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Ens. Dakora - Narrow Escapes and New Environments - (COLUMBIA)

2018-09-18 14:51:55

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*((Turbolift- Deck 3 - USS Columbia)) * ::Talos had entered the turbolift to find Mirra already in it. As he was on duty, he fully intended to be respectful and polite, but then he remembered what Tatash had said...:: Dakora: ::To the lift.:: Deck 8. ::He turned his head slightly towards her.:: You know, your *brother*, Commander Tatash, had much to say about you at the party the other day, M'am... ::She groaned and Talos was aware of a subtle shift in the way her presence felt. It seemed that Tatash's meddling might not be a new development. His grin grew in intensity as she replied.:: Ezo: ::slight growl:: I am going to skin that man and turn him into shoes. ::smiling apologetically:: I apologize for whatever he said. He tends to be... over-protective.... ::He wasn't sure why, but the way she said it ALMOST made him believe that the small, kind of adorable, red-haired Diplomatic Officer might actually be capable of turning Tatash into some high class footwear. He shot her an amused sidelong glance.:: Dakora: Overprotective? ::He shrugged, letting his amusement broadcast to the fellow Betazoid:: Yeah, he might've kinda-sorta suggested he'd eat me..= . ::She seemed to scrutinize him for a moment.:: Ezo: Just what exactly did you *do* Mr. Dakora, to earn my brother's ire...? ::Talos feigned a hurt expression. Placing a dramatic hand over his heart while making it clear empathically that he was playing with her.:: Dakora: I don't think I appreciate what you're suggesting... ::He cocked his head to the side.:: I *MAY* have made one small comment about how nice you looked in your dress, in the most respectful way, I assure you. ::He let his sincere look fade into a grin. It was actually *mostly *true, she'd drawn his eye from across the room but his mistake had been in mentioning that fact in front of her 7 foot, scaley, claw-laden adoptive brother.:: Ezo: ::crossing her arms:: Uh huh. That is *entirely* believable. Your innocence is astounding. ::He was having fun with their exchange and he felt like she was too. Talos opened his mind to her, just a little, but enough to give her a sense of who he was.:: Dakora: ::Still wearing a lopsided grin:: My reputation is beyond reproach! ~Ask anyone on this ship!~ ::He was taking a chance with the telepathic communication, it was a pretty informal way to speak to a superior, but considering that she was a Betazoid, he liked his odds.:: Ezo: Oh I *completely* believe you. ~Just as I believe your slipping out early with a certain visiting Chief of intelligence was all about the innocent intentions.~ ::Talos reflexively raised a curious eyebrow at this development. Tatash had mentioned that Mirra had been stationed on 118 previously. It made sense that they'd know each other. He didn't figure Aitas the type to gossip about her escapades, but he was sure his own emotions on the subject were betraying him now. He fired back a retort in the most innocent tone he could imagine.:: Dakora: You've got me all wrong! I was merely showing a guest of the Captain a little Betazoid hospitality. ::He fixed her with a devious smirk.:: ~I'd be more than happy to do the same for you...~ ::Just as he thought he might've taken it just a *bit *too far, the chime rang and the turbolift opened, apparently on her deck.:: Ezo: ~Seems you are saved by the bell, as the Terrans say.~ ::stepping out of the lift she fixed him with a smirk:: Try and behave yourself between now and deck 8, Ensign. ::He stood a bit more rigid, placing his hands behind his back in a sort of overly formal pose.:: Dakora: I will do my best, Commander. ::With a final smile in her direction as the doors began to close, he added a thought.:: ~Unless you'd prefer me not to...~ ::He only had time to see her expression begin to change before the lift doors closed completely.:: *((Intelligence Offices - Deck 8 - USS COLUMBIA))* ::Talos stepped out of the lift and moved down the corridor towards the Intel Offices, grinning like an idiot. His comm badge chirped and he had a moment of fear that the Commander hadn't found his antics entertaining and he was about to be summoned and verbally flogged by the Command Staff.:: Mandak: =3D/\=3D Lieutenant Mandak to Ensign Dakora?=3D/\=3D ::A wave a relief passed over him, it was just Mandak. He most likely would not be flogged today. He tapped his badge.:: Dakora: =3D/\=3D Go for Dakora.=3D/\=3D ::He paused in the corridor, moving to the side so others could pass.:: Mandak: =3D/\=3D Morning. Was wondering if you'd had a chance to see our ne= w office space yet? =3D/\=3D Dakora: =3D/\=3D Not yet, Lieutenant.=3D/\=3D ::It was technically true, though he was about 20 feet from the Security Checkpoint.:: Mandak: =3D/\=3D Want to? =3D/\=3D Dakora: =3D/\=3DYes M'am. I was already headed that way, so I can meet you there now.=3D/\=3D ::He approached the checkpoint with head nod to the guard on duty. This was the first of several layers of Security that were unique to the Intelligence Offices. To get in without and escort, you had to have a Level 2 clearance and be on an approved list of personnel. Talos placed his hand on the plate and leaned in so that his eye lined up with the retinal scanner. Two point biometric authentication was standard as well, though Talos always felt a little weird about it. The gruesome idea of what someone would have to do to him to defeat this layer of Security made him a little uneasy.:: Mandak: =3D/\=3D? ::He hovered his hand over his badge as his biometrics came through clean and the forcefield lowered.:: Dakora: =3D/\=3D See you soon, Dakora out.=3D/\=3D ::He closed the link as he moved towards the space known as "The Bullpen." He'd familiarized himself with the deck layout of the Columbia, but he wasn't sure what exactly a "Bullpen" was. He understood the reference to the large, horned Terran herbivore, but not why it was relevant. He approached another door and passed another round of biometric scans and finally entered the bullpen.:: Dakora: oO I don't really get what this has to do with bulls?Oo ::What it actually was was a large open floor plan room with a bunch of workstations separated by half-height walls where many people could work. Individual offices ringed the large open room with a larger Chief's Office and conference room at the head of it all. The space was mostly empty at the moment, and Talos looked at the individual offices, noting that some had nameplates on the doors, and some didn't. He didn't figure he'd rate an office yet, being an Ensign meant the short end of the stick was sure to be his until he'd sprouted a new pip or two. Talos leaned up against one of the half-walls and waited for Na'lae. He didn't have to wait long, as she came in through the same door he had after only a minute or two.:: Dakora: Well, Lieutenant, ::He gestured to the large room.:: what do you think? Mandak: ? ::He leaned over and scrutinized one of the terminals in the "pit" area. It was a very recent model, and Talos realized that Starfleet really had gone all-in on the Columbia's refit. He turned back to Mandak.:: Dakora: All of this stuff is top of the line. ::He furrowed his brow.:: Where do you think they're sending us? Mandak: ? ::He wasn't entirely sure, but it seemed like something in the way she was interacting with him had changed, but it was possible that he was imagining it. He chalked it up to their dynamic adjusting to being on duty. She was his superior, after all. Pretty much everyone he interacted with was, at this point.:: Dakora: Whatever they have us doing, ::He shot her a confident grin and patted one of the hot-rod terminals.:: We'll be ready for it. Mandak: ? TAG/TBC =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D//////=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Ens. 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