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Ensign Jael Yal: Arrival

2018-01-13 07:46:50

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((Crew Quarters: Veritas))
::The first thing to be unpacked was a holo-pic of her parents standin= g in front of their market, waving at the camera. She smiled softly as she = recalled the hours she spent growing up stocking shelves, sweeping floors, = and cleaning counter tops. She placed it on top of the dresser, and returne= d to unpack the rest of her belongings. She started unpacking her clothes n= ext. Clearing her throat, she spoke up.::
Yal: Computer, resume letter ... ::after a chirp of the computer, she = continued.:: I'm back, Dad. I was just looking at the picture you and m= om sent me. Thanks, by the way. I kinda miss the old store. 
Sisera: oO Lame! Oo
Yal: Quiet, Sisera! ::Rolls her eyes and sighs:: Sorry, Da= d. One of the annoying things about the Symbiosis Commission is that they n= ever tell you about the voices in your head from the previous hosts. I'= m beginning to understand why Great Aunt Noma kept talking to herself. I ju= st hope I don't become as senile when I get old like she was.
Sisera: oO Trust me, You will! Oo
Devria: oO Stop scaring the poor girl, Sisera. Oo
Sisera: oO What? It could happen. Oo
Yudi: oO Far Be it for me to agreee with the psychopath, but he doe= s speak with a grain of truth. Oo
Sisera: oO See? Oo
Yal: ::shouting as she clinches her fists:: QUIET!! ALL OF YOU!! ::bre= athes deeply and slowly a couple times.:: Sorry about that, Dad. That was t= he prior hosts again, arguing over whether or not I'll become senile. T= here are times that I wish someone but me could hear them. You'll only = get the memories, they said ... pfft!! Right!
::Exhales as she holds up a blouse and gently folds it before placing = it in a dresser drawer.::
Yal: Anyways, I just arrived aboard ship, checked in with the current = CO, and worked my first shift aboard ship. Not sure how your first day is s= upposed to go, but ...
((Flashback: Bridge: Veritas))
::Jael had just arrived via Runabout, and beamed aboard the Veritas al= ong with some other specialists and personnel. She wasn't familiar with= this area of space or the mission in general, but she was certain that she= would catch up quickly. Stepping off the transporter pad, the chief welcom= ed her aboard, and directed her to the bridge. She passed her case full of = personal items off to an enlisted crewman who promised to take it to her ne= w quarters. With that done, she headed directly to the nearest turbolift, a= nd stepped off onto the bridge. After taking a good look around, she glance= d at her datapad, which held her orders, and stepped over to a nearby group= of officers. ::
Yal: ::Standing at attention:: Commander Mei'konda? Ensign Jael Ya= l reporting for duty. 
Mei'konda/any: response?
Ensign Jael Yal
Science Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035

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