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2019-01-07 06:55:37

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*((USS Narendra - Briefing Room))::He nodded. At the moment they didn=E2=80= =99t have much to go on. Why? Because they had no idea what the facility looked like, or what to expect strategically from this mad cult. If they got anything from the Klingon's, it would do them some good. And then p= erhaps poking the long range sensors too.::Nijil: ::To Killoy.:: May I suggest honing the long range sensors? We know the chemical makeup. ::he looked at Maxwell.:: Use it as a locator. Then we might be able to get an idea of the defenses used around this base. Maxwell: Aye, that'll no take long tae set up. ::He paused.:: Need tae stress the importance ae passive scanning though, commander.... Killoy: Well, we have a four hour window where, so long as we choose scans that cannot be detected on the receiving end, we have some flexibility to enact, so let's get passive long range sca= ns ready before we get into the nebula.Kro: I concur. The more we can learn from a tactical vantage early on the better. There will be several factors to consider when formulating a plan of attack or approach, and an efficient strategy will take time.::Nijil nodded in agreeance. They would have to be careful to not alert these cultists. While still gaining the most knowledge possible. Easy.:: Valentino/Maxwell: ? R=C3=B3s: I don't think I'l= l be much use until we get close enough to access their computer network. I can study Zeta Iomis IV in the meantime, see what kind of environmental dangers we might be up against, or anything that might hinder our attempts to gather intelligence. Unless you have a better use for me. ::She nodded at the First Officer as she said this.:: Killoy: No, that's a good plan, E= nsign. Kro: From a combat perspective, we also need to be prepared for action in whatever environment we are presented with - that includes one under threat of being hit with Death Fog. This is a contingency we should expect. Hope for the best - but plan for the worst.::The Rekarian nodded once. The other team was fast at work at attacking the Death fog contagion. So long as they came up with a reasonable defense before they arrived, his team should be able to utilize their work also.::Nijil: We will keep in contact with the other team. Their focus is the Death Fog. Maxwell/Valentino/R=C3=B3s: ? Kil= loy: I say we conduct the scans and see what preparations we can make happen in four hours, and then reconvene. At that point we'll be in silent r= unning so it will be a good time to share information, solidify a plan and prepare for arrival.Kro: Understood sir.::You're the boss, boss.Nijil nodde= d. There was a lot of work to be done in four hours. Not impossible to get done, but they would really need to focus and gain early results.:: Maxwell/Valentino/R=C3=B3s: ? Killoy: I'll work with Mr. Maxwell! = ::he smiled brightly to Arturo.:: I'll have Mr. Kro and Mr. Valentino work tog= ether and then Doctor Nijil work with Ensign R=C3=B3sKro: Of course.. ::There was almost obvious relief in Nijil's shoulders. Not paired with the muc= h to intense Killoy would do wonders for his sanity. Though he wondered how R=C3= =B3s felt about the idea. He wasn't overly familiar with a race who beli= eved women superior - though he had a mother who would love that world. But it didn't hardly matter. At least not to him. They didn't have= to be friends to work together. Or to even work well together.::Nijil: Very well. ::he looked over at his partner.:: Maxwell/Valentino/R=C3=B3s: ? Killoy: Excelle= nt! Then I'll see everyone back here in four hours!oO So soon? Oo ::Nij= il thought harshly. He really shouldn't be so clipped about it. Better= she in charge them him. Deities beware the day he be put in charge. of mo= re than Sickbay anyways. He nodded and turned on a heel. They would head to the labs, stellar cartography, where they could pull up the star systems and get a better look at what they faced.:: Maxwell/Valentino/R=C3=B3s: ?::He l= ooked over his should to see R=C3=B3s instep with him. She was a bit shorter than= him, he noticed more closer now that they stood side by side. He knew from her medical stats. But sometimes seeing it really punctuated it. They were off to gain what information they could about the planet itself. And perhaps the surrounding area. Which would benefit them in case of a fight.Nijil wasn't much of a talker. Small talk made him gag and he hardly knew= the woman enough to engage in conversation. They had a task and until they got started there wasn't much to discuss. He kept his eyes forward till= they reached stellar cartography.::((Stellar Cartography))::The room was mostly empty except for the raised deck where a series of consoles stood. The walls were black as was the ceiling, a design to help make the 3D imagery bolder and easier to see.::Nijil: as he walked towards the consoles.:: Let's start with the Azure Nebula. R=C3=B3s: ?::He nodded. Get an i= dea of their surroundings. If anything might help or hurt them they needed to know about it.::Nijil: It's doubtful there are many outposts within the nebula= . ::he spoke as he took up residence at one of the consoles.:: but there might be a noticeable route that these people are likely traveling. R=C3=B3s: ?::He pulled up the map of the Azure Nebula. Some of it was hidden by colorful clouds. But what could be seen was sort of helpful. Nijil was prim= arily medical. Trained a bit in each department of course, bu this was starting to tip toe out of his immediate knowhow.::Nijil: A rather foreboding sector ::he murmured under his breath.:: Does seem to make a reaso= nable location to hide. ::he said more aloud.::R=C3=B3s: ?* ~~ *Lieutenant Commander NijilCMOStarbase 118 OpsA239202RH0~~* "I may not be the brightest pickle in the bunch... But at least I'm not the dillest either." - Me... Because I'm ~that~ cheesy -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-ops+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-ops/CAKmdYBaennSVQnG%3DQ5Bsd32PECXrWGkN4jzcgS37kQ62Du1oQA%40mail.gmai= l.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.