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Lt Maxwell: Fuzzy Pictures and Rose Bushes (Team Killoy/Kasun/Taelon/Nijil/Ros)

2019-01-12 01:02:36

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((Briefing Room =E2=80=93 USS Narendra.)) ::And just like that, his comrades and friends were gone. They couldn't van= ished any quicker had they beamed out of the room. Max fiddled with the PAD= D in its little holder on his belt.:: Maxwell: So, where do you want tae set up shop, Commander? Killoy: What about the bridge? Maxwell: Bridge may be a wee bit crowded. ::Pause.:: But either ae us can s= hift tactical control tae anywhere that's got a full terminal. Killoy: What about the auxiliary bridge then? When command hasn't b= een transferred there it's still a fully functional tactical array. ::As good a spot as any. Max motioned towards the door.:: Maxwell: After you. Killoy: All right! ::She practically pranced to the turbolift, humming ligh= tly to herself as they gathered inside and made their way down.:: So, tell = me Mr. Maxwell, what do you think is the best strategy for protecting our a= way teams from possible Death Fog poisoning? Maxwell: No get exposed tae begin with.... ::He clicked his tongue behind h= is teeth.:: It's going tae be a very slow pace ae movement if we're staring= at our gauges all the time though. Killoy: I was wondering if we should modify EVA suits, but I think they=E2= =80=99ll be too bulky. So we need something that keeps us mobile and alert. Maxwell: Depending on the chemical =E2=80=93 I mean, skin contact and the l= ike =E2=80=93 we could try tae modify some simple breathing masks. No need = tae wear suits, or carry those old time oxygen tanks either. ::She nodded eagerly as the turbolift slowed.:: Killoy: I'll be curious to see if we can pick up anything by bounci= ng our long range scans off the Klingon communication satellites at the bor= der. That should mask our scanning signal and get us a bit of an idea what = the compound looks like. What do you think? Maxwell: Could work aye. We skip around the sattelites we use tae avoid for= ming a pattern and skim off data from the satellites themselves if we can. Killoy: I assume they have their compound electronically gated or guarded. = I'd love a full in depth scan of the area, but I don't thin= k that's possible without breaking our stealth cover. Maxwell: ::Max shook his head.:: Be like having a giant neon arrow pointed = at the ship. ::The doors opened and let them out onto the auxiliary bridge:: Killoy: Did you have any ideas on how to get some better information on wha= t we're walking into before we get there? Maxwell: I have actually.... ::He grinned as a thought bubble popped in his= head.:: Along wi' skipping about the Klingon sattelites, we don't run a pr= oper passive scan. ::He stepped up to one of the consoles and tapped in his command codes for = Tactical before punching up a quick simulation of what he was thinking.:: Maxwell: If we pulse the scanners, we can do more and quicker. Details will= be fuzzy fae any imaging we can snatch, but ::He held up a finger.:: we ca= n be slightly more intrusive with pulsed scanning with the same chance ae b= eing spotted as using a continous passive scan.... ::Max blinked. He almost sounded like he knew what he was doing!:: ((OOC: Continue, or....? :D )) ((Briefing Room =E2=80=93 USS Narendra.)) ::Trundling back into the briefing room, Max felt quietly pleased with hims= elf for what they'd pulled together in such a short time. It still wasn't m= uch, but it was enough to start work with.:: R=C3=B3s: =3D/\=3D Ensign R=C3=B3s to Commander Killoy. =3D/\=3D ::Max plopped himself down in his seat from earlier and listened quietly.:: Killoy: =3D/\=3D Killoy here. Have you found something, Ensign? =3D/\=3D R=C3=B3s: =3D/\=3D Yes, ma'am. Doctor Nijil and I have some important findi= ngs to report. =3D/\=3D Killoy: =3D/\=3D Excellent! I was just about to call our marine contingent = back. I'll have you meet me in the briefing room! =3D/\=3D R=C3=B3s: =3D/\=3D Yes, ma'am, we're on our way. R=C3=B3s out. =3D/\=3D ::Max pulled his PADD free as Commander Killoy smiled and tapped her commba= dge:: Killoy: =3D/\=3D Commander Killoy to Major Kro =3D/\=3D Kro: =3D/\=3D Go ahead Commander =3D/\=3D Killoy: =3D/\=3D We're going to reconvene in the briefing room, if = you and Marine Captain Valentino could please join us. =3D/\=3D Kro: =3D/\=3D Of course. We are prepared to move forward. =3D/\=3D Killoy: =3D/\=3D Excellent! I look forward to hearing what strategies you h= ave! =3D/\=3D Kro: =3D/\=3D Understood. =3D/\=3D Killoy: =3D/\=3D I will see you shortly, then, Killoy out! =3D/\=3D ::Chewing over some bits of errant data, Max ruffled his nose as the smell = of coffee reached him. Was their new officer a mind reader, because Max was= parched. He was also getting hungry. And at that point, the smell of cookies also hit him. He blinked. If they had chocolate chips in them he'd probably end up cartwheeling! Putt= ing his PADD down, Max went and got himself a mug off coffee, casually lift= ing a pair of cookies as he did so before returning to his seat. No sooner had he sunk into the leather than the door opened to reveal Major= Kro and Marine Captain Valentino. Max gave the two officers a nod.:: Kro: Excellent coffee Commander. oO Is it a Tellarite variety? Oo ::He set = the cup down and began to look over his notes. Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s: ? ::Killoy pulled up the new data that the scanners had gotten on Zeta Iomis.= Kro seemed to absorb the crude images of what they were headed for. Max sh= rugged slightly.:: Killoy: Here's what scans so far could find on the compound that we= will be infiltrating. I'd like to hear your idea on how we should = approach this. Maxwell: It's no much, but we couldnae grab more frae passive scans. Kro: What is our likelihood of remaining undetected? ::Max fell silent again. He couldn't answer that without any further inform= ation from Sal. But they should be golden, so long as they didn't light up = the sensors any time soon.:: Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s: ? Killoy: That's a good question, I'm not sure how the ship i= s approaching Zeta Iomis yet. I will=E2=80=94 ::There was the chime of a commline opening, and Max smirked to himself. In= need of information? About to call the Captain? That meant it was Sal call= ing.:: Taybrim: =3D/\=3DTaybrim to away teams, we are on approach to Zeta Iomis IV= =3D/\=3D Killoy: ::Bright and brash as ever:: =3D/\=3D That is good news, Sir! =3D/\= =3D Nijil/Kasun/Taelon: =3D/\=3D? Taybrim: =3D/\=3D We have two options for getting your teams down to the su= rface. One is that we found a blind spot in the base's sensor cycle= that gives us one shot every four point three hours to pull off a impulse = speed slingshot around the planet, that brings us within transporter range.= We only get a twenty seven second window, so everyone would need to be rea= dy to beam out and, again there's four hours and eighteen minutes o= f delay before we can get you again. But it's the quickest, more di= rect way. =3D/\=3D ::An eyebrow raised of it's own accord as Max looked up. The quicker they c= ould get in, the better. But with being potentially isolated for several ho= urs it had the very real risk of becoming a one way ticket.:: Nijil/Kasun/Taelon: =3D/\=3D? Killoy: =3D/\=3D And the second option, Sir? =3D/\=3D Taybrim: =3D/\=3D The second option is to take your team towards the planet= in a double shielded Arrow class shuttle. There is no specific cloaking te= chnology we can employ for this so your stealth is based completely on your= approach and speed. It's much more risky for being detected, but g= ives you more flexibility in evacuating. =3D/\=3D ::Max shuffled in his seat. He'd flown an Arrow-class once at the Academy. Just once. His instructor had been auburn to start with, grey after the sho= rt flight =E2=80=93 thirty feet across the Academy Green and into the Comma= ndants rose garden counted as a flight surely? - and had recommended that C= adet Maxwell's flight training be restricted to the two classes of Shuttles= .:: Nijil/Kasun/Taelon: =3D/\=3D? Killoy: =3D/\=3D How long before we must decide, Sir? =3D/\=3D Taybrim: =3D/\=3DPlanetside approach in 48 minutes. We have 57 minutes unti= l we need to make our run if we're going to take advantage of the s= ensor blind spot. =3D/\=3D Nijil/Kasun/Taelon: =3D/\=3D? Killoy: =3D/\=3D We'll let you know in twenty or less, Sir! =3D/\= =3D Taybrim: =3D/\=3D Any other questions before you make your final preparatio= ns? =3D/\=3D Nijil/Kasun/Taelon: =3D/\=3D? ::The commline went dead and Max ran a hand over his face.:: Killoy: All right, there we have it. We can do a fast beam in, or take a sh= uttle =E2=80=93 which would the team prefer? Which suits us better tactical= ly? Maxwell: Faster insertion of the transporter would be my approach. Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s: ? Kro: ::Nodding:: We need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both. Killoy: If we beam in we'll be isolated =E2=80=93 do we want a limi= ted or a bigger team. Same with a shuttle, we could keep a strike or backup= team in the shuttle -or just go in ourselves. Maxwell: We only got the one Arrow aboard, aye? ::He looked between Killoy = and the Marines.:: Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s: ? Killoy: And no matter which entry solution we choose we need an entry locat= ion. Kro: Perhaps we should consider utilizing both options. Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s: ? Maxwell: Makes sense tae me. Kro: Both methods have risks, and no entry point is guaranteed to be safe. = With two teams entering from altering locations we increase the chance of a= successful infiltration. Not to mention possible diversionary tactics that= could provide us openings. Maxwell: If we were able tae utilise a second shuttle, we could use the tra= nsport team fae the surgical insertion straight tae the target. ::His cheek= s began to redden. He hated being the centre of attention.:: Two shuttle te= ams ae Marines could make standard entry and be on hand should the main tea= m need heavy support. Or a distraction. Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s/Killoy: ? Maxwell: In a pinch the Arrow can lift forty passengers as well.... ::He le= ft out the possibility of needing to cut and run sharpish.:: Valentino/Nijil/R=C3=B3s/Killoy: ? ~tbc~ ~*~ Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell. Chief Tactical Officer. 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