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Ensign Saden Lor - Passing the Bar

2018-09-12 12:52:30

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*((DS26, Holosuite 1 - Post-Speech))* Mika: What inspired you to go into medicine? Lor: Weird answer but... an endless curiosity for the gross; my focus has been on xenopahtology. ::Saden snorted at his next thought:: My first foray into "healing" though was a bit different. My dumb brother's parrises squares obsession. I had to play doctor for him growing up; I guess you could say I got my basic training done as a kid. :: Saden saw Hal smile; that was a good sign. He hates making awkward first impressions... even though he already did. Flashbacks of his bad joke came back to him. He tried shaking it off with another question.:: Lor: What about you? What got you into counseling? Mika: I've always been interested in the inner workings of the mind= . I grew up on Ba'ku, but once I got into the academy and was exposed to all= the different psychologies of the different species of the galaxy, it became a fascination, if not an obsession. Lor: I'm actually needing another drink. ::Saden nodded to the bar:: Do you want anything? I promise, I'm not ditching you. ::He gave his signature nervous hum and laugh.:: Mika: I'm good, thanks. :: Out of the corner of his eye he saw Comm= ander Thoran approaching. :: Though it looks like the Commander Thoran is headed our way. Thoran: Counselor, Doctor. I hope i'm not interrupting Lor: No, not at all! Mika: Of course not, sir. Thoran: We've not yet officially met doctor. I'm Lieutenant= Commander Thoran. I just want to say i'm glad to have you with us, and if you= ever need anything, let Doctor G'Renn or myself know, we'll both= be more than happy to help. Lor: Of course, Lieutenant Commander. It's great to meet you! Thoran: And counselor, congratulation on your awards and promotions. I=E2= =80=99ve been very impressed with your performance since joining the Blackwell. Mika: Thank you, Commander. :: Hal found that he meant his thanks. :: And congratulations to you; You'll make a fine First Officer. Lor: oO Wow. This is the First Officer? Everyone on the Blackwell seems really approachable. This is definitely no struggling pharma company or Ferengi meat growing operation. Why did I not join Starfleet before?Oo ::That thought made his attention drift. He realized, if he did join Starfleet early in his career, he would not have met the love of his life. With all the traveling he's been doing, he realized he lost track of time. It's been almost two full Earth days since he last spoke to Briza. He hoped he wouldn't wake her when he got around to calling later.:: Lor: So... ::Saden paused, unsure if this was the best time to ask.:: Being the fresh meat, I'm really in the dark on what happened with the Blackwell. What was this rift you had to go through, Counselor? Mika: Well :: Hal glanced at Thoran. After all, he'd been= there as well. :: It was what you might call a misadventure. Thoran: If you'll both excuse me. ::He nodded at the pair, first to= wards Lor, then Mika:: Doctor, Counselor, it was good to talk with you both. Mika: Likewise, Commander. Lor: You too, Commander. And congratulations, again. Mika: Like I said; it was a misadventure. We were supposed to be checking out some anomalies on a planetoid when the away team got sucked into a rift. We found ourselves in a completely different place in time. Commander Thoran was actually in charge of the away team. I'm excited to have= him as the First Officer. Lor: Good to see you have his recommendation. How far back in time did you all go? Mika: There was a 22nd century Federation starship there, complete with its crew. Long story short, we evacuated the ship, and ruptured the warp drive. The resulting explosion sent us all back to the present. Lor: Nothing like a blast from the past. oO Gods dammit. Stop with the crap jokes. What if they lost crew? Oo That is as intense as I assumed it would be. I can't say I've heard of an anomaly that didn't help out. Mika: I guess that is awful watered down. It was definitely stressful. :: Hal thought back on his own reaction. :: It was a lot to handle when the reality of the situation caught up to me. Lor: Thank you for the abridged version anyway, Counselor. ::He raised his condensation covered glass; the watery ice rattling with it.:: The bar is calling me again. I'll see you around. Mika: ? ::Saden nodded and headed to the bar. He noticed his hologram uneasiness had subsided... but his worry for Briza replaced that.:: Lor: oO Am I able to go sneak out of here to call? What's the Starfleet protocol for social events like this? Everyone here seems approachable but... I just got here. I haven't even been given a place to stay for the night yet... who do I talk to?:: *((DS26, Holosuite 1 - Post-Speech, Holo-Bar))* ::At the bar, trying not to show he was disturbed by the hologram bartender, asked for another Moscow Mule. The bartender froze; it was calculating... something. This sight skeeved Saden. The bartender then continued speaking.:: Bartender: My breathalyzer subroutine has detected that your alcohol level is currently too high for another beverage. Please return when you have reached a passable sobriety state. Lor: Are you serious? I don't know if you see this. ::He pointed to his one little Ensign pip:: But I'm not going to be flying any ships any time soon so I think I'm okay to have another drink. Bartender: Is there anything else I could get you? Lor: Yeah. A real bartender. ::A small juice box materialized on the counter in front of Saden. The brand name "Little Captains" was printed on its side.:: Lor: Very funny, you creepy photonic piece of=E2=80=94 ::The bartender let out a fake laugh. On the fifth "ha ha" it glitched then continued its laughing animation in an endless loop.:: Lor: oO Did my attitude make this thing freeze? Oo ::Saden awkwardly looked around and picked up his juice box, taking a sip. He hoped nobody saw this scene.:: Anyone: ? -- =3D/\=3D Ensign Saden Lor Medical Officer USS Blackwell, NCC-58999 Andaris Task Force A239508SL0 =3D/\=3D -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93=C2=A0Andaris Task Force" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-andaris+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-andaris@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-andaris. 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