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2018-01-08 16:46:38

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((Starbase 118 - 2375)) :: K'Mal had always been the type to pick his friends closely. He = kept much of his own life hidden away in the back of his mind as he used work and school as an escape for paying more attention to himself. Always concerned with how others perceived him, he was nervous around people in general. As he moved into Starfleet, the young Ornaran was given a chance to repay Starfleet for everything they had done for himself, his mother, and his sister. How he presented himself was always on the front of his mind which only made his anxiety worse. His refusal to take medications also factored into his well being. It was an unfortunate sociological mindset from a species whose race was once addicted to drugs. Regardless, he pushed through his concerns, his fears, and his own shortcomings. He was here to do whatever he possibly could for everyone involved as they found themselves in the past on the space station he called home. Starbase 118 was more than just wire, metal, and tubes. It was the place of salvation for his family to rebuild a life. The station even seemed to have a personality of its own at times and right now it was in shambles. It brought the breath of life to everyone inside of it and right now, this party of time travels were trying to survive in its broken shell. Not only for the crew, his captain, and his friends or soon to be friends. He would do everything he possibly could to help each and= every one of them. He pushed down the fear. He focused on his job at hand. He cared for everyone involved. :: K'Mal: Do you think that's what happened here? The Dominio= n blew up parts of the station? ::K'Mal turned back to look at the others before f= ocusing his attention back on the doorway. :: Moor: I wish I had studied a bit harder at the Academy when it came to history. West: There was a Dominion attack on the Station once, but it was not like this. The Attack focused on the engineering sections. Silveira: I knew they attacked the station, but I don't recall the = details ::Sal turned from where he was assisting Aitas in shutting off the security systems and looked back at the team.:: Taybrim: I think Ian's right, the attack was earlier in the war and the current damage is inconsistent to what we're seeing. Silveira: Then what happened here? Taybrim: I feel like it's familiar and I just can't remember what it is. :: K'Mal watched the doorway with sharp eyes as ordered. Though, h= e also was listening to the conversation behind him :: West: Ok I have confirmed it, I have found us a great and safe place to work, speaking of the engineering sections. Taybrim: By all means, share Silveira/Aitas/Kasun: ? West: Well as you may know the Stations Subspace Array has been replaced a total of four times, each upgrade is better than the next. Right now we are in the first generation of the Subspace Array. That is good news for us. Taybrim: Good news? ::He queried.:: Moor: oO The array? Hrrmmm Oo ::Tyrian pondered to himself:: Silveira/Aitas/Kasun: ? West: Because that means we have great camouflage in the Bottle Neck right in the center of the engineering section between desks 1445 to 1700. In the first few Generations of the Subspace Array the power link and processing nodes ran from it straight up to ops. And long massive cable. But the rub was there are 4 fusion generators in Engineering. One is on deck. ::Spinning the computer around:: 1327, the next on 1511 the next on 1685 and the last on 1850. But their systems all connected to power the station and all come together on the decks 1445 to 1700. Taybrim: So if we stick to the bottle neck we are camouflaged from the starbase sensors? Moor: ::realizing what Ian is saying:: Yes that's brillia= nt! Silveira/Aitas/Kasun: ? Maxwell: Guys.? ::K'Mal looked over to Arturo, the tactical officer. :: West: Well those decks are known as the bottle neck. All the station systems that are below the bottle neck have to pass though the bottle neck and go up the to top of that station. The Fusion Generators kick off tremendous amounts of power. They destabilized all the signals going up and going down. As you know this is the Largest Trojan II station built. After Construction the station was plagued with issues over the Fusion Generators and power the offset. So the Bottle Neck was created. Massage shielded bulkheads run all the way around the bottle neck to shield the data links from the Generators. Sensors don't work so good in ther= e at this time. Hell, back when I was in Operations here six years ago they were just really being upgraded. Moor: ::Just smiling and shaking his head as Ian spoke:: oO The bottle neck can completely obfuscate sensors though.. That maybe what hap= pened here. Oo ::suddenly the Trills face looked more concerned if not sad:: oO Is that =E2=80=98how' this happened? Oo Taybrim: And it appears from the beige architecture and smaller overall dimensions that we're back before the first major refit that upgraded this base to the largest Trojan Class II... ::He wanted to ask a question but he just wouldn't K=E2= =80=99Mal continued to watch the Tactical Officer.:: Silveira/Aitas/Kasun: ? West: I would say we go to a control station in the Bottle Neck and work from there. They have a minimum of staff in that section and if the station is affected I think a lot of people won't notice us. Moor: ::looking over at Ian:: I could certainly help you with that. Help get communications back online.:: Maxwell: Guys! ::Pause:: Where's Rustyy? K'Mal: ::looking around the room, he suddenly realized that Rustyy = was not in site.:: Taybrim: He was up in the turbolift access. Rustyy, are you OK up there?! ::Rustyy's voice came from above, muffled, sounding very much like 'jes a moment...' Rustyy Hael gave a small yelp as an arc of electricity leapt out at him. He jumped back, shaking his head as if burned and started to topple out of his perch in the access