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2019-01-07 17:13:32

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((USS Narendra =E2=80=93 Briefing Room.)) Killoy: Excellent! Then I'll see everyone back here in four hours! ::Evelyn nodded toward the First Officer, and then turned to ask Doctor Nijil where they should start. The problem was, he was already halfway out the door. Evelyn raced to catch up to him, not wanting to be left behind. Nijil was a quiet man, and Evelyn could honestly respect that. She'd learned long ago that if, in the line of duty, there was nothing to say, it was best to keep the chatter to a minimum. Of course, this wasn't how she behaved off duty, she thought, fondly remembering a night out drinking with a few of her friends during her not so distant Academy days. Evelyn, still wondering where they would begin there study, didn't know where they would end up as she followed Nijil, until they were walking into Stellar Cartography. She'd need to do a tour of the ship soon, or she'd be consistently getting lost...:: ((USS Narendra - Stellar Cartography)) ::The room was spacious enough to allow for a decently sized image of the object of focus, and Evelyn was happy to see some technology that she'd worked with in the Academy, the 3D imager. This would help greatly in getting a look at the places that would be of importance in the near future.:: Nijil: as he walked towards the consoles.:: Let's start with the Az= ure Nebula. ::Evelyn barely caught herself before she let slip the word =E2=80=9CObviou= sly.=E2=80=9D R=C3=B3s: Yes, sir. That's near the Klingon border, correct? ::Nijil nodded. Evelyn took control of one of the consoles, and began pulling up text based files from the Narendra's database about the Azure Neblua.:: Nijil: It's doubtful there are many outposts within the nebula. ::h= e spoke as he took up residence at one of the consoles.:: but there might be a noticeable route that these people are likely traveling. R=C3=B3s: It looks like there are traces of sirillium in there, that might = be useful later. Especially if the marines are hoping for explosions. Oh and flourine, so we want to make sure that stays outside of the ship. ::Nijil activated the 3D imager and pulled up the Azure Nebula on the display. It was actually kind of beautiful, though Evelyn knew it was also quite deadly.:: Nijil: A rather foreboding sector ::he murmured under his breath.:= : Does seem to make a reasonable location to hide. ::he said more aloud.:: R=C3=B3s: Agreed. ::The two of them studied the Nebula in silence for a few moments. Evelyn took the opportunity to access an Academy text on hacking while she browsed the Federation's past history with the Azure Nebula, attempting to cram on both topics at once. At the same time as she attempted to study both topics at once, Evelyn also had three other worries that were on her mind. One, she was brand new to this posting, having only checked onto Starbase 118 yesterday, and now she was already underway with the USS Narendra, and this provided plenty of additional worries; would she do a good enough job here, would she fit in with the crew, would she be able to advance her career, and more. The second worry was with her new First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Killoy. Evelyn really wanted to like her, but after the last hour with the woman, she was also sure that they were all going to be killed due to the First Officer's incompetence. Thirdly, she was working with the ship's Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Nijil, and he was proving to be both consistently unlikable, and decidedly male. While Evelyn wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, that he had earned his place of authority aboard the station and the ship, she found it difficult. While looking and not comprehending the interpretation of partial file packets on one screen, Evelyn noticed something interesting on the other screen.:: R=C3=B3s: Take a look at this. ::She pointed at the text pulled up on her screen.:: It looks like in 2381 there was a Borg invasion force that used a subspace tunnel network to sneak into Federation space. I don't know if that would be useful in this case, since the Death Fog isn't being brought into Federation space...that we know of...but it could be used to get into Klingon space, seeing how close the Nebula is to their border. Nijil: R=C3=B3s: I'm not sure. It only says that a subspace tunnel network was use= d, but not much more on the network itself. I don't believe that it was explored in depth. I guess the Federation had more to think about at the time. Nijil: R=C3=B3s: I don't think that we would want to enter the tunnel without a lo= t of preparation and study. Not much is known about them, but I guess subspace tunnels have a hyperphasic radiation that is very dangerous to organic matter. But we might want to keep in mind that its a possible means of transportation that the Followers of Molor might use, if they were very careful. ::As she read up on the effects oh hyperphasic radiation, Evelyn felt an involuntary shiver run down her spine, and through her tail. This stuff was not pleasant.:: Nijil: ~*~ Ensign Evelyn R=C3=B3s Science Officer StarBase 118 Ops O239512ER0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. 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