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Ensign Saden Lor - A Yacht Cruise to Nowhere

2018-09-26 01:33:58

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*((Main Engineering - Deck 21, USS Columbia))* ::When they arrived in Engineering, they looked around the crowd of people in gold uniforms. A half-Romulan chief engineer with pink hair stood out among everyone.:: Lor: oO Oh that HAS to be her. Oo :: Commander Walker was working at a console in one corner of the large room. Anath did her best to navigate the crowd without disturbing any of the staff's projects as she made her way to Commander Walker. Caref= ully, Saden followed. Thinking about it, Saden realized this might have been only his third or fourth time being on an Engineering deck. He felt incredibly out of place.:: ::Approaching the pink haired half-Romulan, Dr. G'Renn cleared her throat to get Commander Walker's attention before speaking.:: G'Renn: Commander Walker, do you mind if we talk for a moment. ::Sh= e adjusted the medkit hanging from her shoulder:: It will only take a minute of your time. ::Saden could tell Anath was trying to be polite about this. It made him wonder if she was trying to do some sort of Vulcan trick to keep that Klingon impatience she showed earlier in check.:: Lor: oO All things considered, her bedside manner is still probably better than mine. At least I haven't caught her trying to tell bad jokes to a patient yet. Oo :: Saden began taking tricorder readings on Commander Walker and input them into his PADD that had her data he needed to update. :: Walker: Um. :: She searched for a reason not to, and all that came up was a mental image of her making a bed, and now being forced to sleep in it. Her sarcasm had apparently turned traitor as well. :: Perhaps this would be better in my office. ::Saden was forcing himself to keep quiet and not make a condescending jab-joke regarding a scheduling conflict with her office.:: G'Renn: Yes, I would certainly agree. ::She motioned for Doctor Lor= to pause his scanning and follow:: Lead the way commander. ::She followed the chief engineer into her office with Doctor Lor in tow. It was time to just settle the entire problem for a year until it was time for the commander's next physical. That or when Lieutenant James ga= ve birth and all the medical appointments that would follow that.:: Walker: So.. what's up doc? Will I live? Lor: My tricorder is giving me positive readings on procrastinatrons and traces of dawdling particles. ::That was probably an out of line comment to a commanding officer but he didn't really care at this point. Wanting to keep Walker waiting, Saden just didn't want to give her a serious answer. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The prize: his bad jokes. Maybe Anath will say something serious regarding Walker's medical readings... or maybe she won't. Walker wasted their time and he felt the Commander was trying to get under their skin with her sarcastic "will I live" remark. :: G'Renn: I might reread those readings Ensign. ::She turned to look= at Commander Walker:: So, why are you so insistent on not keeping a scheduled appointment? Walker: I've been busy, as have you I'm sure. And I've got no signs of anything wrong with me physically since Agurtha. ::Saden, continuing his silence, showed Dr. G'Renn his readings. He then went back to his PADD and continued entering data for Commander Walker's medical records.:: ::Anath sighed silently, bracing for an argument about the necessity of the appointment.:: G'Renn: I know it may seem inconvenient and you may feel fine, but= this is all about safety. Walker: I make sure my people are safe. All of my staff have been to their check ups. I even sent Ensign Fitzsimmons up to have her's done before we were underway. And I've followed every suggestion from sickbay where my people are concerned. Lor: And we have to make sure you follow your own check ups and medical advice too, Commander. And we do the same for ourselves as well. Keeping the ship healthy is a two-way street. Everyone has to lookout for everyone and our jobs require us to enforce that. G'Renn: I couldn't have said it better myself. Can we just = take two minutes to be done with this for a year? Walker: ? ::Anath took out a small light from her medkit and looked over to Ensign Lor. He had been taking tricorder scans, but she wanted to be absolutely sure they had plenty of readings. With what had been required to get the appointment at all she didn't want to run out of anything. While he finished tricorder scans she turned on the light and held it in front of Commander Walker's eyes.:: G'Renn: Now, let's resume. ::She motioned for Ensign Lor to= take a second set of scans just to be safe:: Please follow this light with your eyes without