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Ensign Saden Lor - Juice Bar

2018-09-13 13:39:39

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*((DS26, Holosuite 1 - Post-Speech, Holo-Bar))* ::At the bar, trying not to show he was disturbed by the hologram bartender, asked for another Moscow Mule. The bartender froze; it was calculating... something. This sight skeeved Saden. The bartender then continued speaking.:: Bartender: My breathalyzer subroutine has detected that your alcohol level is currently too high for another beverage. Please return when you have reached a passable sobriety state. Lor: Are you serious? I don't know if you see this. ::He pointed to his one little Ensign pip:: But I'm not going to be flying any ships any time soon so I think I'm okay to have another drink. Bartender: Is there anything else I could get you? Lor: Yeah. A real bartender. ::A small juice box materialized on the counter in front of Saden. The brand name "Little Captains" was printed on its side.:: Lor: Very funny, you creepy photonic piece of=E2=80=94 ::The bartender let out a fake laugh. On the fifth "ha ha" it glitched then continued its laughing animation in an endless loop.:: Lor: oO Did my attitude make this thing freeze? Oo ::Saden awkwardly looked around and picked up his juice box, taking a sip. He hoped nobody saw this scene... ...and someone did. His new boss, Lieutenant G'Renn.:: G'Renn: Trouble with the holographic bartender? ::Saden finished the juice box in one sip, making an obnoxious slurping sound. For first impressions, today was just not his day.:: Lor: oO Gods dammit. At this rate I'll be going back to growing vat-meat for those Ferengi. Oo It seems I am having trouble. I didn't know these things had breathalyzers... but I've barely had much to drink. I think it's just messing with me at this point. G'Renn: Some jobs an auto-generated hologram just can't do.= Unless they can expand past their pre-programmed routines, they won't be ::She moti= oned to the hologram, still caught in a loop:: great at the job. ::That reminded Saden of the stories he read at Starfleet Academy about a ship that got lost in the Delta Quadrant. He couldn't quite remember the name of it.:: Lor: I've read about a lost ship having to rely on an EMH. It apparently gave a lot of sass too. ::Saden gave the holo-bartender the stink eye.:: G'Renn: Given the number of doctors on this ship I think its safe t= o hope that we never have to activate that unless something terrible has gone wrong. Although I will admit, it does have its uses. It certainly has a better memory than either of us, perhaps both of us combined. Basically the database given humanoid form when you think about it. ::Saden did think about it. Interactive databases are incredibly useful... he just was not a fan of them taking forms of people which Starfleet seemed to prefer. It creeped him out. They were an "empathy void" to him; a thing he couldn't emotionally read even though they looked like a person. To him, they felt like talking corpses.:: Lor: oO Morbid thought... Oo ::Another "Little Captains" juice box materialized in front of Saden. This time the flavor was Pluto Pear; the holo-bartender smirked at Saden. It gave him the chills. Its attention then went to Anath.:: Bartender: Can I get you anything, ma'am? ::Anath turned to look at the bartender in surprise. It had spent the past few minutes miming laughter without sound and not responding to anything that they had said. The sudden interruption hadn't been expected. N= ow he was standing in front of her with a smile as if nothing had happened. Whatever glitch had clearly self-corrected and he'd picked up right= where he left off.:: G'Renn: Just a glass of water please. ::While the bartender poured her drink for her, she returned her focus to Doctor Lor. It was time to learn a bit more about him and try to get a handle on what kind of doctor he was. She started with a fairly standard question that she asked every new medical officer in sickbay.:: G'Renn: Tell me Doctor Lor, where did you go to medical school. Sta= rfleet Medical Academy or somewhere else? Lor: I went to the Calda Institute; specialized in xenopathology. It's a small school on the border of Fed space. The main campus is located on a desert moon. ::He gave a nervous chuckle:: I grew up on Earth so seeing a planet above you every day really messes with your head. You ever lived on a moon? G'Renn: ? Lor: After I graduated, I found work on the other side of the border. A small pharmaceutical company hired me. We developed medicine for sentient species not under the Federation... but they ended up joining anyway and that killed our contracts with them. Our company and space station had to be liquidated; we couldn't afford to maintain the place anymore. ::Saden took a sip from his Pluto Pear juice box. He was surprised how good it was; not too sweet. Just fruity enough that it didn't taste like flavored water.:: Lor: oO Little Captains is where it's at. Oo G'Renn: (if you wanted to add anything?) Lor: A Ferengi holding firm acquired us but... you know. They don't understand medicine. If you're small time like we were, it's not profitable. So, instead of making medicine, they used our resources to grow meat for their burger bar restaurant chain. ::A nerve struck inside Saden. Rant mode activated. He could hear nasally Ferengi laughter echo in his mind.:: Lor: Bimmy Juffet's Vargaritamill. That's the chain. It sucks. And Bimmy can't sing worth a tribble turd. Don't buy his albums; that's not him. When he does his live performances he's using a holo-audio emitter on the back of his garbage acoustic guitar. The voice singing is actually some A.I. hologram program he bought off a Nausicaan smuggler. He got it for cheap because they were too dumb to get it to work. The whole thing is a sham to attract clueless space tourists that cross the border. ::Saden took an angry sip from his juice box, finishing it off. The loud slurp sound startled him; he squeezed it with his fist. It was time to cut himself off from the Little Captains tonight.:: G'Renn: (if you wanted to add anything?) Lor: With not having a career path there anymore, I left. I moved back to Earth and joined Starfleet. I took some courses I wanted to take at the Calda Institute and, well, now I'm here. Ranting to you about Bimmy Juffet. ::He mumbled under his breath:: Slime ball. ::Saden looked on the other side of the bar counter for a receptacle to throw his juice box in. He found one, let out a heavy sigh, and tossed it in.:: G'Renn: ? Lor: I'm sorry to cut this short but I'm really tired. It's been a long trip to get out here and I really need to call my wife; it's been two Earth days since we last talked. Do I have quarters yet? Or a place I could stay on the station for the night, maybe? G'Renn: ? *((This may be a good part to start wrapping this up; we got some trekking on the Columbia to do.))* -- =3D/\=3D Ensign Saden Lor Medical Officer USS Blackwell, NCC-58999 Andaris Task Force A239508SL0 =3D/\=3D -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93=C2=A0Andaris Task Force" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-andaris+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-andaris@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-andaris. 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