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(BACKSIM) Dr. Chythar Skyfire: Going All Professional On You

2018-01-13 10:15:22

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(( Officer's Lounge, USS Veritas )) Rosek: ::shrugs:: We could stick around just long enough to make the proper social rounds then get the hell out of dodge. ::smirk:: I have bottle of genuine-article brandy back in my quarters that might take the edge off...if you'd care to join me for a nightcap when this is over. Skyfire: Gladly...I think I need the drink. ::Lael glanced toward Evan. After a moment she gave a sigh, nudging Chythar with her elbow. :: :: Chythar followed her gaze for a moment only, then quickly averted it. The thought of people being happy around him was just...almost nauseating, in a way. He didn't want to make everyone as miserable as he felt, = but it seemed like that was inevitably what was bound to happen if he stayed around. :: Rosek: ::murmurs:: We should say something to him. Get it out of the way. :: He felt happy for Evan, but really wasn't feeling it. :: Skyfire: Do we have to? :: Despite Chythar's protests, she held tight to his arm, gently st= eering them in Evan's direction. The CMO managed to keep his expression ne= utral, despite the tempest of emotional confusion raging within him. Even Lael seemed chipper...but then again, he saw no reason why she wouldn't = be -- she'd just received her promotion to lieutenant commander, a rank h= e was trying to regain. It took every ounce of will he had to keep his emotions contained. He'd crack later. :: Rosek: ::smiles:: Good evening, gentlemen. Skyfire: Commanders. :: It was the best he could manage in his current mental state. :: Delano: It's good to see you both. :: The Caitian tipped his head respectfully to the two other senior officers. :: Mei'konda: Hello Doctor, Commander. Rosek: ::smiles:: A gathering with colleagues uninterrupted by our jobs. Just the way I like it. ::extends her free hand toward Evan:: Congratulations on your promotion. ::smiles:: It's well deserved. :: Evan took the offered hand, and Mei'konda excused himself for ju= st a moment, stepping over to one of the replicators. He ordered four glasses of synthehol champagne, then carefully carried them over to the others. :: Delano: Thank you. I'm glad you two were here for it. Skyfire: Aye, congratulations, sir. Delano: Thanks, Chythar. You're one of the few people on this ship who was there for that final mission on Garuda. And you were the first person I talked to when it was all over. :: The words carried the ring of truth. He recalled well what had happened during those hectic days. The final mission which led to Delano's d= emotion, and subsequent medical complications. Being the bearer of bad news was, unfortunately, part of the doctor's job, despite being the first fr= iendly voice after the fact. :: Skyfire: Any time, Evan. :: Mei'konda set one glass in Evan's hand, then offered the= two others to Skyfire and Rosek. :: Mei'konda: Feel free to say no if you don't like it, Doctor= , Commander, but I thought it was appropriaate. Congraatulations to you both, too! Lieutenant Commander for you, Lael, and Chief Medical Officer, Doctor. Very much earned. :: Chythar nodded slightly and managed to keep a smile on his face, despite how miserable he felt. He accepted the glass and had a sip of its contents, unable to bring himself to say anything. There wasn't really anythi= ng he could think of to say, really. He'd gotten ribbons for...breathing = life back into a shuttle and thinking outside the craft, as it were. =E2=80=9CLazarus-ing a shuttle=E2=80=9D, he'd called it. He also ca= lculated that somewhere Carter had a gold-collared uniform with CD's name on it that would = wind up as a gag-gift for a birthday present or something in a few months' = time. Or worse, an anniversary present celebrating his fifth year in Starfleet. :: Skyfire: Thank you, sir. Rosek: ::smiles:: Thank you, sir. :: Mei'konda reached up to indicate Skyfire's own collar. := : Mei'konda: I haave a feeling it won't be long before we see= you with a third one of those pips, either. Anyway, I waanted to propose a toast. ::Lael beamed at the comment, pride and joy clear in her features as she nudged him, eyes sparkling with mischief.:: Rosek: I keep telling you. But you never believe me. :: It felt good to hear the words, though honestly CD wasn't holdin= g out hope at this point. He only recently was offered the position of CMO, so in his mind, the likelihood of promotion in so short a time to a rank he=E2=80= =99d previously lost seemed...implausible. He'd believe it when it happe= ned. He managed to give a nod of agreement though, as it was the polite thing to do. :: Delano: Response :: Mei'konda held up his glass. :: Mei'konda: To some of the best Starfleet officers I've haad the privilege of serviing with. And to my lovely fiaance, of course. :: There was a point in every conversation where he felt he could open his mouth without being a complete idiot. This was one of those moments where the right word was a simple, one word response. :: Skyfire: Cheers. :: He lifted his glass again and sipped from it, hoping to wash the nearly unpalatable taste of bitterness from his mouth. :: Rosek: ::smirks:: Cheers. Delano: Response Rosek: ::to Delano and Mei'konda:: Congratulations again, Evan. ::o= ffers a smile:: If you'll excuse us, we do have to make the rounds. The who= le point of a party, after all, is to