moving your head. Walker: ? ::The reactions seemed normal. Rather than take up more time with a range of simple tests she decided to settle for asking Commander Walker if anything was wrong. If they saw something in the scans they would be back.:= : G'Renn: Anything medical-wise that you need us to take a look at? A= ny unexplained symptoms? Walker: ? ::Lor, listening to Commander Walker, take one last scan to double check the previous data he recorded.:: ::Anath listened along and nodded, taking down notes on a PADD. G'Renn: I think that's everything that we need, if you have= what you need Ensign Lor. Lor: ::Saden looked at the PADD with Walker's updated medical data.:: I do, Doctor. She's finally up to date. G'Renn: In that case, we should be going. Thank you for your oO eve= ntual Oo cooperation. Walker: ? ::Holstering his tricorder with updated PADD in hand, Saden followed Doctor G'Renn to the turbolift. This was just one more thing crossed off the infinite list for the medical staff. He had the thought that maybe next ship he transfers to, he can suggest a new protocol to Starfleet: nobody boards a new ship until they're medically cleared. Thinking about it, there were actually a lot of good arguments for that: check for disease carriers, confirm officers say who they claim they are, knowing what kinds of medications need to be stocked or prepared before departure. Living on the other side of the Federation border, Saden has seen poor health compromising entite cultures and even planets. It amazed him that Starfleet did not make simple checkups an immediate priority with ship crew.:: ::Saden's carried these thoughts with him on his turbolift ride, all the way through picking back up his work in sickbay, where he was interrupted by his commbadge.:: Thoran: =3D/\=3D Commander Thoran to all senior staff. Briefing in thirty minutes in the conference room. Commander Tatash, i'd like you to b= ring along Lieutenant Pran. =3D/\=3D *((Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 1, USS Columbia))* *((Timeskip))* ::Saden entered the conference room he was in earlier. He could feel confusion and concern among the crew. He noticed Captain Whittaker's seat was empty. Saden put the two together: Lor: oO If something did happen to him, he's definitely not having a good first day as Captain. Oo Thoran: Thank you for your promptness, and apologies for calling you all away from your duties. I'll keep this as brief as possible. As you = maybe aware a few hours ago Captain Whittaker, along with a security officer departed with the Kumari for a test flight. Since then we have had no contact with the captain, and all attempts to contact the Kumari have met without success. ::The Lieutenant Commander paused, letting the room collect its thoughts on the situation. Saden did and, unlike everyone else, was not too shocked by this. This was a "wild west" area of space. The Captain is a high ranking Starfleet officer; it would be a no brainer that that would make him a target out here to pirates and other scum. The Federation's enemies would pay a big bounty for someone like Captain Whittaker.:: Lor: oO "Street smarts" is one thing these Starfleet types don't always seem to have... outside of Federation space, they arent always welcomed. I can think of times during my DRX-Pharma career where I ran into patients that were relieved we weren't affiliated with Starfleet. Oo Thoran: Approximately thirty minutes ago we picked up a series of signals coming from this region, on the edge of the Sagittarius Reach. ::He held up the PADD and tapped in a few commands. Less than a second later, the lights in the room dimmed, and holographic representation of the area appeared above the table, casting a blue glow on the faces of those at the table.:: Long range scans have been unable to determine whether they are being sent from the Kumari. Furthermore based on tactical's assessment of the = Kumari's flight path, Captain Whittaker would have been far off course to have ended up there. I have ordered a course change and we are currently on our way to investigate. Any questions or concerns so far? Ezo: ::cautiously:: Have you been able to pinpoint the exact location of the signals...? Thoran: From what we can tell we believe there are three possible sources for the signal, although there does seem to be a lot of interference. As such, we'll be sending down three teams. Extra equipment may be nec= essary, including the use of shuttles over transporters; however that will be confirmed on arrival in system. Pandorn: If I may, sir. The signals are relatively near the Galactic Barrier. Approximately 1.5 million kilometers from it. While we will be closer to the Barrier than I'd like and the despite the diminished energy of the Barrier itself, it would