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Lieutenant (JG) Dag Sindri - Role Play

2018-01-08 06:47:22

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((OOC =E2=80=93 Almost choked on the amount of dialogue.. bear with me as I= try work my way to current.)) (( Stone Door Antechamber )) Choi: You you made it! You're all alive! Sindri: No thanks to you.. ::He growled.:: ::His annoyance was short lived as the relief of finding another group reas= sured him that their mission was at least progressing.:: Choi: Have you heard from T'Reshik and the Captain=E2=80= =99s group? Sh'Thelzan: No. Not yet. Sindri: I wouldn't rule them out though.. ::The words were literally barely spoken when a sound approached through th= e darkness and.. there they were.:: Blackwell:: Hells bells. Good to see you all. Choi: ::grinning:: Captain! Ensign T'Reshik, you made it! Foster: ::Evenly:: And Horne, and Yito and Rue... Blackwell:: She glanced to Foster and smirked coyly:: Good of you to notice= . Rajel:: Good to see you are all well. Yito: Glad to see you all are well. We all managed to get the artifacts? Horne: DIlly dilly! Blackwell::She looked around, seeing if everyone from the original pavilion= , was in fact assembled:: ::Ardaris held up the sword. It still felt cool within her grip.:: Sh'Thelzan: We got the sword with only minor injuries, ::A glance to Vehk, = then back to the others.:: Though Lieutenant McLaren abandoned us before th= en. ::Her tone was calm, matter of fact, but you didn't need to be a te= lepath to hear the anger just below the surface..:: Sindri: Circumstances.. ::He spoke evenly, they would only know when they m= et up what the truth behind her disappearance was.:: Young: Yup, got the egg and still alive too. ::Getting back to his feet:: Foster: Now the gang's all here. Do we have a plan? Rajel: At least part of one. Damerov told us what to do. But we'll need to = know where the dragon is and if possible passages that are not the direct p= ath. Blackwell:: A plan would be nice. I'm not going to keep on hoping o= ur luck is good here. T'Reshik: Narrative logic would suggest that it is somewhere beyond= this door, but I cannot say for certain. Blackwell:: It's just the question of what precisely lies behind th= e door =E2=80=93 is the program going to open another =E2=80=9Cportal=E2=80= =9D and we find ourselves in a lava pit or some such thing, or is it a maze= ::she glanced at Choi:: McLaren: Makes the most sense... theres no reason for us all to be lead her= e unless this is where the final battle is. :: Ardaris gritted her teeth but said nothing at the appearance of Solaris.= Dag just nodded, glad to see she had made it too..:: Horne: Battle? ::twirling his sword in his hand:: You said the magic word Sindri: I hear you.. ::The axe came easily to hand from his back.:: Atan: A pitched battle doesn't seem like the smartest thing, but... Foster: Since you have expert knowledge of Dwarf-Tellarite architecture, wh= ere would this Dragon's chamber be where it's keeping Saveron? Blackwell::She chuckled:: thereis a particular nugget of knowledge= I never thought would be needed. Sh'Thelzan: I'd certainly find the program more fun if it was less = focused on Terran traditions. :: T'Seva, didn't seem to share her thoughts, but said nothing. :: Atan: I think it would be fun if it was working properly. Foster: Ok, and more importantly - how do we fight a computer glitch? Blackwell:: Hard Reboot? ::She shrugged:: Rajel: Well if what Damerov told us in the beginning still works, someone n= eeds to distract her with the egg. Someone else petrifies her with the staf= f ::She raised the staff she wore slightly:: and a third person will kill h= er with the sword once that happened. Yito: I hope the program hasn't changed too much for that not to wo= rk. T'Reshik: We should be prepared for that eventuality. Perhaps a backup plan= might be in order. Blackwell::::She folded her arms, listening and glanced at the tell that st= ill insisted on twitching uneasily:: McLaren: Normally I would just suggest rebooting the computer to fix the gl= itch... but we clearly don't have that option. Horne: ::trying to joke:: Slap it on the side? Give it a little kick? Giv= e it a good yell? Sh'Thelzan: Suggest calling things by name. Seems to be one of the early sp= ots it broke in. ::[datafrag] at least was clear evidence of that.:: ::The discussion was