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LtCmdr Sky Blake, "No back-up."

2018-01-12 16:10:06

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((Bridge)) Blake: The Astraeus captain and crew knowingly broke a law. If the Marshals get to her first, it'll be their chance to prosecute members of Starfleet and impound their first Starfleet vessel - not exactly a good look for the Veritas. As much as I hate to say it, it's better if we handle this and the Marshals were none the wiser. ::She could file it under her lovingly-named "Tutoatasi started the scare-mongering" pile. Things were so much simpler in 2392.:: ::Though she had to admit, the thought of a small fleet of Marshal ships towing the much larger Galaxy class vessel back to their impound docks was rather amusing. And a waste of man-power for the Marshals.:: Mei'konda: That's a good point. Giiven the choice between = endaangering the Astraeus and her crew and risking a court martial for her Captain, I will choose the former every tiime. But it's worth seeing what it is th= at we're up agaiinst before we call in help that may be more of a hindrance than an assist. Kelrod: Anyway, if we manage to help the Astraeus out of here, I suggest we contact Deep Space 3 so Starfleet send a reminder of the Shoals limitations for Starships. oO That can't be *all* we're going to do, surely. Oo ::It was absurd that there was an entire space station dedicated to doing just that, explaining the limitations for starships in the Shoals for those whom were unaware, sitting on the border of the Shoals - of which the Astraeus simply breezed past. Not to mention the comm buoys that also explained that certain vessels would not be able to travel within the Shoals - of which the Astraeus simply breezed past. It seemed to be a running theme. But of course, Veritas would have to lay down the rules. For a fourth time. Maybe *this* time, the rest of Starfleet would hear them, but she had little hope of that.:: ::That wasn't the only thing the Veritas would be required to do as a result of the poor judgement of this captain. There was no Starfleet ship to meet them at the border and take the Astraeus back with them - unless they could convince the Constitution to come down and take it. And assuming they managed to get word to the Montreal today (which was incredibly unlikely), they wouldn't show up for another couple of *weeks* before they could assist. If they were unlucky - and it tended to happen - they'd be forced to take the Astraeus all the way back to DS3. Not to mention that, as the Ranger of this area, Blake was tasked with protecting the borders of Federation space. That included protecting others from starship captain's stupidity as they tried to cross into the Shoals for whatever reason. ::She'd be forced to arrest the Astraeus CO the second she laid eyes on him for knowingly violating the established laws of traveling within the Shoals.:: ::Blake had arrested a few people during her time on the Veritas and when working on Shadow's Edge, but a Starfleet officer - a *Starfleet commanding officer*? That's a new one. ::A small part of her had the bad feeling that arresting Yeager wasn't going to go down particularly well for either crews.:: Delano: Response? T'Venna: Commander, we have no records for these two ships. I canno= t access their designations. They add an unacceptable variance into my equations. What should I do with them? Mei'konda: Ensign, Commander Delano, can you giive me a basic size = and configuraation? Anything at all would be a help. Delano: Response? T'Venna: ::Resetting the console, the alteration in field layouts s= hining in her dark eyes.:: It gives us a number of potential fields. Kelrod: :: looking at the map, he tried to get some assumptions :: The density of the fields isn't as great as we've seen deep in = the Shoals. It seems that we're talking about small to medium size vessels, of the= ones allowed on the Shoals, that is. Delano: Response? Blake: It might be possible that they're scouting vessels. ::Brekkian pickers in particular tended to literally circle a vessel at long range, trying to get as much information about it as possible without being close enough to engage - before signalling a fleet. ::Sometimes they even used telescopes, probably in an attempt to at least identify what class of ship they were up against.:: Mei'konda: I want full power to sensors. Don't worry about= giiving away our position. Actiive scans, anything you can come up with. Let's= see what we're dealing with out there. Delano/T'Venna: Response? Mei'konda: =3D/\=3D All stations, yellow alert. =3D/\=3D Tuk: Going to Yellow Alert. ::The Bridge's alert lights flashed yellow, the outline of the table changing from it's standard colour. Sky's arms crossed, considering possible assailants that might want to jump aboard the Astraeus.:: Blake: By the time the Veritas gets there, it might be under attack. Galaxy classes aren't known for their fragility, but a constant barrage from a fleet of smaller, more maneuverable targets might be harder to deal with for an inexperienced crew. ::And given that that crew just allowed themselves to be banked in a well-signed patch of space, she questioned just how ready they really were to face the potential consequences for their 'mistake'.:: Mei'konda/Delano/T'Venna: Response? Tuk: So far, I'm not seeing any other threats, yet. Blake: There's a large Starfleet vessel seated out in the middle of nowhere with a minimal crew. What are the chances we *don't* see anyone else? Mei'konda/Delano/T'Venna: Response? Tuk: Will do, sir. Kelrod: I'll get ready myself, those misterious readings get my hai= rs standing on end. ::The Commander left, giving a nod to Delano as he moved to enter the turbolift.:: Blake: What are the armaments and shielding of the Astraeus? Mei'konda/Delano: Response? ::The last team up with a Starfleet vessel the Veritas had had had*** been with the Montreal a few years ago now - but the Montreal was not only more maneuverable than the Astraeus, but it was also three times *smaller* than the Galaxy class monster that awaited them. Not only that, it had been able to drop in and out of warp whilst chasing the Hisaal's stolen Cygnian attack vessels. ::It was jumping the gun before they even knew what they were heading into, but they could *possibly* send out a call for help to Esperance, but the chances that they'd have the resources to respond were low, if not non-existent. It probably didn't help that the annex commander was aboard the Veritas currently looking after a toddler. ::Worst case scenario, an SOS to the ships who could get there quickest (Taskforce 5 in the Menthar Corridor, the Constitution-B docked at Starbase 104) might prove handy, but they'd all be banked due to their size. But that was worst case scenario. ::They weren't *in* worst case scenario. Yet.:: Blake: The Astraeus is almost twice the size of the Veritas and about three times heavier - even with their armament, they're at a disadvantage against the ships of this region. If they lose their shields or fail to get them up in time, they may be boarded - problematic if they're just a skeleton crew. ::Which was rather optimistic language on Sky's part, given that she'd decided against questioning whether Commander Yeager himself was truly fit to command a vessel in combat, let alone handle his ship being boarded at the same time.:: Delano/Mei'konda/Tuk/T'Venna: Response? Tbc . . . 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