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JP - LtCmdr Aitas & Ens. Dakora - Cultivating An Asset - PT.1

2018-09-16 23:30:14

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((OOC: This one got a bit long, so I broke it up into a couple of parts) ((Talos' Quarters - USS Blackwell)) ((Time index: The Night of Theo's Promotion Party)) ::Talos had said his goodbyes and left the party with plenty of time to spare to keep his commitment to meet Aitas at her place. The blaze inside of him that had been ignited by their brief series of telepathic connections showed no signs of burning out any time soon. As soon as he=E2= =80=99d casually strode out of sight from any potential party guests, he'd = made for his quarters on the Blackwell at a brisk pace. Upon arriving at his and Hal's shared quarters, he remembered her suggestion to change, which was probably a good idea. Showing up to a place like the Nova Room in an expensive looking tailored suit was like wearing a sign around your neck that said =E2=80=9CTARGET.=E2=80=9D He time on his wr= ist display as he rapidly tore off his fancy dress clothes and threw on a less conspicuous outfit. He threw his bottle of Zakdorn Absinthe in an unassuming bag and headed out the door with 20 minutes to spare.:: ((Corridor Outside VIP Guest Quarters - DS26)) ::Talos made his way through the decks and corridors of Deep Space 26 like a man on a mission. It wasn't like this sort of thing was new to hi= m, but rarely were his companions as enticing or, frankly, as intimidating as Aitas. Rounding a bend, he approached the door number that he'd bee= n given. Talos immediately picked up Aitas' empathic signature, but was surp= rised to feel others in close proximity. One felt like a small child and the other was sort of similar to Aitas'. If it wasn't for all the cla= rity and openness of their Telepathic communication earlier, he might have thought he'd misread some signals. He paused in front of the door, taking o= ne last opportunity straighten the collar of his sim-leather jacket and simple v-neck shirt before ringing the bell. His hand was moving towards the button when the door slid open.:: ::Aitas seemed much smaller out of the vast expanse of her dress, its crimson folds exchanged for simple black leather pants, a sleeveless shirt that seemed formed out of white and black netting, and simple black studs set into her ears. She'd let her hair down to frame her face, and h= ad nearly finished adding delicate curls to her hair when she sensed Dakora=E2= =80=99s presence approaching.:: Aitas: Ah, there you are. I was hoping you'd be on time. ::She smil= ed at the sight of the bag he carried.:: With the absinthe, even. ::The same smirk that he'd had earlier made it's triumphant= return as he saw her. She had traded her ornate dress in for something more exotic and it was definitely working for her, Talos thought.:: Dakora: I think I technically have 2 minutes to go. ::He knitted his brow.: You aren't going to make me wait it out, I hope... Aitas: I think I've the perfect place for you to wait. ::She wrappe= d a hand around his waist, gently tugging him into her temporary quarters. ::Talos' body lit up as she pulled him through the door. He could f= eel her strength, even in the gentle gesture. He was aware that it was the physiological differences in the structure of the Vulcan muscles and skeletal system that made them stronger than a Betazoid like him by default. But it was still sort of hard to process the idea that the gorgeous, sort of delicate looking female in front of him could probably pull his arms out of their sockets if she wanted to. The whole affair felt sort of dangerous, and Talos liked that very much.:: Dakora: You look...outstanding ::He took a step towards her, wanting more than anything to push her up against the wall and do things that would make a Risian blush. Instead he paused, casting a curious glance towards a door to an adjacent room where he'd felt the presences from earlier, again. He didn't have= to voice his question.:: Aitas: No need to worry, my son is fast asleep and well looked after. We=E2= =80=99ll have no shortage of time. ::The words caught him off guard. It didn't bother him at all that = Aitas was a mother, more accurately it intrigued him even more. He tried to imagine how much of a challenge it would be to balance a career as the Chief Intelligence Officer on a Starbase and raising a child. Talos could hardly keep a houseplant alive with his duty schedule. Not for the first time since he'd met her, he found himself more interested in who sh= e was as a person than what it would be like to be in her bed. He seized control back from the fire burning in his chest and reined himself in a bit.:: Dakora: That is good news. ::He set the bag with the bottle of absinthe on a side table and gave her a genuine smile this time. He'd noticed that he'd slipped int= o speaking to her like a Betazoid so seamlessly, his words devoid of subtext, with his emotions providing context when needed..:: Aitas: Well, for an evening at least. But come now, I'm curious abo= ut this bar that prompted such obvious panic from your colleague. ::Her smile was sharp.:: And don't worry, I'll be happy to provide a throug= h review of my... credentials later. ::Talos laughed to himself as he recalled Lae's reaction. Still, he respected her enough to make sure that he and Aitas had changed into clothes that wouldn't out them as SFI Officers, so as not to compro= mise her favorite place. His dark eyes shined with amusement as he met her gaze.:: Dakora: I do plan on putting you through a vigorous vetting process=E2=80= =A6 ::His faux stern expression melted into a devious smirk as he thumbed towards the door.:: Shall we? ::Aitas took his hand and let him lead her onward.:: TBC A joint-post by: Lt. 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