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2019-01-08 18:45:59

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((USS Narendra - Stellar Cartography)) Nijil: A rather foreboding sector ::he murmured under his breath.:= : Does seem to make a reasonable location to hide. ::he said more aloud.:: R=C3=B3s: Take a look at this. ::She pointed at the text pulled up on her screen.:: It looks like in 2381 there was a Borg invasion force that used a subspace tunnel network to sneak into Federation space. I don't know if that would be useful in this case, since the Death Fog isn't being brought into Federation space...that we know of...but it could be used to get into Klingon space, seeing how close the Nebula is to their border. ::Nijil peered closer to the screen R=C3=B3s had indicated.:: Nijil: Any specifics of the tunnels? R=C3=B3s: I'm not sure. It only says that a subspace tunnel network was use= d, but not much more on the network itself. I don't believe that it was explored in depth. I guess the Federation had more to think about at the time. ::Evelyn noted a brief look of annoyance on the doctor. What did he want? Has he expected her to make a guess? That would have only been just that, there was no other information here about these tunnels, unless they mapped them out themselves. Evelyn was not a fan of this idea.:: Nijil: Are there any found entrances to such tunnels? R=C3=B3s: I don't think that we would want to enter the tunnel without a lo= t of preparation and study. Not much is known about them, but I guess subspace tunnels have a hyperphasic radiation that is very dangerous to organic matter. But we might want to keep in mind that its a possible means of transportation that the Followers of Molor might use, if they were very careful. Nijil: Perhaps we can use that - Radiation is traceable. ::he looked at the woman.:: We could find the tunnel's entrances and block them should= the cultists be using them. ::Evelyn gaped at the man. Thatthat was actually a pretty good ide= a, one that Evelyn hadn't even thought of. She also didn't know how they would be able to actually go about blocking the entrance to a subspace tunnel, but the idea itself was a good one. Evelyn fought the internal struggle that boiled beneath her skin, at once happy that this man was proving Gwendoline's teachings wrong, and also annoyed that he'd come up with a good idea before she did. Then she realized her mouth was still open.:: R=C3=B3s: Well, yes, sir. That's a strategic move, but we'd have to do some research on how to actually accomplish that. I think it would be a good point to bring up to Kill- um, the First Officer. ::She caught her lack of professionalism too late, and Evelyn was slightly embarrassed about it. She wanted to like Killoy, but the First Officer was just sohappy? But why should happiness be a bad thing? Maybe Evely= n herself was just lacking in the happiness department, what with all of the worries on her mind. Perhaps she owed it to the new First Officer to give her a chance, and not judge her leadership ability on a first glance and possibly wrong assumption.:: Nijil: Add it to the list - ::he began to narrow in on the planet in question and it's solar system.:: It doesn't appear any of = these planets are very hospitable. R=C3=B3s: Yes, sir, just like the Captain briefed. Nijil: Two of the planets are constantly bombarded with asteroids, no need to investigate them further. R=C3=B3s: This one is a gas giant, no solid land surfaces or breathable atmosphere. Nijil: Indeed, Zeta Iomis is the only planet that doesn't seem to h= ave some extreme condition. R=C3=B3s: Well it's a class L planet, so it's not a prefera= ble living space, but yes, it would seem that it's the best bet for a location of a base = of some sort. Nijil: Let's take a closer look then. ::he zoomed in on the mostly vacant world.:: R=C3=B3s: There's a lot of nothing out there Nijil: Ensign, tell me what you make ::he directed her attention to one of the stats.:: of this? ::Evelyn looked where the doctor was pointing. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary. There was an atmosphere of oxygen and argon, though there was a high concentration of carbon dioxide, which was all typical of a class L planet. There were no signs of life outside of very very sparse plant material, which was expected. This wasn't even off putting to their search seeing as they were working off of old scans. So what was Nijil talking about?:: R=C3=B3s: I don't get it. Nijil: ? ::Evelyn was annoyed with his apparent unhelpfulness, and looked again at the information on the screen. The atmosphere was normal, oxygen and argon. There wasn't much water. The surface seemed to be mostly rocky and lifeless. There was a methane pocket in one area that was so small it was negligible. There was a methane pocket. Evelyn almost felt like slapping herself. Methane. R=C3=B3s: The methane. Methane is a byproduct of herbivorous respiration. T= his could actually be very important, how did I miss this? Nijil: ? R=C3=B3s: Well that's true. Most humanoids don't exhale much methan= e, but livestock does. Nijil: ? R=C3=B3s: Exactly! If someone was keeping a population of animals, perhaps Targs, that would explain the methane. Nijil: ? R=C3=B3s: True, we are expecting some form of atmosphere control, but even = so, the unwanted byproducts would probably be vented into the atmosphere. This is a good find, Doctor. ::Evelyn was so excited about this information, she forgot that it was found by a male, and didn't even think of it. She was sure that this would be a great indication of a long standing population, especially seeing how these scans were not particularly current. This meant that whoever was down there, if anyone, had been there for quite some time, and chances are, that this population had only grown with time.:: Nijil: ? ~*~ Ensign Evelyn R=C3=B3s Science Officer StarBase 118 Ops O239512ER0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - StarBase 118 Ops" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-ops+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-ops/CAHPqdyFuqDCMdAxYALkXYPaZK0Xfz9o-OL5-jWGtMwkz5Pv8CQ%40mail.gmail.= com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.