panel on the ceiling. Sal's heart leapt into his throat. He wasn't the closest one - Sil, Max, Ian, even K'mal and Moor were closer:: :: K'Mal's eyes began to widen as he saw Rustyy's b= ody coming into view. :: Taybrim: Catch him! ::he called, feeling both foolish and helpless.:: :: K'Mal was already breaking into a dash moving toward the access = point as Rustyy's whole body came into view. He didn't have time to= think but only respond as he dove toward the falling body. There was no way he was going to just =E2=80=98catch him' but at least he could help soften the b= low. As several people engaged to try to catch him, K'Mal just prepared for the wei= ght of the man to land on top of him. It only took an instant and it was all over. Was it just Rustyy that K'Mal cushioned or others? Either = way, it all happened so fast that the air was knocked from his lungs for a second time today but this time he saw stars and the world turned a little yellow before it went black for a moment. :: Silveira/Aitas/Kasun/West/Maxwell: ? K'Mal: Oooomph ::as the flesh piled on him with weight:: Tyrian: :: Closing in behind the others, he came upon the pile. Immediately his first aid training took over and he reached down towards the bodies to untangle the pile before him. A few moments later, Tyrian was opening up Rustyy's left eye, checking for signs of a concussio= n, rate of breathing, and pulse. :: Taybrim: Ian, check him out, see if he's ok! ::Sal's spoke with a concerned voice.:: Silveira/Aitas/Kasun/West/Maxwell: ? :: K'Mal opened his eyes slowly again to see a sea of people standi= ng around him. Suddenly he felt the weight shift off of his body. His head hurt as he looked at the lights on the ceiling. Then he took in a deep breath and the pain woke him right out of his daze. :: K'Mal: Aaaaahhnnnn ::a sharp intake of air through gritted= teeth:: Oh umnnnn He started to sit up and immediately his right arm grasped at his left side instinctively. :: Moor: :: looking over at K'Mal :: Try not to move Mr. K'Ma= l, Crewman 3rd Class. ::he smiled at K'Mal in an attempt to comfort him:: We=E2= =80=99ll be with you in just a minute. ::looking over to the others beside him:: Taybrim: Trel'lis! ::K'Mal looked over, perhaps a little to fast as another small grun= t released itself from his lips, he looked at the Sal and then to Trel=E2=80= =99lis:: Taybrim: (continued) Oh my gosh, what happened? Are you ok? Trel'lis: ? Taybrim: We didn't realize anyone transporter out of the briefing room. ::he took in a breath:: I'm so glad you're safe. ::He waved her in and waved for those covering the door to shut it again.:: Trel'lis: ? Kasun/Aitas/Any not tending Hael: ? Moor: ::Looking at Rustyy:: I don't think there's any conc= ussion but that bump on the back of the head =E2=80=98sgonna leave a mark. :: Tyrian looked to the others for a second option :: ::Suddenly audio began coming in across the =E2=80=98the loud speaker=E2=80= =99 over all comms at once. It was a female voice from a hologram. K'Mal could= feel the base of the audio pulse in his ringing ears and aching head. :: Kalendra: If you are seeing this, you probably have experienced the inevitable, or at least I have. It was a pleasure tormenting you all and I will so miss it. But I am not an ungracious guest so I have left you all a gift.....one which will appear upon my removal from the base and one which will complete my memory. I do hope you get a bang out of this last one, as the 200 kilos of Tarmanian Mining Explosive located in one of your lower decks is so hard to come by. You should be appreciative at the expense I have extolled upon you.::The empaths in the room could feel panic surge through the StarBase:: Till we meet again. Good night and sweet dreams. Taybrim: Oh my Rings, the Kalendra bombing. Moor: Who the hell was that? K'Mal: ::looking to the others:: bombing?? Silveira/Aitas/Kasun/West/Maxwell/Trel'lis: ? Taybrim: ::He pointed at the fading holoprojection:: That's Kalendra Solret. A pirate, member of the Syndicate, had a vendetta against Captain Arvanon and crew. She attacked the StarBase with a rogue Romulan Warbird and was nearly captured, but evaded capture and bombed the Starbase. K'Mal: ::trying to stand up:: Is that what this is? A bombing? := :looking around the room he was suddenly reminded of the strife and acts of terrorism that took place all across Uynar, the country he was born and the wrath that destruction brought across the Vordyn province. :: Silveira/Aitas/Kasun/West/Maxwell/Trel'lis: ? Taybrim: ::anguished:: No! They don't diffuse the bombs. She blows this place apart and that's why they had the opportunity to rebuild it so much bigger! Moor: So, we're on a ticking time bomb? K'Mal: ...but all the people. The death ::grippin= g his side harder:: Silveira/Aitas/Kasun/West/Maxwell/Trel'lis Taybrim: No, back then they only had a small civilian population - the whole base was evacuated. ::He took in a sharp breath:: We have two days to figure out what's messing up the timeline and to get off this base or we'll become stardust in the worst possible way. Silveira/Aitas/Kasun/West/Maxwell/Trel'lis: ? K'Mal: ::softly to himself:: I don't want to die :: The young man took a moment, looking first to Arturo and then to Ian. He scanned the room before his eyes focused on the Captain. :: K'Mal: ::with ernest conviction:: ...Not today. ::He pushed the pain of his broken rib to the side as he was determined to help save not only the station but this family, this crew, he was a part of. K'Mal picked himself up and carried on with the business ahead= . :: Tbc / Tag: Past Group Crewman K'Mal, 3rd class Science Lab Technician Starbase 118 Operations And PNPC Ensign Tyrian Moor Flight Operations Officer, Starbase 118 Helmsman, USS Columbia WID: O239410K10 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-ops+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-ops/CABvEe%3DV0N_QZQ%2BUhN24NzXrKzjCOVN1xCWU_qgaXnZ5cJJeQyg%40mail.gm= ail.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.