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Lieutenant (JG) Dag Sindri - Under Pressure

2018-01-08 07:09:21

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((OOC =E2=80=93 Almost there..)) (( Stone Door Antechamber )) :: As the artifacts were being handed out to the chosen ones, Jalana pulle= d out the sword from her hip-sheath. Dag gripped his weapon tighter.:: Young: ::Quietly:: I can do this. I can do this. I will do this. Blackwell::She gave a quick murmur to Young:: Course you can. ::she grinned= and then looked to the others and prepared to work out how she was going t= o get to the dragon:: :: Dag hoped her confidence was well placed, at least the ensign seemed to = appreciate her words.:: Rajel: I hope everyone is ready to end this. ::Looking to the people with t= he artifacts and smiled at them behind her beard.:: Good luck. ::Squaring h= er shoulders she looked up the doors:: Anyone know how to open this thing? = It looks heavy. Yito: Ensign Horne can you give me a hand. Horne: Of course :: They tried to open the door, but no matter how much they pulled it didn'= t work. :: Yito: I think we will need some magic to open it. Blackwell: ::She glanced at Foster:: You look like a magic user. Want to gi= ve it a go? Foster: ? T'Reshik: Should that fail, look for gaps around the frame. We may be able = to lever it open. Blackwell: That's a possibility as well McLaren: We could just knock Sindri: ::Giggled:: That worked once before... Horne: Or find another way. ::started to run his hands over the nearby wall= s:: The Dwarves would had added some escape routes or a backdoor or someth= ing right? Sh'Thelzan: There seem to be some symbols on the sword now. Maybe proximity= , or the light. Do they match anything? :: Raven looked up and noticed the sword was indeed glowing. Whadd'ya know,= a glowy stab stick. :: Atan: They look...I think they're actually Klingon. Which I don't read with= out technological assistance...sorry. Rajel: Same, but they are definitely Klingon. ::Quietly:: The one time we n= eed Sherana... ::Teryn stepped forward, silently reaching out and gently turning the flat = of the blade towards him to get a look. His lips moved, and his scaled eyeb= rows quirked.:: Vehk: I am no expert, but'Hov tlha'wI' je legh', I= believe. ::He paused a moment, frown deeping.:: =E2=80=98See star and foll= ow.' Sindri: Not a very good view of the sky though.. ::He left that hanging.:: Vehk: The star sigil on the door, perhaps? They seem similar. ::He hadn't really paid attention to the engravings on the sword, b= ut now that Vehk pointed it out they were more than similar.:: Blackwell:: Okay, are we ready? Young: Ready! McLaren: Lets just get this over with... :: The door rumbled open revealing a vast room filled with treasure of all = kinds inside. Ferangi paradise! :: Rajel: T'Reshik, stay back. Once Rue has petrified the dragon, hurry in and= get Saveron out of here. McLaren: Well... isnt this just a cozy dragon lair... T'Seva: It is, isn't it. Sindri: A few throw rugs and some mood lighting.. y'know? Rajel: Before anyone asks, no you can't have it instead of your quarters. := :Jokes, always. They made her feel better.:: ::The mood seemed to lighten at the very moment he expected the anxiety to = peak. The crew definitely performed well under pressure. He smiled to himse= lf, this wasn't the first time the Constitution had come together t= o defy odds far greater than this.:: Young: ::To himself:: Quarters? Vehk: It would hardly fit, Captain. ::He looked to Young.:: Ensign, I will = shield you. Gesture when you are ready. ::He looked to Sindri and Ardaris.:= : Good luck. I pray we will not need it. ::Dag nodded in return.. No words necessary.:: Young: No worries Ensign ::Eyeing the Cardassian and smiling:: Just make su= re you keep up. McLaren: At this point I'm expecting nothing more than some more poetry and= then for the dragon to get angry and attack us... Vehk: Perhaps we had better not give it the excuse, then. Sindri: The poetry is quite awful in itself.. I hope it just fights. :: They headed in carefully. Despite it being a cave it was comfortably hug= e even for a dragon. They crept stealthily until Dag almost winced as the