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Lieutenant Maxwell: All I want is a Pepsi. (TAGS: Past)

2018-01-11 01:47:40

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((Starbase 118 - CO's office.)) ((2375)) ::There was something wrong. Yes, of course they were twenty years in the past, but it wasn't th= at.:: Maxwell: Guys! ::Pause:: Where's Rustyy? Kasun: Wasn't he with you? ::Max shook his head, looking around the room.:: Taybrim: He was up in the turbolift access. ::He scrambled to his feet, fe= eling a sense of foreboding.:: Rustyy, are you OK up there?! ::He hadn't even noticed Rustyy climb up there so he must have been= pretty quick about it. At Sal's call Rustyy mumbled something and then gave a small yelp. = The next thing Max knew, their floppy-haired chief engineer had started to = topple out of his perch in the access panel on the ceiling. Sal's v= oice cut the air.:: Taybrim: Catch him! ::Max was right alongside Sil as they darted towards the falling man and Ma= x missed grabbing a solitary leg by a hands breadth but Vitor managed to ge= t closer still. From out of nowhere, Crewman K'Mal took a diving le= ap onto the floor where Rustyy would land, as Ishani managed to save the en= gineers head from hitting the deck. It was a stellar effort despite its sudden necessity.:: K'Mal: Oooomph ::Sil rolled out of the piled bodies and Max offered a hand to the second o= f his crewmates this afternoon.:: Taybrim: Ian, check him out, see if he's ok! Kasun: He's unconscious. I don't see any blood either? Silveira: Me neither. West: ? Maxwell: That's good, aye? K'Mal: Aaaaahhnnnn Oh umnnnn Moor: Try not to move Mr. K'Mal, Crewman 3rd Class. ::he smiled at= K'Mal in an attempt to comfort him:: We'll be with you in= just a minute. ::Vitor turned as the doors opened and Max moved beside the Ops Chief in su= pport. He'd only be in the way with the medical stuff. Admittedly h= is dress whites bore a ribbon that belonged to a citation stating how he=E2= =80=99d helped save the life of a fellow officer, but the cold facts were i= t had all been Ishani's doing, he'd just been an assisting = pair of hands. He fixed his gaze on the door as a figure stepped into the room.:: Taybrim: Trel'lis! Oh my gosh, what happened? Are you ok? ::He tilted his head in surprise. If Trel'lis was here too, but had= been pinged out in another room?:: Trel'lis: I think so. It seems I transported =E2=80=98sideways', o= ut of the briefing room! Taybrim: We didn't realize anyone transporter out of the briefing room. ::= he took in a breath:: I'm so glad you're safe. ::He waved her in and waved = for those covering the door to shut it again.:: Trel'lis: What in the world just happened and why does everything look so *= different*? Kasun: We're in the Starfleet's beige colored past. Silveira: And I left my color crayons two decades forward... ::Max gave Vitor a grin at that and moved over towards the captain, intent = on voicing his concerns.:: Moor: ::Looking at Rustyy:: I don't think there's any conc= ussion but that bump on the back of the head =E2=80=98sgonna leave a mark. Maxwell: Sal- ::Suddenly a hologram had joined them. Whatever Rustyy had been doing had = triggered a message that could be heard all over the Station.:: Kalendra: If you are seeing this, you probably have experienced the inevita= ble, or at least I have. It was a pleasure tormenting you all and I will so= miss it. But I am not an ungracious guest so I have left you all a gift...= ..one which will appear upon my removal from the base and one which will co= mplete my memory. I do hope you get a bang out of this last one, as the 200= kilos of Tarmanian Mining Explosive located in one of your lower decks is = so hard to come by. You should be appreciative at the expense I have extoll= ed upon you. Till we meet again. Good night and sweet dreams. Taybrim: Oh my Rings, the Kalendra bombing. Moor: Who the hell was that? K'Mal: ::looking to the others:: bombing?? Aitas: That does indeed explain the situation. Trel'lis: Who WAS that?? Silveira: ::speaking to himself:: The Chef ::He turned to the othe= rs.:: It looks like we have another problem on our hands. Maxwell: Bombing. Aye, grand. Things are just going great the day. West: ? Taybrim: ::He pointed at the fading holo-projection:: That's Kalendra Solr= et. A pirate, member of the Syndicate, had a vendetta against Captain Arva= non and crew. She attacked the Starbase with a rogue Romulan Warbird and w= as nearly captured, but evaded