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Dr. Chythar Skyfire: Play It Cool

2018-01-13 04:28:04

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(( Main Sickbay, USS Veritas )) :: Chythar exited his office and came into the main sickbay space. Eyes fell upon him once again as he gave a smile. The first genuine smile on the job in months as he glanced to each of the assembled staff. :: Skyfire: We need to be on our toes for possible incoming or deployment. I= 'm nae sure what condition our fellow colleagues are in, so we need to be at the ready. :: to Alexander :: Have you run your once-over? Alexander: Response :: He nodded slightly as he realized how much of this he had to relearn in a hurry. His first day back, and his brain was blanking. It didn't = take him long to respond, but he hoped he had enough crash-course remembrance to know how to do his job as the big teal once more. :: Skyfire: Dr. Alexander, continue with your preparedness checks. Dr. Swift, alert all personnel to stand by in case we need to call a code blue, then give Dr. Alexander a hand with the inventories. Ensign Fergus, organize the nurses and begin preparations for possible surgery and critical care patients. Fergus: Aye, sir. I took recent stock of the inventory when we were docked at Outpost 3, so I'll turn over my notes. Swift: Aye, Lieutenant. I can do both simultaneously. Skyfire: Very good. Mr. Coleman, I'd like you to alert the paramedi= cs we may need them as well. :: then, to the assembled group. :: Any questions? Swift: None, as yet, sir. Alexander / Coleman: Response Skyfire: Mr. Coleman. :: He paused and looked for a way to begin. :: I look forward to working with you more in light of Dr. Ryan's departure. Don't hesitate to ask questions if they come up, alright? Coleman: Response Swift: By the way any reason why Dr. Ryan departed, so suddenly? (( Flashback -- Officer's Lounge, USS Veritas SD 239412.27 )) :: CD had no interest in discussing Alex's departure with Roshanara= , despite the fact they've been friends for nearly three years. More = like acquaintances, actually, but there was usually a turning point when acquaintances become friends. He ::She suspected the reason why, but didn't wish to prod. She honest= ly preferred to keep the private lives of her officers just that: private. So instead, she directed the conversation back to his original question about the shuttle project.:: Rahman: So did you think you learned anything so far being in the shuttle trials? :: Had he learned anything? Was there anything he could honestly say he didn't know before? The first trial seemed to be almost laughable, = the second a wee bit more exciting, but the one consistent thing from both trials was that you could never completely work out all the glitches. :: Skyfire: Every build has its bugs. Can't exactly say ah'll = be picturin' myself as an engineer any time soon, though. ::She nodded.:: Rahman: We're often called to serve in roles that go beyond our ini= tial job description. For instance, I never really saw myself as going down the command route. It was only when Captain Kells asked me to serve as his first officer that I stepped out on the path that's led me to here. :: That was too true. He had been called upon to serve in the capacity of mission specialist, which was a bit more versatile than the first officer role he was in previously for however brief a period it was. However, he felt most at home in teal. :: Skyfire: Truth. Ah was nae expectin' to be a mission specialist for= however briefly, but that happened. Rahman: What are your own ambitions, doctor? :: Ambitions? That caused him to grow silent and contemplative as he considered the possibilities. By his very nature, he wasn't an ambi= tious man, though having mastered nine languages and having held medical positions for most of his career through a variety of ranks was perhaps ambition itself. :: Skyfire: Ah'm nae picturing myself as particularly ambitious, hones= tly. Maybe one day commanding a medical vessel like the Blackwell. :: He had a sip of his coffee as she set her mug down on the table, hands folded in her lap. :: Rahman: Well, you'll be perhaps relieved to know that my next reque= st of you is perhaps a little more familiar than a shuttle engineering team. Skyfire: How's that? Rahman: I've just gotten the latest personnel updates for our next = tour of duty. Doctor Ryan is being assigned elsewhere, and as such, I need a new chief medical officer. Skyfire: Ah've got a few recommendations, if you'd like me = t' list names. Rahman: Are you interested? :: That was a no, then. He had to consider the implications. On the one hand, it was a position of distinction. On the other hand, the last time he was in charge he earned himself a disciplinary jacket. Apparently his past was water under the bridge, and had no implications here. He could allow one mistake to define his career, or he could rise above it, own up to the mistake, and try to be better. :: Skyfire: I'm interested. Rahman: Good. I'll get started then on filing the PADDwork. You might want to refresh yourself on your own PADDwork that awaits you. :: CD nodded slightly and knocked back the rest of the raktajino, since there were only dregs in the cup anyway. It wasn't fantastic raktaj= ino, but it was drinkable. With a smile, he replied to the captain. :: Skyfire: Guess I have my work cut out for me. Rahman: Nothing you can't handle, I'm sure. And again, perhaps even a piece of cake compared