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[V-BR Commander Kelrod: It's time to suit up (just in case)

2018-01-11 00:33:43

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(( Mission Ops Table, Bridge )) IC: :: As the crew on the bridge turned to their own tasks, Evan nodded to Kelrod as he moved towards Kelrod at the Mission Ops table. Evan pulled up the large map of the surrounding area. A number of colored dots representing ships, and lines representing their projected flight paths were displayed. This close to Esperance, there was a lot of traffic - Klingon, Federation, Tholian, and Colonial were all represented. There were even a few unusual transponders including a Cardassian freighter and a Ferengi merchant fleet. Kelrod was finishing his exchange with Mei'= konda:: Kelrod: I'll call Lieutenant Greyson to be ready for deployment if necessary. Once the word is sent I could have a team assembled in three minutes, unless you believe that the SAR will need immediate deployment=E2= =80=A6 :: The Caitian nodded, thoughtfully. :: Mei'konda: Have the team be on standby, please. Hopefully, the Ast= raeus doesn't need a search and rescue team on board, but I would raather= be prepaared. Kelrod: Aye captain. :: he used the formal address to the person in command and sent a message to Greyson to assemble SAR team Alpha for deployment:: Delano: Ensign, can you link into the navigation charts and project the locations of known tetryon fields on this map? T'Venna: Response Delano: That'll be fine. I mainly want to narrow down where to look= for ships that might be trying to fly undetected. T'Venna/: Responses Kelrod: If we took out usual merchant lines and the disturbances of the Area, there are a limited number of places someone could hide. Do you expect any visitors? Delano: A stranded Galaxy-class starship might be a tempting target for any pirates that happen to be in the area. T'Venna: Responses Kelrod: Yes, besides the resources that they could pick up, they'll= get fame if they manage to outgun a Galaxy class starship. Blake: Sorry to interrupt - I thought you'd like to know that the closest Marshal vessel is a few hours out, but I'd caution against bringing them in. Mei'konda: Why's that, Commander? :: Kelrod was also surprised by the Commander's comment. :: Delano: Response? Blake: The Astraeus captain and crew knowingly broke a law. If the Marshals get to her first, it'll be their chance to prosecute members of Starfleet and impound their first Starfleet vessel - not exactly a good look for the Veritas. As much as I hate to say it, it's better if we handle this and the Marshals were none the wiser. :: Mei'konda frowned. Kelrod thought about the situation and the e= vent that the Marshalls could seize a Federation vessel. The Veritas won=E2=80= =99t be able to go against that claim without provoking a greater diplomatic conflict with the already convulse relationship with the Colonial Coalition. Mei'konda reached up a hand and rubbed thoughtfully at t= he small beard on his fuzzy chin. :: Mei'konda: That's a good point. Giiven the choice between = endaangering the Astraeus and her crew and risking a court martial for her Captain, I will choose the former every tiime. But it's worth seeing what it is th= at we're up agaiinst before we call in help that may be more of a hindrance than an assist. Kelrod: Anyway, if we manage to help the Astraeus out of here, I suggest we contact Deep Space 3 so Starfleet send a reminder of the Shoals limitations for Starships. Blake/Delano/: Response? T'Venna: Commander, we have no records for these two ships. I canno= t access their designations. They add an unacceptable variance into my equations. What should I do with them? :: Mei'konda circled around to T'Venna's side of th= e table. He gazed down at the screen, tail twitching behind him. Somehow, seeing Mei'konda= 's tail moving around made him remind CWO Chase Valaine who get a tail implant, no one knew for sure where or how he got it. :: Mei'konda: Ensign, Commander Delano, can you giive me a basic size = and configuraation? Anything at all would be a help. Blake/Delano: Response? T'Venna: ::Resetting the console, the alteration in field layouts s= hining in her dark eyes.:: It gives us a number of potential fields. Kelrod: :: looking at the map, he tried to get some assumptions :: The density of the fields isn't as great as we've seen deep in = the Shoals. It seems that we're talking about small to medium size vessels, of the= ones allowed on the Shoals, that is. Delano: Response? Blake: It might be possible that they're scouting vessels. :: The Caitian nodded, slowly. :: Mei'konda: I want full power to sensors. Don't worry about= giiving away our position. Actiive scans, anything you can come up with. Let's= see what we're dealing with out there. Blake/Delano/T'Venna: Responses? :: The Caitian straightened himself up, then considered for a moment. . :: Mei'konda: =3D/\=3D All stations, yellow alert. =3D/\=3D Tuk: Going to Yellow Alert. ::activates ship's Yellow Alert protoco= ls:: Mei'konda/Bridge: RESPONSES Tuk: So far, I'm not seeing any other threats, yet. Mei'konda/Bridge: RESPONSES Tuk: Will do, sir. Kelrod: I'll get ready myself, those misterious readings get my hai= rs standing on end. :: With the approval of the CO, Kelrod nodded to Evan and moved to the turbolift to get to the SAR room where, most probably, Greyson will have the Alpha team suited and ready for action he'll check them and get= his own equipment. The Shadow has retained it's modifications as per Mei=E2= =80=99konda instructions, so they'll have a tough, quick and stealthy shuttle i= n case someone messed up with any Starfleet vessel. 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