capture and bombed the Starbase. K'Mal: ::trying to stand up:: Is that what this is? A bombing? Kasun: Seems to be. :: Her tone was too mild.:: Though it appears it=E2=80= =99s not the end of all of it. Silveira: So how was this solved? ::Max leaned against the wall. He had nothing to add, as he knew nothing of= this bombing. Shutting up and listening seemed the better option.:: West: ? Trel'lis: Was the bomb diffused? Taybrim: ::Somewhat anguished:: No! They don't diffuse the bombs. She blo= ws this place apart and that's why they had the opportunity to rebuild it s= o much bigger! Moor: So, we're on a ticking time bomb? K'Mal: ...but all the people. The death ::grippin= g his side harder:: Aitas: ::sharply:: We're not here to change the timeline. ::her voice softe= ned, just a little.:: Not for this, not for my father. Kasun: :: quietly :: I don't think we could even if we wanted to. Silveira: OK, but we still have some time Right? West: ? ::There was no interfering with timelines, but they couldn't just l= et people die! Could they?:: Maxwell: What about the civilian population? There's thousands ae t= hem! Taybrim: No, back then they only had a small civilian population - the whol= e base was evacuated. ::He took in a sharp breath:: We have two days to fi= gure out what's messing up the timeline and to get off this base or we'll b= ecome stardust in the worst possible way K'Mal: ::softly to himself:: I don't want to die...Not toda= y. Kasun: Nor I. Silveira: And we won't. Maxwell: I'm no afraid tae die ::pause:: I just don't want = tae be there when it happens tae me! ::A grin:: West: ? Trel'lis: ::quietly:: Neither do I. Aitas: Captain, I should be able to handle one of the control stations with= some minor assistance. ::She looked over among the assembled group.:: Comm= ander West and Ensign Moor, perhaps. And Commander Hael, that way the good = doctor can keep an eye on the both of us. Taybrim/West/Moor: ? Kasun: :: To Aitas :: I can help. Not with the controls but other things. := : She gave them a weak smile. :: You'll need someone to haul Hael a= round quickly if something happens after all. Silveira: Besides we need to find our way back to our timeline. Maxwell: I can drag Rustyy about the place if needs be. K'Mal: ? ::Aitas leaned against the wall, taking slow, careful breaths. Max looked o= ver, concern on his face.:: Aitas: I fear I'm not in a state for too much wandering around the station,= even if it is smaller these days. Kasun: You're not alone. ::Vitor nodded and gave them an assuring grin.:: Silveira: Off course not. Trel'lis: ::still reeling, slightly:: Once I =E2=80=98stabilize=E2= =80=99, I should be able to assist whoever needs it. Kasun: :: Mildly as she pulled Hael over her shoulder. :: Oh you have the = time dissonance too. Taybrim/Any: ? Trel'lis: ::leaning to Taybrim:: Perhaps we can get answers, withou= t raising suspicions? Taybrim/Any: ? Maxwell: We need tae make sure we're no spotted. Trel'lis: If we're spotted encountered, we play our =E2=80= =98roles' and carry on casual convos, which can elicit key cluse, t= o what happened overall. Taybrim: ? ::Vitor walked slowly around the room looking like he was boiling up an ide= a.:: Silveira: I have an idea. ::And there it was.:: Maxwell: Aye? Taybrim/West/ Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? Silveira: We might use the bombing to our advantage. Maxwell: You mean apart frae ensuring we get a bigger briefing room and wal= ls that are no beige? Taybrim/West/ Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? Silveira: Slingshot effect. It might get us back to our time. Maxwell: oO Oooooh! Oo Taybrim/West/ Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? Silveira: Now that is what we need to work on. If we can find a shuttle we = might just make it back. ::He raised an eyebrow:: I mean forth ::h= e shook his head and waved his hands.:: In time You know what I me= an... Taybrim/West/ Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? ::Max gave a half smile.:: Maxwell: Back tae the future, aye? Taybrim/West/ Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? --- Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell. Chief Tactical Officer. Starbase 118 Operations. O239311AM0. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-ops+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-ops/CWLP265MB0258748B29A55DFF3D411B7B83160%40CWLP265MB0258.GBRP265.PR= OD.OUTLOOK.COM. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.