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PO2C Fergus & Dr. Alexander: Of Memories and Homework

2017-06-16 06:10:38


OOC: Takes place before Dassa's =E2=80=9COf Viruses and Plans=E2=80= =9D ((Sickbay, USS Za)) ::Dassa had a sip of the Earl Grey tea she'd replicated. Greywin was due to arrive any minute for his shift, but she wanted a brief chat with him first to check in regarding his first class. She'd reserved one of the meeting rooms for this purpose, a PADD on the table in front of her for any notes she might need to take.:: :: Greywin's surprise at the instructions to appear in a meeting room instead of his usual duties was easily concealed behind a cup of coffee. He entered the room and sat down across from her with a smile on his face, the derpy Canadian lopsided grin making its appearance. :: Fergus: What's up, doc? Alexander: ::smiles:: I just wanted to see how things were going with your first class. :: It seemed like only yesterday he had expressed an interest in learning to someone who was actually a certified instructor, though the truth was more like it was several months back. :: (( Flashback -- 239403.17, Sickbay, USS Gorkon )) Alexander: ::murmurs:: She's as stable as she's going to ge= t. It's all I can do to keep the DNA sequencer producing enough blood to keep her organs from shutting down. :: Greywin nodded and glanced around again for Chythar, whom he didn=E2=80= =99t see. With a concerned glance to her, he asked casually. :: Fergus: Are you otherwise alright? Alexander: ::grins wryly:: I suppose so, yes. It's just overwhelmin= g is all. Fergus: This may be a bad time to ask, but do we seem ridiculously short-handed to you? I have been meaning to talk to the chief about studying under him for my MD, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Alexander: ::smiles and nods:: You should. I'm sure that once thing= s calm down, Ch--Doctor Skyfire will be happy to take you under his wing. :: The young Canadian nodded faintly and gave a soft smile to her. For all of his qualities, one of them was being overly chipper. It was a hard lesson for him to learn on DSX, but he learned it nonetheless. :: Fergus: Shall we make another circuit to check on our patients? Alexander: ::nods and smiles:: Some of them will be due for another injection or two and I think a couple could stand for a nice hot meal. Most didn't get dinner because of the explosion, after all. :: Greywin nodded and figured that Dassa didn't particularly want t= o make another round, so he held up his hands and picked up a PADD. :: Fergus: I got this, if you want to run off and grab a bite to eat. Alexander: ::shakes her head:: I'm fine. Really. I need the distrac= tion. Fergus: Okay. Just promise me you'll eat something when we'= re done and I'll leave you alone. Alexander: ::grins:: I promise, Mother. :: The young doc-wannabe gave another smile as he began circulating the room to check on patients, getting hot food for the ones who were capable of eating it and making sure everything else was running more or less smoothly. :: ::Dassa shook her head, grinning, as she checked in with a couple of the more critical patients, feeling significantly better than she had before talking to Greywin.:: (( End Flashback )) Fergus: All the homework. It's like I have no life. Talked with Chythar about getting him to cover my shifts since I was busy studying for exams. Alexander: ::smiles and nods:: I can cover some of them if you need me to and I can even help you study when things are slow around here. Fergus: :: sipping his coffee. :: That'd be appreciated, thanks. Alexander: So what's the week looking like? Any papers coming up? :: The Canadian tilted his head back and considered, as though trying to recall his homework from memory. He was lousy at memorizing things before he finished his first cup of coffee. :: Fergus: Two papers and a quiz, I think. Don't recall the subjects off hand... Alexander: ::nods:: They have a course book for you? Fergus: Yep. Alexander: ::smiles:: Good. If you need any help with anything, I'm always lurking around here somewhere. I swear I sleep on one of the biobeds more often than my own these days. :: He nodded and sipped his coffee again. :: Fergus: Just like a certain Dr. S I know. Alexander: ::grins:: At least I eat, though. Fergus: Truth. :: He paused. :: So you didn't call me in here to ask about him, right? Just wanted to see if I needed help with anything? Alexander: ::grins wryly:: I have my own ways of tracking him, believe me. He's still working on the 'taking proper care of himself' thing. He skips meals and deprives himself of sleep far too often for my liking. :: He watched her quietly, sipping his coffee and nodding in faint agreement. :: Alexander: ::sips her tea and pauses:: How much do you know about what's going on with him? Fergus: Next to nothing. Should I be concerned in addition to worrying about the exams? Alexander: ::pauses and shakes her head:: I'm not sure how much I should say given the