gaining momentum now, Dag leaned silently against the = wall, tapping his axe on the ground, but the echo refused to illuminate bey= ond their location. The path behind them flicked into his mind with each t= ap as the others continued.:: Atan: It does. And isn't there some Terran legend about calling things by t= heir true name? In any case...we have to play this through, I think. Rajel: That sounds good actually. Each team decides who will use the item t= hey retrieved. They will stay back. The rest of the group enters the dragon= 's lair, talk her up. Yito: Understood :: Nodding. :: Blackwell:: Anyone with an invisibility ring::She asked, half joking:: Horne: ::taking the bait:: someone has one? Blackwell:: Never mind..old joke from an earth novel Rajel: Those using the artifacts find a way inside without being seen, henc= e the distraction of the rest of the group. Get to different sides of dataf= rag, so her attention will be divided. First the egg bearer does their part= , which should give the staff-wielder a chance to be unseen before they att= ack and petrify datafrag which should give the ice sword an easy way in for= the kill. Blackwell:: and hopefully the last step is profit and freedom? McLaren: Let's just hope the dragon doesn't choose to fry us the moment we = walk through the door. Horne: That is a possibility so Captain, you should stay back. We can't ri= sk you getting hurt. Sh'Thelzan: I'll use the sword. Lieutenant Sindri and Ensign Vehk are both = proficient with their current weapons. Sindri: Sounds good to me.. ::Quick twirl of the axe.:: Atan: For once, I don't seem to be the weapons person, but I can make light= shows. That might be useful for distracting her. Young: I'll do it. I volunteer to be the egg distraction. T'Reshik: You are a science officer. I am not discounting your potential co= ntribution, but we may need to assess what experience and skills you bring = to this role. Blackwell:: You sure on that? Young: I can do it! I'm really quick on my feet and besides, ::to Atan Fost= er and Choi:: I owe you guys one. Atan: Normally I would step forward myself, but the program has me coded as= being three feet tall and is slowing me down. :: Sindri: Agility is not a feature of this build either. Rajel: Yes, if things go smoothly. ::She cleared her throat and looked to h= er group.:: While I would love to petrify that thing, I believe it would ma= ke more sense if the King storms in to gets his queen back. So who wants to= petrify a dragon? Yito: Ensign T'Reshik your horse could get startled by the dragon a= nd neither you or Ensign Horne could hide well. T'Reshik: I concur. You, on the other hand, I have observed to be capable o= f both stealth and speed. Captain, should I provide flank support during yo= ur approach? Horne: ::to T'Reshik:: I like the plan. The two of us hold back with the C= aptain until we know it's safe. Yito: In a normal situation I would offer to do it. :: Turning to Rue.:: Bu= t the Lieutenant seems to a lot better versed in magic. Blackwell:: I'm making it up as I go, but I will give it a go. I ca= n't do worse than I have in the past ::she offered to take the staf= f and glanced at Young:: You, just make sure you are out of the way once al= l hell breaks loose. Don't take a risk that is unnecessary. :: The plan slowly took shape as they each picked out their roles. Surprisi= ngly there was not much conflict for roles. Dag was enjoying the =E2=80=9Cs= mash=E2=80=9D role. His form seemed way more powerful than it should be for= its size.:: :: This all seemed to be falling together, but the fact remained that T'Sev= a had no idea what they would do *after* they slew the dragon. Have a weddi= ng? That, she had heard, was traditional in said tales, but she didn't thin= k Jalana and Saveron were actually up for it. :: Blackwell:: Oooh, Shiny. ::Dag grinned as they readied themselves. This was shaping up to be somethi= ng worth singing about.:: ((TBC)) ---------------------------------------------------------- As simmed by: Lieutenant (JG) Dag Sindri Engineering officer USS Constitution C239211DS Sent from Mail for Window= s 10 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-constitution. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/= sb118-constitution/DM2PR0301MB1280BA6BBE77FA96DA0D4929C5130%40DM2PR0301MB12= 80.namprd03.prod.outlook.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.