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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker, "Into the Breach." TAG: Jicheld, Walters

2019-01-06 03:09:56

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(( Crash Site )) :: The four of them had arrived at the crash site. Now, the question was ho= w to examine it without Ruq paying attention to what they were doing. Hanni= bal spoke:: Parker: Ruq, you have shown us to the Dark Gate and in so doing, you have s= hown Father Great Sky and Daughter Night Sky your heart. There is no need f= or you to go further. It is time for us High Dwellers to show our hearts. I= f Mother Ground claims us, we will go with honor. Return to the village, an= d tell them what we will do. Ruq: No.=C2=A0 This is my hunt now, as well as yours. Parker: We will return with answers for our brethren. It is our bond. Jicheld: Yes, allow us to carry this burden.=C2=A0 You and your tribe have = lost enough warriors to this abomination. Walters: We shall overcome this evil force, or we will perish trying to. Br= ing word to our tribes, that we fight bravely for Mother Ground, and prepar= e a feast for our victorious return.=C2=A0 :: Ruq was indeed a true warrior, and if the Ergot had Marines, Ruq would b= e one of them. Defiantly, Ruq pushed past them and headed straight for the = rounded husk sticking out of the ground. As the Ergot warrior approached, a= hollow sound emanated from the thing, followed by the hiss of escaping air= , then the shrill screeching sound of metal on metal. The hatch, or whateve= r it was, had clearly been damaged on re-entry, as as it painfully creaked = open, Ruq defiantly spoke:: Ruq:=C2=A0 That's right, you foul beast.=C2=A0 Open your mouth to s= wallow your poison! :: Hannibal looked into the maw of darkness as Ruq charged ahead. Hannibal = shouted:: Parker: RUQ! NO! WAIT! ::But there was no waiting. Ruq raced into the maw, then disappeared=C2=A0i= nto the darkness:: Jicheld: Well, that was unexpected.=C2=A0 What are your orders sir? Walters: I'm not getting any readings from the inside, so we don't know wha= t's awaiting us. And I don't read Ruq's lifesigns any more. On the positive= side, I've not gotten any increase in radiation when this thing opened. I = have no indications who built it, though. It's definitively not from this p= lanet, that I can say for sure. :: Turning to Jicheld:: Do you have anythin= g? Jicheld: response :: They didn't have a great amount of time, and they had no idea what was i= nside...and they were here to find out, and save the Ergot if they could. H= annibal spoke:: Parker: We're going in. Stay close behind me. Let's go! Jicheld/Walters: response :: The screeching started again...the door was beginning to close. The thre= e raced across the distance as the door began to close. Hannibal, being the= faster of the three of them, reached the door first, then Walters, with Ji= cheld bringing up the rear. Seconds after the three were inside, the door c= losed, leaving them in almost complete darkness...they were trapped inside.= Hannibal spoke:: Parker: Jicheld...scan for lifesigns. Ergot or anything else. Jicheld: response Walters: response :: Hannibal said=C2=A0nothing for a few seconds, letting his eyes adjust to= the dim light. They were standing in an entryway, and Hannibal could see t= here were two passageways which led deeper into the structure. The air smel= led stale, like from a damaged life support system. Putting a hand on the n= earest wall, he knew it was metal, and Walters was scanning it. Walters spo= ke:: Walters: response :: The fact that the wall was duranium meant at least they were dealing wit= h a life form who knew how to work elements they were familiar with, but th= en there was the next question...which way to go:: Parker: Duranium means we have some commonality. Jicheld...scan for DNA on = the deck...maybe we can find out which way Ruq went. Jicheld: response. ::A minute or two later, Hannibal had his answer:: Jicheld: response :: Okay, so now they had a direction, but there was no blood, so if the Erg= ot had died, they did not die here, but they did have a direction...down th= e nearest passageway:: Parker: Allright...let's head that way. Walters, are you picking up any pow= er signatures? Walters: response :: Hannibal nodded:: Parker: Allright...let's go... ::The three headed down the darkened passageway, deeper into the abyss. The= y moved quietly, cautiously. Hannibal didn't like it for the simple reason = they were heading deeper into whatever this thing was and he was poorly equ= ipped to deal with a possible threat. However, the light from their once hi= dden tricorders was now lighting the way. Reaching an intersection there wa= s writing on the bulkhead...familiar writing that he had seen before. It wa= s scarred, but Hannibal knew what it was. He spoke:: Parker: I'll be damned... Jicheld/Walters: response Parker: It's Zalkonian... ::Hannibal remembered the brief war between Embassy forces and the Zalkonia= ns, who were brutally persecuting the members of their race who were underg= oing "the change" into more evolved beings. They had commandeered=C2=A0a Za= lkonian ship, giving it to Zalkonians who headed to a planet which had been= located by then Ambassador Della Vetri for them to live in peace. There wa= s no reason for this to be here, for that moon to be here. Something was wr= ong here, and if these Zalkonians were undergoing the change, something=C2= =A0must have happened for them to be here:: Jicheld: response Parker: Very sure. Let's keep going. Both of you...keep your eyes peeled... 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