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2018-01-12 21:17:26

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(( Bridge, USS Veritas )) Delano: Ensign, can you link into the navigation charts and project the locations of known tetryon fields on this map? T'Venna: ::She tapped idly into her accessible data banks:: I do no= t believe we have precise records for all such known fields. But I could extrapolate from the last wave of intelligence. Delano: That'll be fine. I mainly want to narrow down where to look= for ships that might be trying to fly undetected. T'Venna: Understood. Kelrod: If we took out usual merchant lines and the disturbances of the Area, there are a limited number of places someone could hide. Do you expect any visitors? Delano: A stranded Galaxy-class starship might be a tempting target for any pirates that happen to be in the area. Kelrod: Yes, besides the resources that they could pick up, they'll= get fame if they manage to outgun a Galaxy class starship. Blake: Sorry to interrupt - I thought you'd like to know that the closest Marshal vessel is a few hours out, but I'd caution against bringing them in. Mei'konda: Why's that, Commander? :: Evan had a pretty good idea. But it was Blake's recommendation t= o explain. :: Blake: The Astraeus captain and crew knowingly broke a law. If the Marshals get to her first, it'll be their chance to prosecute members of Starfleet and impound their first Starfleet vessel - not exactly a good look for the Veritas. As much as I hate to say it, it's better if we handle this and the Marshals were none the wiser. Mei'konda: That's a good point. Giiven the choice between = endaangering the Astraeus and her crew and risking a court martial for her Captain, I will choose the former every tiime. But it's worth seeing what it is th= at we're up agaiinst before we call in help that may be more of a hindrance than an assist. Kelrod: Anyway, if we manage to help the Astraeus out of here, I suggest we contact Deep Space 3 so Starfleet send a reminder of the Shoals limitations for Starships. Delano: Astraeus is hardly the first ship to be stranded like this. :: Though this might be the first case of willful ignorance that he was aware of. :: I doubt she'll be the last. I suggest, for now, we focus on retrieving the ship. We can think about preventing future transgressions once that's over. :: T'Venna's voice cut through a momentary lull on the brid= ge. :: T'Venna: Commander, we have no records for these two ships. I canno= t access their designations. They add an unacceptable variance into my equations. What should I do with them? :: Evan turned his attention back to the display where T'Venna had highlighted two blue dots. :: Mei'konda: Ensign, Commander Delano, can you giive me a basic size = and configuraation? Anything at all would be a help. :: Evan suppressed a frown as he entered a few commands to try to isolate the readings. :: Delano: I suspect they might be some kind of sensor shadows of actual ships. The readings seem to be jumping from point to point at random intervals, and the mass readings I'm getting are inconsistent. T'Venna: ::Resetting the console, the alteration in field layouts s= hining in her dark eyes.:: It gives us a number of potential fields. Kelrod: :: looking at the map, he tried to get some assumptions :: The density of the fields isn't as great as we've seen deep in = the Shoals. It seems that we're talking about small to medium size vessels, of the= ones allowed on the Shoals, that is. Delano: I'd agree with that assessment. The =E2=80=98jumping=E2=80= =99 we're seeing might be caused by some kind of cloaking device or sensor jamming device. Blake: It might be possible that they're scouting vessels. Mei'konda: I want full power to sensors. Don't worry about= giiving away our position. Actiive scans, anything you can come up with. Let's= see what we're dealing with out there. :: Evan nodded to T'Venna as they increased the sensor resolution a= s much as possible. :: Delano: There are a number of unusual tachyon readings that would be consistent with cloaked ships. T'Venna, can you isolate the frequen= cy? We might be able to find a match in our database. T'Venna: Response :: Evan raised an eyebrow. :: Delano: I've seen these readings before Commander, these v= essels are using cloaking technology of a similar configuration to what we encountered at Antor II. T'Venna: Response Mei'konda: =3D/\=3D All stations, yellow alert. =3D/\=3D Tuk: Going to Yellow Alert. :: The lights dimmed briefly, as the various console alert displays adjusted for yellow alert. :: Blake: By the time the Veritas gets there, it might be under attack. Galaxy classes aren't known for their fragility, but a constant barrage from a fleet of smaller, more maneuverable targets might be harder to deal with for an inexperienced crew. Delano: Agreed. If these shadows or ships or whatever they are really are scouts, they'll be able to get into range of the Astraeus before we= do. Mei'konda/T'Venna: Response? Tuk: So far, I'm not seeing any other threats, yet. Blake: There's a large Starfleet vessel seated out in the middle of nowhere with a minimal crew. What are the chances we *don't* see anyone else? Delano: ::sarcastically:: Maybe they'll assume it's too goo= d to be true. Mei'konda/T'Venna: Response? Tuk: Will do, sir. Kelrod: I'll get ready myself, those mysterious readings get my hai= rs standing on end. :: Evan and Kelrod exchanged nods as the SAR leader excused himself from the bridge. :: Blake: What are the armaments and shielding of the Astraeus? Delano: That's hard to say. By the specs, the refit should have Ast= raeus able to stand toe-to-toe with most ships in the fleet. But that's a= ssuming all the tactical systems are fully installed and operational. Mei'konda: Response Blake: The Astraeus is almost twice the size of the Veritas and about three times heavier - even with their armament, they're at a disadvantage against the ships of this region. If they lose their shields or fail to get them up in time, they may be boarded - problematic if they're just a skeleton crew. Delano: Is there any way to push the warp speed limit? Sounds like the sooner we can reach the Astraeus the better off we'll all be. Wolfe/T'Venna: Responses Mei'konda/Tuk: Responses Delano: So long as we don't end up =E2=80=98grounded' ourse= lves, it might be worth the risk. 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