutes, we rained down holy hell upon them. Phasers, grenades...everything we had. I made the mistake to disobey orders, and enter the village after.::He fell silent, afraid to speak further.:: :: There was a lot about that confession T'Lea could relate too. Th= e fact that SFI had lied to his unit. Killing innocent people. The guilt afterwards. Granted, some of those feelings had come later, after she=E2=80= =99d grown a conscience, but she regretted a great many of them now.:: T'Lea: I understand. :: She took a sip of her tea and let the silence be the candor to her response. It was genuine, that's all he needed to know.:: T'Lea: Did you ever find out why the village was destroyed? Why the= y lied to your unit? J Williams: ::He gave her a genuine, thankfull smile.:: You do, don't you? SFI stated they were wrong. Paid reperations to the Gorn and everything. And then it was buried, and i was ordered to never speak of it. ::He shrugged.:: Whether or not they speak the truth... There were rumours of course, that it had been the village of a influential Gorn general, but those were just rumours. T'Lea: Is this something that haunts you? Or did the explosion trig= ger the memory? J Williams: It's usually nightmares, really. Never as bad as this.::He looked down, and took a sip of his water.:: T'Lea: I appreciate your honesty, but I have to ask, because Admira= l Turner is like a sister to me will this ever happen again? :: She was referring to the hallucination. If John had another flashback during a crucial moment it could be disastrous.:: J Williams: I...i wish i knew. I don't think so. Talking helps. I've never really spoken about it untill now.::He looked at her.:: I wish i could just, forget what happened or something.::He thought for a while.:: Isn't there some obscure Vulcan ritual for that? The last thing i want is to put anyone at risk. T'Lea: Yes, there is. And no you may not. I get that you want that pain to go away, but literally erasing the memory is not the answer. Besides, the last thing I want to do is root through your Neanderthal mind. Talk to Counselor Brodie. He's going to find you anyway; you may as well u= se the opportunity to your advantage. J. Williams: I am a lot of thing, but not a Neanderthal. ::He chuckled:: And if it's all the same, i'd much rather talk with you. You....you understand.::He said, almost pleading with her.:: And, you'd let me be drunk.::He looked at his glass of water.:: Do you have anything stronger? T'Lea: I could hit you in the face. That may have the same effect. Look, you're asking the wrong person for help. I don't have time= to handhold drunken, damaged Ensigns. That is why we have genuine Starfleet issued headshrinks. Talk to Brodie. That's an order, Ensign. :: She got up and dumped her tea in the recycle bin.:: T'Lea: Sorry, your five minutes is up. Get out. I have work to do. J. Williams: ::He let out a sigh, and got up.:: I will...::He said, heading for the door.:: :: As he headed for the door, she called back to him.:: T'Lea: Hey. I am serious. I didn't get a free pass, you = won't either. :: Luckily, her Bondmate had been a damn good counselor and had helped her through many rough times. However, she was not equipped to handle anything more than friendship, and barely that at the moment.:: J. Williams: ::He nodded at that.:: Will do, really. T'Lea: If you feel the need to do something stupid on an epic scal= e, call me. I'd be happy to beat the dren out of you and set you straight. J. Williams: When do marines, former or otherwise, ever do anything stupid on an epic scale? ::He asked with a chuckle.:: Seriously though, thank you, for listening.::He smiled at her as he headed out, and to his own quarters:= : TBC Lieutenant Commander T'Lea Chief Science Officer Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10 & Ensign John Williams Security officer Embassy of Duronis II/ USS Thor E239510JW0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - Duronis II Embassy" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-embassy+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. 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