account for the interference in the area. ::Saden remembered the Barrier that was shown in the meeting earlier. It was mysterious and dangerous to him then... and, now with the Captain gone, it was eerie and suspicious.:: Mandak: And who knows what else on top of that... Our knowledge is limited of the area. Thoran: Commander Shayne, you'll be acting XO. I'd like you= to take Lieutenant Pran, Counselor Mika and Doctor Lor. You'll be heading h= ere. Shayne: Aye, sir. Lor: Aye, sir. Pran/Mika: ? ::Saden gave a small smile to Mika who he recognized from the DS26 party. Despite this bad circumstance, he was at least looking forward to working with the Counselor. He gave a very humble first impression; that was a trait Saden admired. Commander Shayne and Lieutenant Pran, however, Saden knew little about; he has only seen them around the ship before this. Thoran: Commander Ezo, you'll go with Commanders Walker and MacKenn= a along with Ensign Dakora. You'll be investigating the second signal, here= . Ezo: Of course, sir. Walker/MacKenna/Dakora: ? Thoran: Doctor G'Renn, you'll accompany Commanders Jolara a= nd Tatash and Ensign Duyzer. Your target will be the third signal, located here. ::Not working with Dr. G'Renn will be a Columbia-first for Saden. He hoped he could do a good enough job without her guidance.:: G'Renn: If anything is down there sir, we will find it. Jolara: ? Duyzer: Aye, sir. Thoran: Finally Lieutenant's Mandak and Pandorn, you'll rem= ain aboard the Columbia, monitoring the situation and making sure nobody sneaks up on us. Pandorn: Aye, sir. ::nods to Na'Lae:: Mandak: :: Lae back to Krindo :: You got it. Ezo: ::looking up in resolve:: When do we arrive? Thoran: We should be arriving in system in just over an hour, although perhaps sooner if Commander Walker could be persuaded and would be willing to see just what the Columbia can do. Walker: I can get us there in under an hour without concern Commander. But without knowing what caused the Kumari's disappearance, I'd not want to push the ship faster yet. Especially as close as we are to the barrier. Lor: oO Either way that should be enough time to gear up and go over everything with the team. Oo Thoran: Commander Shayne, once we're in system and have a better understanding of what the conditions on the surface are like, I'd l= ike you comprise a list of necessary equipment and disseminate it to the team leaders. Shayne: Aye, commander. I'll get it done. Thoran: If there are no further questions, then I suggest we return to our posts. We've got a lot of work to do. Dismissed. ::With the meeting adjourned, everyone began to gather into their assigned groups. Mika was the first to approach Shayne.:: Mika: Commander Shayne. Anything I can do to help prep for the mission? ::Shayne nearly chuckled.:: Shayne: You'll find there's no shortage of work to go aroun= d, lieutenant. But for right now, I need you and Mr. Lor to ready your medical equipment. We're hoping for the best, planning for the worst here. I know info= rmation is scant, but use your best judgement. Depending on what's happened= to Captain Whittaker and the others, they may require immediate assistance. Mika: ? Lor: Aye, sir. We should also make sure we have an adequate amount of rations and water in case we are also stranded. ::Shayne then turned to Pran, a striking woman with blonde hair.:: Shayne: Lieutenant, you'll naturally be our lookout on this particu= lar mission. Information is almost as scarce as the captain right now, so we=E2= =80=99re assuming that your services may be necessary. Pran: ? Shayne: We'll meet in Transporter Room 1 in an hour exactly. In the meantime, I'm going to start gathering materials necessary. Shayne: Until then, carry on. Lor: Aye, sir. Mika/Pran: ? ::Saden turned to the counselor, giving him a warmer smile than before during the briefing.:: Lor: Counselor Mika. Glad we can work together; too bad it has to be on a situation like this though. Mika: ? Lor: I could use some help getting the rations and water together while I'm getting our medical kits prepped. Would you be able to assist me in sickbay storage? Mika: ? Pran: ? *((OOC: Sorry if the formatting is a mess. I started this on my computer but had to finish it on my phone.))* -- =3D/\=3D Ensign Saden Lor Medical Officer USS Columbia, NCC-85279 A239508SL0 =3D/\=3D -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93=C2=A0Andaris Task Force" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-andaris+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-andaris@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-andaris. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-andaris/CA%2Bdqw_bZ86i3mgjzkzBNe-xrapD-Atc1%2BT_w5bai%2B9AP4FM5bQ%40m= ail.gmail.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.