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2018-01-11 01:45:36

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((Starbase 118,CO's office)) [2375] ::Ian had done a quick check of Rusty and made sure it was ok to move him before he got to checking the others, the ones that Rusty landed on. The living airbags. He turned back to the main group once he was satisfied tha= t no one was going to die, at least yet. He did not want to do an emergency surgery on the captains desk with what ever there was just laying around. As he was wrapping up he could she the holoprojection, but he did not reall= y focus on it. But could hear it just fine.:: Taybrim: Oh my Rings, the Kalendra bombing. Moor: Who the hell was that? K'Mal: ::looking to the others:: bombing?? Aitas: That does indeed explain the situation. Trel'lis: Who WAS that?? Silveira: ::speaking to himself:: The Chef ::He turned to the othe= rs.:: It looks like we have another problem on our hands. West: ::Smirking:: We are Star Fleet Officers, =E2=80=9CProblems on our Han= ds=E2=80=9D is our national anthem Vitor. ::Giving a slight smile.:: Maxwell: ? Taybrim: ::He pointed at the fading holoprojection:: That's Kalendra Solret. A pirate, member of the Syndicate, had a vendetta against Captain Arvanon and crew. She attacked the StarBase with a rogue Romulan Warbird and was nearly captured, but evaded capture and bombed the Starbase. K'Mal: ::trying to stand up:: Is that what this is? A bombing?= Kasun: Seems to be. :: Her tone was too mild.:: Though it appears it=E2=80= =99s not the end of all of it. Silveira: So how was this solved? West: Solved? Yeah that is a whole other set of problems on the hands. Maxwell: ? Trel'lis: Was the bomb diffused? Taybrim: ::Somewhat anguished:: No! They don't diffuse the bombs. She blows this place apart and that's why they had the opportunity to rebuild i= t so much bigger! Moor: So, we're on a ticking time bomb? K'Mal: ...but all the people. The death ::grippin= g his side harder:: Aitas: ::sharply:: We're not here to change the timeline. ::her voice softened, just a little.:: Not for this, not for my father. Kasun: :: quietly :: I don't think we could even if we wanted to.= Silveira: OK, but we still have some time Right? West: Heck we maybe in a past time loop, we could have been here having thi= s same conversation hundreds of times now. Time is relative, sadly. Maxwell: ? Taybrim: No, back then they only had a small civilian population - the whol= e base was evacuated. ::He took in a sharp breath:: We have two days to figure out what's messing up the timeline and to get off this base or we'll become stardust in the worst possible way K'Mal: ::softly to himself:: I don't want to die...Not toda= y. Kasun: Nor I. Silveira: And we won't. West: I agree, today is not a good day to die. So, let's not die. = Let's find out what we need to, get in and get and try and leave the hero tactics to the current caretakers of the station! Maxwell: ? Trel'lis: ::quietly:: Neither do I. Aitas: Captain, I should be able to handle one of the control stations with some minor assistance. ::She looked over among the assembled group.:: Commander West and Ensign Moor, perhaps. And Commander Hael, that way the good doctor can keep an eye on the both of us. West: Yeah, I can keep an eye on everyone as we go. I can program my tricorder to vibrate at a medical change. Taybrim/Moor: ? Kasun: :: To Aitas :: I can help. Not with the controls but other things. := : She gave them a weak smile. :: You'll need someone to haul Hael aro= und quickly if something happens after all. Silveira: Besides we need to find our way back to our timeline. Maxwell/K'Mal: ? ::Ian placed a replicated monitor on Rusty and synced it to the tricorder.:= : Aitas: I fear I'm not in a state for too much wandering around the station, even if it is smaller these days. Kasun: You're not alone. ::Vitor nodded and gave them an assuring grin.:: Silveira: Off course not. Trel'lis: ::still reeling, slightly:: Once I =E2=80=98stabilize=E2= =80=99, I should be able to assist whoever needs it. Kasun: :: Mildly as she pulled Hael over her shoulder. :: Oh you have the time dissonance too. West: There is a medical equipment storage locker a few decks down for hub emergencies, he can get you a hoverchair Commander Aitas if you think you could use the rest. I know you have that Vulcan strength but that will onl= y go so far. Taybrim/Any: ? Trel'lis: ::leaning to Taybrim:: Perhaps we can get answers, withou= t raising suspicions? Taybrim/Any: ? Trel'lis: If we're spotted encountered, we play our =E2=80= =98roles' and carry on casual convos, which can elicit key cluse, to what happened overall. Taybrim: ? ::Ian turned and made a few last check of his growing ward of injured or infirmed.:: Silveira: I have an idea. West: ::Turning:: I am all ears! ::Looking at Aitas, with a sorry look on his face for the reference.:: Taybrim /Maxwell/Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? Silveira: We might use the bombing to our advantage. Taybrim/Maxwell/Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? Silveira: Slingshot effect. It might get us back to our time. West: You are talking about warp around a star? Taybrim/Maxwell/Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? Silveira: Now that is what we need to work on. If we can find a shuttle we might just make it back. ::He raised an eyebrow:: I mean forth ::h= e shook his head and waved his hands.:: In time You know what I mean... West: But something brought us back in time, that has to be corrected or we get back to our time and who knows, the Romulans are in command of 118 with Haz Arihimen as Chief of Staff! Taybrim/Maxwell/Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: ? West: I still think we need to move to the Bottle neck and scan this whole station and do it rather quickly and see if we can pinpoint any red flags and go from there Taybrim/Silveira/Maxwell/Kasun/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mall: PNPC Lt. Commander Ian Lane West, M.D., D.A.S. Astrobiologist Research and Development, Tactical Science Divisions 118th Fleet, Fleet Operations, Deployable Operations Group Starbase 118 Operations Simmed By Wishing You Fair Winds and Following Seas Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders Mission Specialist Fleet Operations 118th Fleet Star Base 118 Operations ID: R238606GH0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. 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