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2019-01-11 02:03:12

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((USS Thor, Main Bridge)) Jorey: Commander Allison, search the computer for a program T'Mihn = developed to counter the Zalkonian =E2=80=98snuff field'. Allison: Getting it Jorey. Alexander, keep an eye on life support. This snu= ff field is nothing to play around with. Alexander: ::Her ears picking up something that she had never heard of befo= re:: A snuff field, never heard of one. Is it like some sort of dampening f= ield? :she asked inquisitively, before brining up the life support onto the= monitor:: Jorey: It's a little trick the Zalkonians like to play that involve= s taking partial control over other ships through some kind of transmissio= n over communications. Enough that they shut down environmental and life su= pport systems. Allison: You think the Zalkonians are on that moon Commander: Alexander: The who? Jorey: I believe that =E2=80=98moon' is a vessel of some kind carry= ing evolved Zalkonian energy lifeforms. ::He paused a moment to let that si= nk in.:: I think it's best to be cautious. Run the program and open= communications. Alexander: I think I can give you some more power, however, I must caution = it would involve taking the warp core reaction over the recommended operati= ng safety limits and it could burn out some parts. ::Brayden blinked, breaking his blank stare toward Alexander. He was confus= ed. He wondered what they had the Thor doing that would cause a simple holo= deck program to cause a potential systems failure. He turned to Kamela for = clarity.:: Jorey: Everything okay? Allison: Program up and running. Hailing frequencies open, Commander... Jorey: =3D/\=3D Greeting and salutations, Zalkonian Vessel. I am Commander = Brayden Jorey of the USS... =3D/\=3D Voice: =3D/\=3D We know who you are Federation. Your people are interfering= with our mission. You have helped our master's people before which= has earned our patience. However, we must ask you to gather your people, l= eave this place, and let our work continue. You have one of your hours. =3D= /\=3D Jorey: Master? Alexander: ::Looking towards them, she was purely an Ensign and it was her = first day, they had clearly come across this species before:: Well don=E2= =80=99t look at me, I know nothing of these Zalkonian's, it is my f= irst day after all. Allison: Perhaps he is referring to the leader of the Zalkonians we gave th= at liberated Zalkonian warship to leave their homeworld. Jorey: Is it jut me or was there something suspicious about that voice... a= familiar accent or inflexion it just didn't sound particularly Zal= konian to me. Allison: Analysis indicates the voice is not Zalkonian Commander Alexander: Then who is it pretending to be Zalkonian? Allison: With that in mind, we need to get them off the surface until we kn= ow who or what we are dealing with. Jorey: Agreed. How can we get the message to them without revealing their i= dentities under their disguise? Alexander: We could modify a transmission to simply give a shale whistle fr= om the communicator ::Watched as Allison shook her head.:: Allison: That might be an option...or...Jorey...are you familiar with Morse= Code? Jorey: Barely... Allison: It's an old style Earth code, made up of a series of dots and dash= es. We can send it to the Celestial and once we know where they are on the = surface, we can send the message. Hannibal can read Morse, but I'm not sure= about the rest. Ops Officer: Commander, the Away team is in three separate groups now. Jorey: How far apart are they? Ops Officer: One is in the Ergot encampment...another group is on board the= Celestial, and another...another is...lost them, Commander... ::Brayden tried to remain calm and took a breath before speaking. How could= a whole team simply disappear. It was disturbing and made an hour seem lik= e even less time.:: Jorey: Where was their last location? Ops Officer: They were in the vicinity of the source of the ground radiatio= n we've been picking up. They may have found a way inside. Allison: Commander...Admiral Turner is with the one group on the Celestial.= Shall I send them a signal? Jorey: We don't have much of a choice. We've seen what kind= of miracles the evolved Zalkonians can do when they want to help. I=E2=80= =99m no rush to see what they can do when they want to harm. Ensign Alexand= er, get a message to Admiral Turner on the Celestial. Commander Allison, se= e if you can get a morse code message to Hannibal. Allison/Alexander: response Jorey: I'm going to do what I can to try and find our missing team.= .. T'Lea: =3D/\=3D T'Lea to the USS Thor, and Parker. Do you c= opy? =3D/\=3D Jorey: Hang on. =3D/\=3D You have Commander Jorey, T'Lea. =3D/\=3D Parker: =3D/\=3D? T'Lea: =3D/\=3D Doctor Hendon and I have recovered evidence of firs= t contact with the Egrot. Egrot DNA has been genetically altered with an ou= tside alien species. Doctor? =3D/\=3D Hendon: =3D/\=3D Someone has used corrupted Zalkonian DNA plus a few other = goodies ,combined with radiation from that moon. To genetically alter the E= grot. I believe their trying to find a way to either stop or reverse the Za= lkonian change. =3D/\=3D Jorey: =3D/\=3D I hate to break everything up, Doctor, but we have a Zalkon= ian Tech based ship up here and I have definitely felt the presence of an e= volved Zalkonian. They have ordered us out of the system and have given us = just under an hour to comply. Is there anything you can do for them?=3D/\= =3D Hendon: =3D/\=3D I'm afraid it's irreversible. =3D/\=3D T'Lea/Turner/Parker/Hendon: =3D/\=3D ? 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