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Lieutenant Dassa Alexander: Does He Seem Off To You?

2018-01-13 08:04:50

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*(( CMO's Office, USS Veritas ))* *::She strode toward the CMO's office, seeing Chythar already there= . Her grasp on the PADD in her hand tightened, a grin making its way onto her face. It was also good to be working with Chythar in this capacity again. The two made a good team and she was looking forward to getting to know the other staff better. No doubt the entire staff would have this Sickbay running like a well oiled machine in no time.::Alexander: ::knocks on the door:: Hello there.Skyfire: Come in, Dassa.::She stepped inside, glancing around the small space. It was still bare with little in the way of personal effects, though she supposed Chythar hadn't really had tim= e to decorate. Approaching the desk, she offered him the PADD with her department transfer orders.::Alexander: This place could use a woman=E2=80= =99s touch. It's so...sterile.Skyfire: :: taking the PADD and studying i= t for a moment without looking up. :: I've nae had time for decoration yet.= :: As he confirmed the request, he set it down. :: Glad you're here. Some= thing's come up ah could use your opinion on.Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow:: Oh? ::smirks:: You'd think you'd planned this before I even sub= mitted my transfer request.::She was only teasing, but was curious nonetheless. The two were friends and he would have likely consulted her whether or not she'd transferred back to Medical. It was still surreal to think ab= out sometimes...that she and the man she'd admired for her whole career= and that she'd had a hero-crush on when they'd first met had be= come equals of sorts. True, he had a ton more experience than she did and he was her direct superior. But he valued her expertise. He valued her friendship.::Skyfire: Not really. Ah mean, only recently learned Kelrod and Harik were expectin' a wee bairn.::This time, both of Dassa=E2=80= =99s eyebrows shot up. That was news to her. She hadn't even known that Kelrod and Har= ik were together, much less that Harik was pregnant with his baby. Given the short time that she'd been aboard the Veritas and that she'd spen= t most of it in the science labs, she really didn't know either of them very well.::Alexander: Interesting. I presume one or both of them came to you asking for advice and the reason you're talking to me now is that y= ou told them about my pediatric specialty?Skyfire: Aye. Kelrod had concerns about his physiology having an adverse effect on the Trill physiology. Xenobiologist but not pediatrician.Alexander: So Harik is Trill. What=E2=80= =99s Kelrod?Skyfire: Betazoid/Angosian, if memory serves me correctly.Alexander: ::grins wryly:: Well, that's quite a mix. ::pauses:: I can'= t think of anything in particular that could cause harm to the fetus, but multiple species reproduction is always more complicated than same species reproduction. With some species, they're similar enough that it doe= sn't cause issues. With others, it requires serious intervention to see the pregnancy through to the end.::She paused, momentarily lost in thought. It had been awhile since she'd done a consult for this sort of thing a= nd she had to run through her mental checklist of important information that was needed to ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible as well as necessary tests.::Alexander: I'll set up a conversation with Kelrod and possi= bly Harik. A family history and some other tests would go a long way to determining any specific risks to the baby.Skyfire: I'll forward wh= at I have so far before we do anything else on that point. :: He paused for a moment as he considered what else he was supposed to say in an official capacity. :: Welcome back to medical, doctor.Alexander: ::grins:: Pleased as punch to be here, boss.Skyfire: One favor I =E2=80=98ave tae ask, lass. = None of that =E2=80=9Cboss=E2=80=9D stuff. You ken ah'm an informal sort of= guy when we're working.::She smiled, recalling that from the days aboard the Gorkon...back when he'd been CMO. In truth, she couldn't remember a time = when she'd addressed him formally and she only ever referred to him as Dr. Skyfire when she was speaking to a patient or to a superior officer. They'd= become fast friends, a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.:: Alexander: ::pauses:: How's your first day back going? ::smiles:: I= know this has been a long time in coming.Skyfire: An abrupt learning curve, given Dr. Ryan's departure with nae a word t' me about it. = Have to relearn all the things that need to be done at the top, and have to get used to reporting to myself again for medical decisions.::After what he'd b= een through in the last year, she couldn't blame him