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LtCmdr. Shayne: The Rippling Tide (DS26)

2018-09-15 07:10:39

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((Corridors of the Recreation Deck, DS26)) Shayne: It is improving. Slowly. I turned down the first = officer position a few days ago. I think I think that may have bee= n a mistake. ::The wind left him with that admission, and he hung, frozen in space, wait= ing for the smallest breeze to push him one way or the other. He was vulner= able, judged, but he didn't mind. It came easy. The surrender of co= ntrol, though brief and frightening, was blissful. Which way would he desce= nd, he wondered? This was a crossroads- an important one. A vital one. Clea= r of head, dopey of countenance, he waited for path to be chosen.:: ::When it finally arrived, the breeze was not an indistinct, lilting gust a= s he'd been expecting. It shocked him, and the realm his sleep-depr= ived mind had created, like an earthquake, gently but firmly reintroducing = him to reality. The lightning bolt stunned him from within, and he returned= to the present.:: ::He smiled slightly as he felt MacKenna's urgent yet soft grasp. S= o here was Zeus.:: MacKenna: I ::But why was this the result of his revelation? She seemed struck, much as= he had been, and not in a way he'd witnessed before. It was not un= derstanding, or surprise. It was a sympathetic vibration that Shayne, for t= he life of him, could not grasp. He wondered what he'd done, what h= ad triggered this latest surge of feeling that he could not help but feel a= s well.:: MacKenna: Let's go somewhere. ::The wistfulness was gone, the fear transmuted into purpose. Shayne could = only watch with enraptured fascination as this timid, quiet woman remained = quintessentially herself, but now marched, infused with a purpose he was as= yet unable to fathom. They were so similar- how could this elude him? What= would make him do precisely those actions, feel precisely those things?:: = Shayne: Lead on. ::And she did. Winding through corridors, not terribly fast, but with burni= ng need. He could sense it, knew it utterly. And he knew also that however = far they walked, their quest had just begun, and would be completed on a di= fferent plane then the one they padded down now. The corridors were livid, = projected upon by her drive and his adoration, so that the soft green metal= glowed with glee in Shayne's ravenous eyes. Throughout their inspi= red traipse, not once- not ever- did he worry about where he was going, or = where they'd end up. He trusted her, and knew her. Wherever she was= was right.:: MacKenna: I understand how you feel. I've been there once. But it g= ets better. ::How could she not? This level of awkwardness, of fear its conseq= uences were not unique to him. How many opportunities had MacKenna passed b= y, just like him? Now he understood the urgency, the need to get him to und= erstand that she'd exhibited. But the intensity t= here was something more. Something Shayne was not gathering.:: Shayne: I trust you. But does it? They'll not ask me again= - not if they're in their right minds. ::Where was the vitriol? The pounding, overwhelming self-loathing that had = carved itself into his mind over the past few days? Still there, he realize= d, hidden away, and completely overshadowed by the realization that somethi= ng good- someone good- was before him. A voice in the wilderness.:: ::How young this science officer was, youthful beauty and aged, tortured re= servation wrapped into one astonishing individual. Her eyes were timeless, = but the more he looked, the more he desired to know. A lieutenant commander= already? Astounding. Even if he did not connect with her on a spiritual le= vel, Shayne realized he was in the presence of someone uncommonly gifted.:: MacKenna: ? ::He stared at her, before quickly diverting his gaze through sheer will. E= ven in his shock and amazement, her safety and comfort were foremost on his= mind. He wasn't alone. He mulled the foreign concept in his swirli= ng brain, trying to attach it to some semblance of reality. No, not foreign= . More like a friend of old, waving from the distant sand dunes that granul= es of time had blasted smooth.:: ::He wanted to hold her, hug her, be with her. She was perfect. It wasn=E2= =80=99t even a product of his masculine handicap- yes, she was a stunning p= erson in every way, but this was a purer calling. A genuine, unconditional = love- the sort of love that allows you to realize there's something= worth sticking around in the world for.:: ::Gently- for he still tread carefully upon the glassy lake of her consent-= he took her hand in both of his, and raised it to his chest, slowly and sm= oothly.:: Shayne: From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :: =E2=80=9CFor helping me. For opening yourself up to me. For sharing. For= caring. For daring. For pairing=E2=80=9D. He thought better of vo= icing these silly things. She'd understand better this way, he hope= d. Whatever happened now, she had a friend. And anything else she could pos= sibly desire that was within his power to grant.:: Shayne: oO You need only give a sign. I am here for you. Oo MacKenna: ? 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