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Ensign Dehnir - Medkit Time (Tags: Present Group)

2018-01-08 08:45:18

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((Main Briefing Room, The Hub, StarBase 118)) ::She looked over to Taelon, his face looking a mess. Blood trickled from a= cut on his forehead, down his face. Her eyes fell to the floor, before ret= urning her gaze to the commander.:: Braddock: Yes sir. Dehnir: I'm sorry commander i've not got anything with me. = Will you allow me to check the cut on your head? Taelon: ? ::Whilst they waited for the door, she tried to think. She knew on a starsh= ip medkits were stored around the decks for use in emergencies. Did the sam= e apply on a starbase?:: Dehnir: Does anyone know if there is a medkit in here? ::She felt a twang of foolishness. She was supposed to be the doctor here a= nd she didn't have a clue if the starbase contained medkits.:: Parvosi: There's a medkit out here! I'll try to get it to you! ::At least there was a medkit nearby, the only problem being would they be = able to open the door and get it to them.:: Taelon: ? Lyndsay: ::Lifting her head, she looked towards Taelon.:: I think, sir . . = . unless I'm missing some one . . . ::Lowering her head again, she = slid her right hand up her face from her nose to her forehead, massaging he= r temples.:: . . . I think you're the senior officer, in this room,= at least. Braddock: I think Ensign Lyndsay is right Commander. I think you're in char= ge now. ::Dehnir glanced around the room at her colleagues. They were right, Taelon= was now the senior officer. Given the circumstances it was a burden she wa= s glad she did not have to carry.:: Taelon/Lyndsay: ? Braddock: The question now, is where did our crewmates go, and how do we ge= t them back. ::Her eyes continued to search the room, hoping for a sign, something, anyt= hing from her missing colleagues.:: Dehnir: There's...there's nothing left of them. It'= s like they were never here. Taelon/Lyndsay: ? ::A hushed silence fell across the room, before being interrupted by the vo= ice calling from the other side of the door. Dehnir's head turned t= o face the direction of the voice, finding herself staring at the door.:: Parvosi: I have a force-field pry bar ready to open these doors, everyone s= tand back please! Taelon/Lyndsay: ? ::Dehnir shuffled backwards, stumbling over some of the debris and pastries= that littered the floor and unsure of what to expect started to shield her= eyes. Once she realised nobody else was doing the same, she blushed a litt= le and lowered her arm.:: ::She stared at the doors, unsure of what to expect. Slowly a blue glow sta= rted to appear where the doors joined.:: Parvosi: ::Raising his voice, calling:: OK, the prybar is on, stand back, b= e careful! Taelon/Lyndsay: ? ::The doors start to groan and creak, slowly coming apart, before there was= a hiss and screech and the doors flung open.:: Parvosi: Oh my Gosh! Is everyone OK?! McLaren: Good work. Braddock I think we're mostly ok, just sore and a little bruised. Taelon/Lyndsay: ? ::She stepped forwards, this time being a little more cautious with her foo= ting and addressed one of the officers stood at the now opened doorway.:: Dehnir: Excuse me, do you have that medkit? Parvosi: Here's the medkit... Where is everybody else!? ::Taking the medkit that was handed to her, she placed it down on one of th= e chairs that hadn't been thrown around the room and remained relat= ively intacted. With a flick of the thumbs she unhooked the catches and slo= wly opened the medkit.:: ::As the rest of the group continued talking, she started to rifle through = the medkit, examining it's contains. There had been more than one o= ccasion in her pre-Starfleet life when she had gone to use a medkit, only t= o find half the supplies missing.:: ::Just as she finished checking the contents, she heard a crunch from behin= d. Turning around, she found Braddock stood nearby.:: Braddock: Excuse me, Ensign Dehnir? ::She flashed him a warm, reassuring smile. From his tone she could sense t= here was something wrong. Well, something more than most of the senior staf= f missing.:: Dehnir: Yes Ensign Braddock? Braddock: I think I hit my head harder than I thought, I'm starting to feel= lightheaded can you take a look at it? Dehnir: Sure thing, here ::she grabbed the medkit off the chair:: take a se= at. ::As Braddock sat down she grabbed a medical tricorder from the box and pul= led the portable scanner from the bottom. With a few taps the tricorder bee= ped to life. She slowly waved her hand around Braddock's head, noti= cing some blood matted hair on one side of his scalp.:: ::Content she had enough information, she replaced the scanner and turned t= o face Braddock.:: Braddock: How bad is it? Dehnir: You have a minor laceration. There aren't any signs of anyt= hing else. Headaches, a sense of dizziness and feeling dazed, along with bl= urred vision can all occur with a minor bump to the head, so there is nothi= ng to worry about. However, if the symptoms still persist after twelve hour= s, then let me know. ::She gently placed her hand on his arm, a move to reassure him there reall= y was nothing to worry about.:: Dehnir: Human skulls have evolved to be pretty robust and can take a fair a= mount of damage. If you don't mind, i'll see to that cut no= w. Braddock: ? ::Reaching into the medkit, her fingers fumbled around before grabbing hold= of the dermal regenerator. She fired it up, and lightly placing her hand o= n Braddock's chin to hold it steady, running it over the wound. A f= ew moments later the only remaining signs was the dried blood.:: Dehnir: There. Good as new. Braddock: ? ::With Braddock tended to, she half turned around and addressed those assem= bled.:: Dehnir: So Commander, Lieutenant, what's the plan? 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