for being a bit gu= nshy and skittish. She would be, too. But he'd been an amazing CMO aboard th= e Gorkon and she had no doubt that once he got his confidence back, he'd do incredible things here, too.::Alexander: ::smiles:: I have the feeling you'll be back in the swing of things in no time.Skyfire: Quite lik= ely. I'm gonna make a call and figure out what's going on. If you'll= excuse me for a moment.Alexander: ::smiles and nods:: Of course. I'll make sure eve= rything is in order stock-wise and personnel-wise in case we're called in t= o an emergency.::She exited the room with a slight bounce in her step. She really shouldn't be so excited by a potential emergency, but she co= uldn't help herself. This was where she was meant to be and there was no better feeling in the universe.::((Main Sickbay, USS Veritas))((Mini Time-Jump))::Dassa looked up from her work when she heard footsteps coming from the direction of the CMO's office, noting Chythar entering the= room wearing the most genuine smile she'd seen in months. There was a tw= inkle of excitement in his eyes that was hard to miss, especially given how well she knew him. The smile was contagious and she found herself smiling it return, happy that he'd found a bright spot in all of the difficulties he= 'd been dealing with lately.:: Skyfire: We need to be on our toes for possible incoming or deployment. I'm nae sure what condition our fellow coll= eagues are in, so we need to be at the ready. :: to Alexander :: Have you run your once-over? Alexander: ::smiles:: Nearly, Doctor. Just a few more items on the checklist. Skyfire: Dr. Alexander, continue with your preparedness checks. Dr. Swift, alert all personnel to stand by in case we need to call a code blue, then give Dr. Alexander a hand with the inventories. Ensign Fergus, organize the nurses and begin preparations for possible surgery and critical care patients. Fergus: Aye, sir. I took recent stock of the inventory when we were docked at Outpost 3, so I'll turn over my no= tes. Swift: Aye, Lieutenant. I can do both simultaneously. Skyfire: Very good. Mr. Coleman, I'd like you to alert the paramedics we may need them = as well. :: then, to the assembled group. :: Any questions? Swift: None, as yet, sir.::It was good to see him back in his element. Despite what she knew to be his own reservations, he'd jumped back in like he'd neve= r been away and had taken on his role with unsurprising ease. If Lael and Alex could be here to see it, they would have been proud. Not for the first time, she found herself in awe of this man and couldn't believe that she=E2= =80=99d gotten so lucky as to work with him.:: Alexander: ::smiles:: No, sir.Coleman: Response Skyfire: Mr. Coleman. :: He paused and looked for a way to begin. :: I look forward to working with you more in light of Dr. Ryan's departure. Don't hesitate to ask questions if they come up, alright? Coleman: Response Swift: By the way any reason why Dr. Ryan departed, so suddenly?::Dassa tried not to tense, barely concealing her grimace. It was a reasonable question. But it could sting given that it was only Chythar=E2= =80=99s first moments as CMO after losing it to what, in her opinion, was an unfair JAG investigation. She glanced at Chythar, waiting for his reaction.:: Skyfire: Only that Dr. Ryan has been assigned elsewhere. I dinnae feel that's important at the moment, Dr. Swift. That's all for t= he moment. Swift: Understood. I'll get on those tasks, right now. Skyfire: Ver= y good. ::Dassa watched him once again retreat into his office. He'd taken = that better than she'd expected. Her brow furrowed. In fact, he hadn=E2= =80=99t really reacted much at all. Lael no doubt knew more than she did given the connection the two shared, but she couldn't help wondering what exa= ctly had happened while she was gone. She turned to Greywin.::Alexander: ::pauses:: Does he seem a bit off to you?Fergus: RESPONSEAlexander: I almost expected him to show some sort of emotion, but...nothing. Not so much as a flinch.Fergus: RESPONSEAlexander: ::sighs:: I do wonder what will happen if Commander Blair doesn't return soon. Fergus: RESPONSEAlexander: ::grimaces:: Yes. A habit I've been trying to break him of, sadly, = without much success.Fergus: RESPONSE* *---* *PNPC Lieutenant Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS* *Medical Officer* *USS Veritas NCC-95035 * ** *As simmed by Lael Rosek* *I238110RH0* -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93 USS Veritas" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-veritas+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-veritas@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-veritas. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-veritas/CAK_st7TgD3hHPAELtZWpxWmDN9%2BpecRKoxTTqKH8T1kqTTsgtg%40mail.= gmail.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.