socialize. Mei'konda / Delano: Response (if any) :: Her grasp on Chythar's arm tightened slightly as she steered the= m both in Raissa's direction. Chythar was not in any great rush, and had e= very defense he could muster in place so nothing leaked out from his otherwise calm visage. The last thing he needed was Raissa going into counselor mode on him during a party. :: Rosek: ::smiles:: Raissa. How nice to see you. Skyfire: Hi, Ris. Moonsong: :a serene smile.: Commander Doctor... :: That professional air she adopted once again told him that the tension between them was still ridiculously high indeed. As he thought back to the events surrounding his departure from the Invicta, he realized it was the distance that drove them apart. His infrequent communiques were as frequent as he could manage, but being light-years away was more damaging than his infrequent messaging. :: Rosek: ::waves her hand:: We're all friends here. Call me Lael. ::s= miles wanly:: And yes, our last encounter ended a bit awkwardly. I'm hopi= ng for a chance to remedy that. :: He allowed Lael to lead the conversation, since he was still sipping his drink and trying not to make an idiot of himself. :: Moonsong: I would hardly call it awkward. :faint smile.: I am here to help. Rosek: ::pauses:: I don't know what's gone on with you and = Chythar aside from recent events and I don't claim to know what your relationship= was like before, but Chythar talks about you all the time. :: All the time was a bit of an exaggeration, but there were plenty of times where Raissa's name had come up in casual conversation, both = between himself and Lael, and even between himself and Alex. :: Skyfire: Specifically mentioning how you helped me get a handle on my abilities after my accidents. :: Raissa blinked in surprise. :: Moonsong: What? Rosek: ::smiles:: Really. He's told me all about how you and your f= amily all but adopted him as one of your own after what happened with his parents. ::teases:: He had me very excited to finally meet you. Moonsong: Uh well My mother is fond of him :: Sasha told him that he'd be back eventually. And as such, adopte= d him. It was an unexpected turn of events and a closeness he hadn't known= since age twelve. His blood family had died, except for his coffee-jockey uncle, but even communiques with Chris were infrequent these days. :: Rosek: ::nods and squeezes his arm:: It's clear that he cares for y= ou very much. Skyfire: :: CD gave a nod of agreement. :: I do indeed. We've been = through a lot together. Moonsong: We have We met shortly after I left the Academy. So I s= uppose we have known each other a long time. Rosek: Response Moonsong: To be honest at the time I had trouble making f= riends and so did he. We bonded over that. Skyfire: We did indeed. :: He paused for a moment and considered what else to say. :: Our connection hasn't changed. Rosek: Response Moonsong: Things do change It has been two years three fo= r you People change He does not need me the way he did then. :: The words cut into him, deeply. He wanted to say he still needed her, but he couldn't. The words caught in his throat, and instead of spe= aking what he choked up on, he had another sip of his drink. That closeness he once shared with her seemed gone, irreparable. She was definitely being more professional with him since he'd returned from his nearly two = years off the ship. Instead, he kept it as professional as he could manage given the circumstances. Especially since Raissa had set the tone by using rank with Lael and title with him. He did recall she'd been away recentl= y, but couldn't fathom the reason why. :: Skyfire: So, now that you're back aboard I should remind you to rep= ort to sickbay at your leisure. Rosek: Response Moonsong: I will come down to sickbay for my physical later, Doctor=E2=80= =A6 Skyfire: I look forward to it. :: Is that what he said because he was trying to keep a professional atmosphere, or because he was genuinely looking forward to reconnecting? Was his domain the best place to reconnect at? Did he even know? Some questions didn't have obvious answers, but this question was now st= arting to gradually eat away at his mind as he attempted to sort through all of it. :: Rosek: Response Moonsong: If you will excuse me I think I will congratulate Comman= der Walker. Have a nice evening. Skyfire: Counselor. Rosek: Response :: As Raissa took her leave of their presence, Chythar knocked back the remains of his glass and glanced around the room once more before deciding he'd been partied out. Three ribbons, the bittersweet taste of an a= bsent Alex also being rewarded with the same three, and 2 of his friends being promoted to lieutenant commanders, with a professional acquaintance whose life he saved at least twice being promoted to full commander. The longer he stood there, the more he began to wonder why he was still at the party instead of off on his beach with Devlin or in the gym. :: Skyfire: I'm out for the night, I think. This party thing isn=E2=80= =99t working for me. Rosek: Response (( OOC: Ending it here for things that happen in part 3 )) TBC =3D=3D=3D Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire , MD Chief Medical Officer USS Veritas NCC-95035 O239002CS0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93 USS Veritas" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-veritas+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-veritas@googlegroups.com. 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