poetry began again. :: Saveron: An overgrown, red-bedecked clown Made a fuss for a wee little crown An ancient old fossil More fat than colossal In all, you've been quite a letdown. [datafrag]: ::in Klingon:: Qovpatlh! You think yourself clever, but I will = kill your companions one at a time and make you watch, and then my warrior = The Marvellous Mwandaxan will bring your son here and then you=E2= =80=99ll give me the security codes! :: Jalana noticed that there were possibilities to hide behind treasure. Sh= e looked over her shoulder back to those wearing the artifacts and pointed = in the direction. Then she gave the rest a sign to stay back a step. She th= en walked further forward and out of the shadows, not threading carefully a= ny more and the metal of her armor boots made a metallic sound as she came = to a halt, she held her sword steadily in her hand. :: Rajel: Man, am I happy to not have missed that part. ::Ignoring the dragon = she looked to Saveron.:: A fine verse, my dear. Are you unscathed? [datafrag]: ::in Klingon:: There once was a captain from Trill Whose voice was undeniably shrill. She looked like a king, But became my plaything, When her guts I decided to spill. Saveron: ? Rajel: Don't think even a sky lord thought I'd leave my wife to spend here her long life so I'll end this with my sword. ::As the Captain engaged the dragon in verse, Raven took the opportunity to= scan the cavern for a good spot to pull off the distraction. There it was!= In the direction the Captain had pointed was a particularly large mountain= of gold and silver coins, perfect!:: [datafrag]: tajpe' joj =E2=80=98oy'wI'Daq boS yabwImey legh choSmeyDaq nuqDaq Hon e'be' pa' Qoy ghoghmey tun retlh HeH yabmey ghIH nuqDaqvIpbe' :: Jalana put her empty hand behind her back, holding it still for now. Rav= en looked on confused as ever. The dragon was speaking Klingon now?:: [datafrag]: ::in Common:: For the Glory of the Empire! Rajel: I don't like that tone and you took what is mine after taking a shine but I am not here alone :: The Captain suddenly waved her fingers behind her back. This is it, it's= go time! Quicker than Raven would have expected, his fellow crew burst int= o action. T'Seva had somehow already sneaked up on the dragon and blinded i= t with a dazzling light. :: Atan: Hey, datafrag. Rajel: ::Turning slightly to the people behind her.:: Now! :Teryn turned and nodded to Young, then bashed the base of his golden staff= on the floor, the clang echoing even as the treasure slipped and crashed a= s the party surged forward. Another shimmering shield sprang up around Tery= n and Young, coins that were sliding off the edge of the pile suddenly bloc= ked from reaching the floor and beginning to part around the shield.:: Vehk: Go. Stay inside the shield. Young: Alright, follow me and stay close, I have an idea! [datafrag]: qaStaH nuq?! What are you doing to me you filthy, dishonourable= little insects?! Atan: That didn't rhyme. :: Quickly followed by Ensign Vehk, Raven tore forward as fast as his legs = could carry him. He locked onto his destination, the top of the pile of shi= mmering coins and drove himself ahead. Coins of all shapes and sizes cascad= ed before them as Vehk's bubble shield nudged them out of their way. Within= seconds, they had made it to the top of the golden hill, far enough away f= rom the dragon to avoid any harm but close enough to be noticed. :: Young:: Oi! Scaleface! ::Pulling out the golden egg and presenting it with = both arms extended.:: Young: I heard you liked shiny things you oversized reptilian dinosaur! I h= ave here one genuine golden Roc egg that i'm sure you just need to add to y= our little horde here. Want it? ::Still partially blinded from T'Seva's attack, the dragon lunged forward t= owards Raven and Vehk, smoke pouring from it's nose and mouth. Teryn tighte= ned his grip on the staff:: Young:: Steady on pepperhead! ::To Vehk:: Run! ~TBC~ ---------------------------------------------------------- As simmed by: Lieutenant (JG) Dag Sindri Engineering officer USS Constitution C239211DS Sent from Mail for Window= s 10 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. 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