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2018-01-13 21:13:04

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(( Starbase 118-Present Day)) :: Coming to stand next to the rest of the remaining senior staff, to hopef= ully figure out a gameplan, and a way to recover their missing crewmates, o= ne way or the other..:: Dehnir: So Commander, Lieutenant, what's the plan? McLaren: Seeing that full report would be helpful, yes. Lyndsay/Parvosi/Rohan: ? Taelon: I remember the name I was thinking of, now. ::He put his hand on a = nearby railing, drumming his fingers.:: The Devidians. They're some= sort of extra-dimensional...thing... Braddock: The Devidians? I've never heard of them. Taelon: I think it'd be best if we, um, don't let out the c= rew is missing right away. But if these creatures are a-around and attackin= g, then...Ensign Braddock, can you work with :: He glanced over at an unfamiliar face, wearing the black collared unifor= m of the intelligence division, and the two gold pips of a lieutenant.:: McLaren: Solaris McLaren Taelon: R-right, Lieutenant McLaren, can you and mister Braddock find a-any= thing you can about them? I-if they're attacking us then we need to= know what they are, for one, other than weird purple things... :: Sol nodded. :: Braddock: Yes sir Braddock: Does the intelligence department have any Information about these= Devidians? McLaren: Hmm... probably. But I doubt as if its anything more than what we = can find in the normal library. Braddock: Let's see what we can dig up then, shall we? McLaren: Yea, lets. The more information we get the better we can come up w= ith a plan. :: They moved to a set of open consoles, searching the stations massive com= puter Library, searching for any reference to the Devidians.:: Braddock: It seems like there haven't been very many encounters with these = devidians, at least not that was recorded. Taelon: Ensign Dehnir, something that can dull a headache but not s-slow me= down would be...really, um, really nice, if you can improvise one. Dehnir: There are some cortical analeptics in here, that will get rid of th= e headache in no time. Lyndsay: ? Parvosi: ::Eager, innocent:: Hey, let me know if I can help! :: He smiled at the eager ensign, most likely just transferred from the aca= demy, and looking to please his new CO.:: Taelon: ::Taelon shook his head.:: N-no, I need the headache to stay on som= e level, otherwise if something...something changes I won't be able= to tell... Dehnir: Ah. Okay. McLaren: Ah-ha... heres something... :: She looked to Braddock. :: Braddock: What did you find, lieutenant Dehnir: Here you go Commander. This should take the edge off for a short wh= ile. oO I hope. Oo Hold still a moment. It should take a few moments to wo= rk its way through your system. : Taelon: Thank you, Ensign. You found something, Lieutenant? Parvosi: He had his eyes locked on the new officer, interested in both her = and what she had to say - well, interested in a 'she was interesting' sort = of way':: What did you find? McLaren: The Devidians were last encountered in 2369, by the crew of the st= arship Enterprise. ::Commander Taelon got to his feet, crossing the space between where he had= been sitting and coming to lean over their heads, scanning the brief repor= t filed by the crew of the Enterprise-D.:: Parvosi: Oh yeah, that's a big torpedo payload they fired... wonder what wa= s so important that it required an armed response? Braddock: There had to have been a good reason, starships don't fire photon= torpedoes at a planet's surface for no apparent reason. Taelon: They fired on their planet? ::He paused:: That's - that=E2= =80=99s really...weird. Braddock: Weird, but not unheard of. Parvosi: ::He shrugged, looking up at the assembled:: Well, I don't what we= nt on there either - but if you were those Devidians, how would you feel ab= out someone firing on your planet? I mean that's not very friendly, is it Braddock: So we could be looking at a case of revenge, payback for attackin= g them. Dehnir/Taelon/McLaren/Parvosi/Lyndsay: Response Lyndsay/Dehnir/McLaren: ? Parvosi: Well, lots of species believe that if someone attacks them its OK = to attack the aggressors back... ::He frowned a little.:: Taelon: They aren't necessarily...wrong, exactly. But even so=E2=80= =A6. Braddock: Why now, of all times? Why wait so long just to abduct crewmember= s, of an unrelated station? Dehnir/Taelon/McLaren/Parvosi/Lyndsay: Response Taelon: If they're out for revenge, they've made an odd cho= ice, right? It's been..awhile? And we're nowhere near w-whe= re the incident occured::A phase shifted state. That sounded famil= iar. He stepped back, rubbing the side of his face. If they lived in a diff= erent phase:: :: Their planning was interrupted as the doors slid open, and an android fl= ew into the room hovering around commander Taelon, scanning him intently.:: Taelon:Mi ph=C3=A1, acs=C3=BBl. ::ARIA's lights instantly turns blu= e, and its undulating body seemed to relax.:: Lieutenant, I...think I have = an idea. ::He started to pace. ARIA floated silently after him, even when h= e turned on his heel and changed direction.:: Maybe. Braddock: What're you thinking, commander? Taelon: A year...no, more than that? Anyway - we had an incident on the hol= odeck, that, um...well, one of our officers was shifted into another plane = for a time. He could see us but not interact with us. If that's the= plane the Devidians are on, we might be able to use that accident to conta= ct them...or, um, at least figure out what they're up to Braddock: It's a start, at least. Taelon: Well - I don't remember exactly how they got him back, but = he was fine. ::He paused.:: They used a warp core, I think. But he was fine= . Mostly. Anyway, the particles he was hit with can be replicated and used,= I hope.. Taelon: R-right...Okay. Um, you - ::He pointed at Parvosi:: I need the sens= or data for the briefing room at the time of the explosion, thing, whatever= . Give it to ARIA. ::He patted the side of the android's head, and = it flew over to Parvosi.:: Any and all of it. No matter how unrelated it se= ems. Lyndsay/Dehnir/McLaren/Parvosi: ? Taelon: And, um we need Golden Dew. I think intel or security will= have some - they've been confiscating it. Can you two get it? ::He= looked to Braddock and McLaren.:: Just, um, don't shake it, it's explosive= . ::He glanced at Zel.:: Mister Zel, if they can't find any, can yo= u, um... Braddock: If I remember correctly, a security team just confiscated close t= o a kilogram of it, it's sitting in one of our cargo bays right now. Lyndsay/Dehnir/McLaren/Parvosi/Taelon: Response Taelon: Okay. Doctor, Counsellor...your, um, your opinions? I haven=E2=80= =99t exactly...I don't study diplomacy, especially with...weird pha= se aliens. Braddock/Lyndsay/Dehnir/McLaren/Parvosi: ? :: Now that they had their assignments, He followed lieutenant McLaren out = of the room, and they made their way to the cargo bay where the security te= ams had been storing the confiscated Golden Dew for proper disposal.:: Braddock: What do you think Commander Taelon is planning to do with the Gol= den Dew, lieutenant? 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