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2018-01-11 20:36:05

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((CO's Office - StarBase 118)) ((Past)) ::Ian was standing and hearing the plan, it was good when they came together, now he just wondered how long it would be till it feel apart:: Taybrim: Ok, West is right, we need to move to somewhere where we can acces= s the computers without getting scanned. ::He pointed to the map of the starbase that was now being displayed on the Captain's desk, zooming in to the bottleneck area.:: There's a set of open astronavigation labs right of= f this lift's travel path and well within the bottleneck. Let's all travel there together - then Aitas, Moor, Kasun, West and K'Mal will stay in the labs with Hael. I want you to set up a home base there. Aitas, Moor I wan= t you to access the computer systems, especially the scanners - scan both for time distortions and ::He looked to Moor specifically for the second half o= f his orders:: Scan every ship that's in or around this station - see if any match the hull composition of our debris. Kasun: Sir. :: She pulled Hael into a fireman's carry. :: Ready whe= never you are. West: That's good, we just need to keep his neck from swinging arou= nd and we should be fine. K'Mal, ::Looking at the crewman:: I am going to ne= ed you to walk, are you able too? Aitas/Moor/K'Mal: ? Taybrim: Sil, Max, Trel'lis - you're all with me. We'll leave the other team in the lab and then we're headed to the docking bays to commandeer ourselves a shuttlecraft. Hopefully in a most diplomatic manner. Silveira/Maxwell/Trel'lis: ? ::He moved towards the lift, checking everything for readiness. Well, all systems were green.:: Taybrim: Ok, let's help everyone on board the lift, and have a few people carefully move our injured. ::Ian walked in first as Sal started to conduct the movement, offering a hand whenever and wherever needed. Ian wanted Rusty and K'mal in t= he back just incase the doors opened. Did not want the deer in head lights look with a ton of officers crammed into a small lift clown style holding bodies like they were marionette dolls.:: :: Ishani carefully entered the lift, making sure Hael was completely clear of any walls or doors, while everyone else filled in. :: West: My this is tight, I am very happy that we all had a chance to shower this morning. ::Grinning.:: ::Ian was wedged up against Moor on one side and Sal on the other side. It was so tight he could take there pulses without moving.:: Taybrim/Silveira/Maxwell/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mal: ? :: The lift stopped and they all quickly got out of the lift, Ian felt like he could breathe again, if he would have had anymore starch in the uniform there would have been a permanent imprint of Sal on one side and Moor on th= e other. They reached the astronavigation labs, As predicted the lab was empty.:: Kasun: :: She gently set Hael down next to a pile of lab equipment. :: We should have what we need? :: She shot the rest of the conscious group a questioning look. Astronavigation wasn't her area of expertise. ::= West: Oh yeah, this is a well-appointed lab, the LCARS are out of date for us and set up differently but we should be just fine here. ::Smiling:: Taybrim/Silveira/Maxwell/Aitas/Trel=C2=B4lis/Moor/K'Mal: ? Kasun: :: To those remaining. :: So what do you need me to do? West: Well as our local Security Chief, I was hoping that you might keep an eye out on security messages that are being sent to by the station and mayb= e look for any signs that we have been detected or anything that might relate to the mystery D, and maybe keep an eye out for the Captains team. Aitas/Kasun/Moor/K'Mal: ? West: K'Mal, take your shirt off and take a seat, I want to check y= our rips and make sure that the trip down did not cause any internal bleeding. Don= 't worry, there will be no turning your head and coughing. ::Grinning:: Aitas/Kasun/Moor/K'Mal: ? West: ::Turning to Sal:: I think we can scan all of your combadges and make a localized signal with them, masking our coms as plasma energy particle waves that travel through the station. Taybrim: PNPC Lt. Commander Ian Lane West, M.D., D.A.S. Astrobiologist Research and Development, Tactical Science Divisions 118th Fleet, Fleet Operations, Deployable Operations Group Starbase 118 Operations Simmed By Wishing You Fair Winds and Following Seas Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders Mission Specialist Fleet Operations 118th Fleet Star Base 118 Operations ID: R238606GH0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-ops+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-ops/014601d38b1b%24ce222b40%246a6681c0%24%40gmail.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.