circumstances. It's...complicated. Fergus: Then don't say anything. Trust me, Dr. S will tell me about it if he feels it's important enough for me to know. Alexander: ::sighs:: This is immensely bothersome. I don't really have anyone to talk to about it besides his partner, Alex. Even then... ::grimaces:: There are some things I can't share because Alex is in the middle of all this. Fergus: :: nodding slightly. :: Understandable. Anything else you want to talk to me about, doc? Alexander: ::shrugs:: Patient updates? We've had a large influx lately and might need to update some records. :: The young petty officer ran a hand thoughtfully along his chin. :: Fergus: Truth, though I think Doc Skyfire may've seen most of the patients himself. Only ones I know he didn't touch are Lts Rosek and Somlen. Alexander: ::grins wryly:: Aye. Good reasons for that. Fergus: Avoided Rosek's out of professional courtesy, since you're her PCP. As for idea. ::Dassa arched an eyebrow. So is that what Chythar was telling everyone? She suspected there was a great deal more to the story than that regarding Lael and she knew exactly why he wouldn't touch Somlen's.:: Alexander: o0 So much for not letting personal biases affect the treatment of patients. 0o :: Greywin had a sip of his coffee to stall for time. :: Fergus: You seem perplexed by my statement. What's up? Alexander: ::pauses and shakes her head:: Chythar will tell you if he means for you to know. Fergus: Right. :: The Canadian nodded again and finished off his coffee. :: Alexander: ::sighs:: I did want to take a look at our supplies. I think we may be getting low on certain medications and we'll need to submit = a requisition order for them before the next mission. ::grins wryly:: I'd hate to run out of something crucial in the middle of a= n emergency. :: The young Canadian nodded again as he set the now empty mug on the table. :: Fergus: I was just about to go do that particular task. Homework for one of my classes. Lots of practice, since that's all I really did in the = past anyway. Alexander: ::grins:: Submit a sample requisition order? Fergus: Yep. In fact, I think you know my instructor. Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow:: Oh really? Fergus: Elina Kincade? Alexander: ::grins:: She taught me everything I know about filling out requisition forms correctly. Even taught me the proper color-coding. Fergus: :: smirking :: Guess we'll be helping Dr. S learn those bet= ter. Alexander: ::chuckles:: From what I understand, his assistant, Tobian could use a couple lessons. :: Greywin scratched his chin again thoughtfully. :: Fergus: Where is Dr. D, anyway? Alexander: ::grimaces:: Planning a funeral I presume. Poor man. His mother passed away recently from...I believe it was lung cancer. :: The man's features softened, but he said nothing further. He didn't remember his family well enough to lose them, but he almost lost Chythar a while back on DSX. :: Alexander: ::sighs:: Closest I've ever come to losing someone I care about is Lael's surgery. Never really knew my maternal grandfather and I'm not all that close with my mother's family anyway. Fergus: Chythar tried suicide once. Well, he saw it as medical science. Dr. Gilora and I thought he was nuts....but on DSX he injected himself with a variation of the Skyfire virus on purpose to try and save the Cardassians because the Maquis Reborn had gotten their hands on it. ::Dassa froze, not sure of how to respond to that. Surely, she'd read it somewhere. But to hear it stated so bluntly surprised her.:: :: Greywin realized he caused some discomfort when she said nothing. :: Fergus: Sorry, we were talking about my course stuff, right? Alexander: ::murmurs:: It's fine. I'm certain I'd read it somewhere. I suppose I'd never looked at it from that perspective. Fergus: The details are in his file. I just...I was there. And there was nothing I could do except watch. Alexander: ::grimaces:: Sounds familiar. ::sighs:: Maybe if I ever get the courage, I'll ask him about it someday. Fergus: As you said, if it's important enough for you to know, he'll tell you. Alexander: ::grins wryly:: Yes. I suppose. Fergus: Anything else, doc? Alexander: ::shakes her head:: Nothing that I can think of. Fergus: I'll just go sort out that stock taking then. Wouldn't want to give Professor Kincade any half-baked attempt, now would I? Alexander: ::smiles:: No. You wouldn't. :: He nodded and waited to be dismissed. :: Alexander: ::chuckles:: Go on. You have homework to do. =3D=3D=3D Petty Officer 2nd Class Greywin Fergus Nurse & MD Student USS Za O239002CS0 & PNPC Lieutenant Junior Grade Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS Medical Officer USS Za I238110RH0 --=20 You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Za" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to To post to this group, send email to Visit this group at To view this discussion on the web visit sb118-za/CAKf7%2BFmStrTF7K-s%3Devcwaty-XFZ4EPUQ%3Du%3Ds4D6j4UyZF%2B-Yg%40ma= For more options, visit