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Ensign Dehnir - Don't Call Them Weird Phase Aliens (Tag Present)

2018-01-13 12:53:38

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((Main Briefing Room, The Hub, StarBase 118)) ::She replaced the cortical analeptics back into the medkit and continued h= er search. Towards the bottom of the kit she came across a vial of Vertazin= e. It wasn't strictly for headaches, but it may alleviate some of t= he pressure. She placed the vial into the hypospray and carefully stepping = over the debris, squatted down near where Taelon sat.:: McLaren: Ah-ha... here's something Braddock/Lyndsay: ? Dehnir: Here you go Commander. This should take the edge off for a short wh= ile. oO I hope. Oo Hold still a moment. ::She gently placed her hand on Taelon's neck before before injecti= ng him with the hypospray. She gave the injected area a little rub as she r= ose to her feet.:: Dehnir: It should take a few moments to work its way through your system. ::Taking a step back, she crouched down, replaced the hypospray and started= to tidy up the medkit.:: Taelon: Thank you, Ensign. You found something, Lieutenant? Parvosi: What did you find? ::With the medkit squared away, Dehnir rose and waited as Lieutenant McLare= n discussed her findings.:: McLaren: The Devidians were last encountered in 2369, by the crew of the st= arship Enterprise. Dehnir: oO The Enterprise? Oo Parvosi: Oh yeah, that's a big torpedo payload they fired... wonder what wa= s so important that it required an armed response? Taelon: They fired on their planet? ::He paused:: That's - that=E2= =80=99s really...weird. ::Standing at the back of the group, she stood on her tiptoes and tried to = catch a glimpse of the screen, but it was no use, she was too short. Her he= els fell back to the ground as she resigned herself to the fate of a small = person.:: Dehnir: Is there any indication why they fired? Braddock/Lyndsay: ? McLaren: I'd probably have to go to the Black Tower to get any more informa= tion, if it exists... but with how vague this report is... I doubt it would= be of any more use. ::Her face crinkled up at the mention of a black tower. It wasn't s= omething she was familiar with.:: Dehnir: oO Black tower? Oo Parvosi: Well, it doesn't really mention time travel but it does mention th= e Devidians live in a phase shift state. And that the ship fired on the pla= net is a documented fact. Dehnir: oO Phase shift state? Oo ::She was starting to feel very lost with the discussion of phase shifting = states, black towers, missing crew members and Devidians. Admittedly she ha= d the basic knowledge and understandings to function as part of Starfleet, = but her primary training was as a doctor. She had wanted to help people, sh= e just didn't realise it wouldn't always involve a medical = solution.:: Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren: ? Parvosi: ::He shrugged, looking up at the assembled:: Well, I don't what we= nt on there either - but if you were those Devidians, how would you feel ab= out someone firing on your planet? I mean that's not very friendly, is it? ::She looked towards the man, nodding her head lightly in agreement. But sh= e couldn't believe they would just fire at the planet, not without = due cause.:: Dehnir: Surely they would have had a reason to fire at the planet? Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren: ? Parvosi: Well, lots of species believe that if someone attacks them its OK = to attack the aggressors back... ::He frowned a little.:: Taelon: They aren't necessarily...wrong, exactly. But even so=E2=80= =A6. Dehnir: I can empathise with them. I couldn't imagine how i=E2=80= =99d feel if somebody attacked my home planet. Dehnir: oO I'd probably want payback of my own. Oo Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? Taelon: If they're out for revenge, they've made an odd cho= ice, right? It's been..awhile? And we're nowhere near w-whe= re the incident occured ::Her attention was drawn towards the door as they slid open allowing some = kind of robot to fly through. Instinctively, Dehnir ducked unsure what the = thing was. A couple of seconds later, she realised she had been the only on= e to duck and sheepishly stood upright, giving the bottom of her tunic a ge= ntly tug.:: Taelon:Mi ph=C3=A1, acs=C3=BBl. ::ARIA's lights instantly turns blu= e, and its undulating body seemed to relax.:: Lieutenant, I...think I have = an idea. ::He started to pace. ARIA floated silently after him, even when h= e turned on his heel and changed direction.:: Maybe. ::She watched in awe, mouth slightly agape as the robot followed Taelon aro= und. Was..was it his pet?:: Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? Taelon: A year...no, more than that? Anyway - we had an incident on the hol= odeck, that, um...well, one of our officers was shifted into another plane = for a time. He could see us but not interact with us. If that's the= plane the Devidians are on, we might be able to use that accident to conta= ct them...or, um, at least figure out what they're up to. ::She thought for a moment before speaking. It wasn't so much direc= ted to the group as it was an aloud thought.:: Dehnir: Is that..it that safe? Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? Taelon: Well - I don't remember exactly how they got him back, but = he was fine. ::He paused.:: They used a warp core, I think. But he was fine= . Mostly. Anyway, the particles he was hit with can be replicated and used,= I hope... Dehnir: oO Fine. Mostly. That fills me with confidence. Oo Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? Taelon: R-right...Okay. Um, you - ::He pointed at Parvosi:: I need the sens= or data for the briefing room at the time of the explosion, thing, whatever= . Give it to ARIA. ::He patted the side of the android's head, and = it flew over to Parvosi.:: Any and all of it. No matter how unrelated it se= ems. Dehnir: oO Aria...Oh the robot. It has a name. Oo Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? Taelon: And, um we need Golden Dew. I think intel or security will= have some - they've been confiscating it. Can you two get it? ::He= looked to Braddock and McLaren.:: Just, um, don't shake it, it's explosive= . ::He glanced at Zel.:: Mister Zel, if they can't find any, can yo= u, um ::Golden Dew Golden Dew. It was a name she had heard somewhere bef= ore. Wasn't it a type of drink known for getting someone intoxicate= d hastily.:: Zel: ? Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? ::Feeling a little lost and helpless, she turned to the Commander, hoping s= he could assist in some way.:: Dehnir: What would you like me to do Commander? Taelon: Okay. Doctor, Counsellor...your, um, your opinions? I haven=E2=80= =99t exactly...I don't study diplomacy, especially with...weird pha= se aliens. Dehnir: oO It may be worth not referring to them as weird phase aliens. Oo Dehnir: I would suggest we try to find out everything we can about them. Th= ere has to be a reason they have come here. Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? ::She hesitated for a moment as he thought her next sentence through in her= head.:: Dehnir: Commander, do you think the disappearance of the crew, the Devidian= s and that ship debris could all be related? Taelon/Braddock/Lyndsay/McLaren/Parvosi: ? -------------------------------- Ensign Dehnir Medical Officer StarBase 118 Ops A239405JT0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-ops+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-ops/ema57cbc0b-6d2a-4e25-b0ea-3399d3098e2d%40desktop-lvrpfd9. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.