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Dr. Chythar Skyfire: First Day As Chief Since...

2018-01-09 08:00:07

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(( CMO's Office, USS Veritas )) :: Chythar sat at the desk as he familiarized himself once again with the paperwork at the top of the chain. This desk was once that of his predecessor, Dr. Nikki Ryan. It was once again his to do, and that meant that certain calls were now his to make. As he sat there quietly, he ran a hand along his face and contemplated the nature of his position. He had to move past his previous failings and own up to it once more. oO Do it right this time. Oo :: (( Flashback -- CMO's Office, USS Gorkon, SD 239404.11 )) :: He came back to his desk to fill out the remaining sections of the report when an alert flashed across his screen. As he tapped a few buttons, he opened the alert and read its contents. :: // TO: Chythar Skyfire FROM: Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Corps SUBJECT: Conduct Unbecoming of A Medical Officer This letter is being written to you in reference to your use of involuntary restraint against a patient under your care, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, on stardate 239303.31. The Starfleet Medical Ethics Board recognises that there are situations in which involuntary restraint is necessary, in order to prevent harm to a patient, or to the staff involved in a patient's care. However, after an extensive investigation and consideration of all available evidence and testimony, the Board has concluded that Lieutenant Stoyer had the capacity to make decisions regarding his own care, and thus was free to decline treatment and leave sickbay against medical advice. As such, the use of physical restraint in this incidence was inappropriate and constitutes the offence of assault against a fellow officer. Accordingly, you are hereby demoted to the rank of lieutenant, effective immediately. You have the right of appeal, and you may contact your nearest JAG office (located in the Starfleet Embassy on Palanon, Tyrellian System) if you wish to pursue this right. In service, Captain Strakir Judge Advocate Judge Advocate General's Corps // :: That certainly soured his mood, and he took a swig of coffee to make the bitter taste in his mouth at least palatable before he went to sleep. He=E2= =80=99d tell Alex once he found words to do so. :: (( End Flashback )) :: oO Rule 13: Never ever involve JAG or lawyers. Oo :: Alexander: Response :: The sound of the knocking against the door frame shook him from his memories, back to the present. :: Skyfire: Come in, Dassa. Alexander: Response Skyfire: :: taking the PADD and studying it for a moment without looking up. :: I've nae had time for decoration yet. :: As he confirmed the request, he set it down. :: Glad you're here. Something's c= ome up ah could use your opinion on. Alexander: Response Skyfire: Not really. Ah mean, only recently learned Kelrod and Harik were expectin' a wee bairn. Alexander: Response Skyfire: Aye. Kelrod had concerns about his physiology having an adverse effect on the Trill physiology. Xenobiologist but not pediatrician. Alexander: Response Skyfire: Betazoid/Angosian, if memory serves me correctly. Alexander: Response :: He nodded slowly in understanding, but said nothing further. He'= d read her dissertation, of course, but that was a completely different kettle of chips from the current topic of conversation just because of the species involved. :: Alexander: Response Skyfire: I'll forward what I have so far before we do anything else= on that point. :: He paused for a moment as he considered what else he was supposed to say in an official capacity. :: Welcome back to medical, doctor. Alexander: Response Skyfire: One favor I =E2=80=98ave tae ask, lass. None of that =E2=80=9Cboss= =E2=80=9D stuff. You ken ah'm an informal sort of guy when we're working. Alexander: Response :: Honestly, that question had thrown him off guard. He didn't know= how he was supposed to answer. For a few minutes, he contemplated in silence as he formulated the words to describe the day itself. :: Skyfire: An abrupt learning curve, given Dr. Ryan's departure with = nae a word t' me about it. Have to relearn all the things that need to be= done at the top, and have to get used to reporting to myself again for medical decisions. Alexander: Response :: Chythar opened his mouth to reply when a subtle shift in the lighting caught his attention: normal white to the near-ghostly yellow, indicative of a yellow alert. That wasn't good. He closed his mouth for a mome= nt then re-focused his gaze on Dassa. :: Skyfire: Quite likely. I'm gonna make a call and figure out what=E2= =80=99s going on. If you'll excuse me for a moment. Alexander: Response :: Once she had left his office, CD reached for his badge and tapped it. He had to figure out what the heck was going on. :: Skyfire: =3D/\=3D Dr. Skyfire to bridge. What's with the yellow ale= rt? =3D/\=3D Mei'konda / Bridge: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D :: It was an innocent enough question, but if he was to be preparing sickbay for incoming casualties he didn't want to be left in the da= rk. That'd be dumb his first day back as chief. The fact he had to remi= nd himself mentally that he should be prepared to give orders was a lesson he was relearning very quickly. :: Skyfire: =3D/\=3D Understood sir. I'll get the teams into standby. = =3D/\=3D Mei'konda / Bridge: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D (( Main Sickbay )) :: Chythar exited his office and came into the main sickbay space. Eyes fell upon him once again as he gave a smile. The first genuine smile on the job in months as he glanced to each of the assembled staff. :: Skyfire: We need to be on our toes for possible incoming or deployment. I= 'm nae sure what condition our fellow colleagues are in, so we need to be at the ready. :: to Alexander :: Have you run your once-over? Alexander: Response :: He nodded slightly as he realized how much of this he had to relearn in a hurry. His first day back, and his brain was blanking. It didn't = take him long to respond, but he hoped he had enough crash-course remembrance to know how to do his job as the big teal once more. :: Skyfire: Dr. Alexander, continue with your preparedness checks. Dr. Swift, alert all personnel to stand by in case we need to call a code blue, then give Dr. Alexander a hand with the inventories. Ensign Fergus, organize the nurses and begin preparations for possible surgery and critical care patients. Fergus: Aye, sir. I took recent stock of the inventory when we were docked at Outpost 3, so I'll turn over my notes. Dr. Swift: Response Skyfire: Very good. Mr. Coleman, I'd like you to alert the paramedi= cs we may need them as well. :: then, to the assembled group. :: Any questions? Alexander / Swift / Coleman: Response Skyfire: Mr. Coleman. :: He paused and looked for a way to begin. :: I look forward to working with you more in light of Dr. Ryan's departure. Don't hesitate to ask questions if they come up, alright? Coleman: Response =3D=3D=3D Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire , MD Chief Medical Officer USS Veritas NCC-95035 O239002CS0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93 USS Veritas" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-veritas+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-veritas@googlegroups.com. 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