to your activities of these past few weeks with engineering. Skyfire: Well, one has to start somewhere; most recent logs to see who her last patients were, setting up consultations, that sort of thing. ::She nodded back.:: Rahman: I have full faith in you. ::She stood up, grabbing her mug.:: Rahman: Good luck then, but don't forget to enjoy the rest of your shore leave. You'll be buried in new work soon enough as department chief. Skyfire: Thank you, Captain. :: New, old...it would be a nice change of pace from project Prospero, but he hadn't lost his touch with things. It was going to be just a new= layer of stuff to add to his duty list. Truth be told, he did miss it at least a little bit. :: Skyfire: Right. oO She's giving me an order to enjoy shore leave. I= 'm doomed. Oo ::She grinned before heading out.:: Rahman: Good night, doctor. Skyfire: G'night, Captain. :: Once she was out of sight, he retrieved his PADD and mug as he followed suit for exiting the room. A beagle to play with and feed, a uniform to change into, and a security office to visit so he could get his clearances changed. :: (( End Flashback )) :: He kind of knew the answer. Only what he had been told, which wasn=E2=80= =99t very much in the grand scheme of things. :: Skyfire: Only that Dr. Ryan has been assigned elsewhere. I dinnae feel that's important at the moment, Dr. Swift. That's all for t= he moment. Swift: Understood. I'll get on those tasks, right now. Skyfire: Very good. :: With his teal collared minions setting about their work alerting the other medical teams or preparing the gear for possible triage, Chythar once again began cleaning up sickbay out of habit, which he seemed to have formed during his eight months of not being chief. Apparently, reacclimating himself with the paperwork associated with being the top teal in medical went against his orders when Captain Rahman had told him to enjoy shore leave. He hoped she wouldn't notice, and that none of h= is other lackeys would notice either. :: :: Then again, Alex's departure made work a powerful distraction, a= s by throwing himself into it and focusing solely on it he could forget about how depressed he was that his partner wasn't here. It wasn'= t exactly the greatest of coping mechanisms, but one he had to adopt as a direct result of the transfer orders being unique to Alex this go around. :: :: Amongst the things to clean up were all the PADDs of files he'd = left open, and he retreated back into his office to begin running assessments on who he'd need to speak with after the the Astraeus had been rescued= . :: (( CMO's Office )) :: Chythar got himself a cup of coffee and had a seat behind his desk. He knew that he'd be spending longer days working here, and half hoped= he'd have more time to ease into it. After his previous conversation with Mei'konda, there wasn't really much in the way of time. :: (( Flashback -- Earlier )) :: Once she had left his office, CD reached for his badge and tapped it. He had to figure out what the heck was going on. :: Skyfire: =3D/\=3D Dr. Skyfire to bridge. What's with the yellow ale= rt? =3D/\=3D :: It was an innocent enough question, but if he was to be preparing sickbay for incoming casualties he didn't want to be left in the da= rk. That'd be dumb his first day back as chief. The fact he had to remi= nd himself mentally that he should be prepared to give orders was a lesson he was relearning very quickly. :: Mei'konda: =3D/\=3D Mei'konda here, Doctor. We've = chaanged course from Esperaance to intercept a Galaxy class starship which has gotten itself stuck in the Shoals. :: That didn't sound good at all. Then again, getting stuck out her= e with the destruction he saw on Antor II had him a touch worried for the safety of the crew. A Galaxy class was certainly no small ship, as he had discovered previously, so the amount of possible casualties was almost enough to make his head spin with the worst-case scenarios. :: Skyfire: =3D/\=3D Do we have any idea on the present status of the crew or possible injuries? =3D/\=3D Mei'konda: =3D/\=3D As far as we know, they're doiing fine = right now, but I want medicaal teams ready to go, just in caase there's any trouble.= =3D/\=3D Skyfire: =3D/\=3D Understood sir. I'll get the teams into standby. = =3D/\=3D Mei'konda: =3D/\=3D Thaank you, Doctor. Bridge out. =3D/\=3D (( End Flashback )) :: Naturally, one of the first thoughts that flooded his mind was whether or not he would be able to handle the position after eight months of being not in charge. He was being given a second chance, to lead in a career he loved. Why, then, did it seem like the weight of the galaxy was placed on his shoulders? Was it because that he was focusing too much on the nagging depression that had been eating at him due to Alex's absence, or wa= s it because he truly feared that the eight months' worth of hiatus from= not being in charge had caused him to grow a bit rusty? Or possibly even that his demotion had shattered his confidence in that moment of being in charge? :: :: He sipped his coffee again and set it on the desk, allowing himself a few moments to collect his thoughts and breathe before touching the PADDs of files and lists again. With both hands running through his hair nervously, he took the time to repeat to himself his mantra of the hour. :: Skyfire: You got this, Chythar. You totally got this. Just keep being calm and collected like you were a few moments ago. 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