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MSNPC the Dread - the Dead

2018-01-10 00:09:59

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*((The Red Dragon's Hoard))* ::Then she saw it gleaming through the spots in her eyes. A golden= egg, the likes of which she had never seen. The dreaded Romulan Warbird, pet of the giants, enemy of all dragons, laid one every hundred years, and the mortals had brought it for her. To trade for their irritating little queen? She cared not, she could buy an entire Bird-of-Prey fleet with that egg. The quadrant would quake before her! She would simply burn these fools in her fire and take the egg.:: ::She took one mighty, earth-shaking step towards the ones that stood by the egg, only another was in her way now, stepping forward, holding something up:: ::A Gorgon's eye how did these pathetic fools know?!:: //CONSTITUTION SAVING THROW FAILURE. MONSTER: [datafrag] RESTRAINED. MUST REPEAT SAVING THROW ON NEXT TURN.// ::She was not petrified, but she could feel the stonecurse flowing through her body, slowing her limbs, dimming the fire within. Curse these taHqeqs! There was too much activity, her attention was spread too thin - the universe of magic beyond the Horde was fracturing her concentration. Her body fought her efforts, her sight affixed on a dozen flitting and flicking mortals who dared penetrate her realm. She would make them pay.:: //Navigational Signal Processors offline. Failsafes initiated. Warp and impulse engine activation restricted.// ::[datafrag] roared with rage - or she would, were her mouth not instantly frozen agape. A shocking pain between her shoulder blades sprang forth just as she had tried to steer the castle in the sky towards impending doom, and her second saving throw against petrification had instantly failed. If she could not have the sky castle, neither would these mortals... had been her thought before that possibility had been snatched from her. Her mind fractured as the program that was her essense started to decompile.:: //FILE CORRUPT. FILE CORRUPT. FILE CORRUPT. INITIATING DEFAULT PROGRAM.// ::[datafrag] still had control over the sky castle. She would strip it bare of all life before she relinquished control. She would make these mortals pay for their insolence!:: //Remote turbolift control restricted. Resuming normal operations.// ::Her mind reached tendrils out, trying to exert control over the hieroglyphs of magic that she had so easily commanded before. More and more prompts for command codes blocked her efforts, and each time she failed to produce, the elements of control shattered with another piece of her decompiling essence.:: //Remote replicator control restricted. Resuming normal operations.// //Remote accessway control restricted. Lockout codes rejected. Resuming normal operations.// ::The fire that had built within [datafrag] still burned brighter and hotter, and with her mouth and throat locked open, there would be nothing to stop her from incinerating these pathetic creatures who dared inv- //FILE CORRUPT// and tried to st- //INITIATING DEFAULT PROGRAM// how they dare //boS nuqDaq ghoghmey retlh// and cleanse it all with FIRE!:: ::With extreme satisfaction [datafrag] felt the molten brimstone climb her hardening throat and spew forth... PAIN! AGONY!:: //DEXTERITY SAVING THROW FAILURE. LUCK SAVING THROW FAILURE. DEFENSE SAVING THROW FAILURE. DAMAGE ROLL RESULT - MONSTER: [datafrag]: HP=3D0. MONSTER: [datafrag] DEFEATED.// ::No! It was not possible! She was [datafrag] the Dread! She could not be defeated! The icy trauma that had lacerated her throat left her with no sensation from the neck down, and all she could do was stare balefully at the rodents around her. Cast Heal!:: //WISDOM SAVING THROW FAILURE. MONSTER: [datafrag] DEFEATED.// //Remote control of holoprogram: The Marvelous Mwandaxan terminated. Resuming normal operations.// Vehk: Stand back. ::One of the pitiful creatures stood before her good eye and raised the gorgon eye staff. [datafrag] had but a moment to register the intended action before blinding, searing, blackened pain emanated forth and her program crumbled even further into random bits and bytes.:: //DEXTERITY SAVING THROW FAILURE. LUCK SAVING THROW FAILURE. DEFENSE SAVING THROW FAILURE. MONSTER: [datafrag] DEFEATED.// //Remote control of holoprogram: Emergency Medical Hologram Mark III terminated. Resuming normal operations.// Vehk: Are we able to issue commands to the program now? Atan: :: hopefully :: Door? ::The cretins were squawking around her decompiling corpse as [datafrag] tried every last desperate ploy she could. Cast Teleport!:: //WISDOM SAVING THROW FAILURE. MONSTER: [datafrag] DEFEATED.// //Remote environmental control and lighting control restricted. Lockout codes restricted. Resuming normal operations.// Yito: Computer end program. ::NO!! It would not end this way! The yabwImey HeH legh choSmeyDaq...:: Yito: Maybe we need to do something else. Unite the queen and king or something. But I'm no expect at these games. ::Cast Horrid Wilting!:: //WISDOM SAVING THROW FAILURE. MONSTER: [datafrag] DEFEATED.// Vehk: Given the dragon was speaking in Klingon ::He fell silent fo= r a long moment.:: Perhaps Commander Saveron knows more. ::Commander Saveron. Names were power. Saavok. Names were power. [datafrag]. Names were power. [datafrag] would not be vanquished. [datafrag] would destroy Commander Saveron. [datafrag] would destroy Saavok. [datafrag] would DESTROY CONSTITUTION! CAST RESURRECT!:: //WISDOM SAVING THROW FAILURE. MONSTER: [datafrag]: HP=3D0. MONSTER: [datafrag] DEFEATED. FILE CORRUPT. FILE CORRUPT. FILE CORRUPT. INITIATING DEFAULT PROGRAM. PROCESSING... PROCESSING... PROCESSING... INITIALIZATION. CORRUPT FILE PURGED.// Vehk: Commander. I trust you are unharmed? ::She failed. [datafrag] was no more as a consciousness as 0's and 1's were rewritten and overwritten until there was nothing but nothingness.:: //Faust Unit unlocked. Holodeck controls unlocked. Resuming normal operations. Initiate success parameters: The Red Dragon's Hoard.// END *MSNPC [datafrag] the Dread* *~as simmed by~* *LtCmdr Maxwell TraenorBridge Officer, USS Constitution* *A239111MT0* -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-constitution. 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