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Ensign Jacob Horne - Saving Throw

2018-01-10 02:44:58

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(([datafrag] Lair)) ::Jacob thought that maybe he had started to find some kind of secret path but the king's voice cried out loud:: Rajel: Now! ::T'Reshik and Horne sprang to action and bolted towards to door leading into the dragon's lair. The scene playing out in front of him was unreal. Ensign Young, front and center, held the golden egg aloft and clearly got the attention of [datafrag]. [datafrag] cried out in what sounded like Klingon while making a move towards the young Ensign:: Young:: Steady on pepperhead! ::To Vehk:: Run! ::[datafrag]'s tail splashed into one of the piles of loot and treasure, sending it flying into the air.:: ::The beast's great body shifted between Team Rajel and Saveron again, and T'Reshik curved round further to keep herself out of tail-slash range. She shouted out a command above the chaos.:: T'Reshik: You need to draw it away! ::Trying to help Jacob started to save his arms in the arm, trying to draw attention away but to no avail. He didn't really need to though. At that same moment, out of the corner of his eye, Jacob saw Lieutenant Blackwell flying through the air, Necromancer's staff in hand. She landed squarely on [datafrag]'s back, between her wings, slamming the staff down. The contact was solid. As she landed Blackwell quickly got into a crouch position and then sprang off of [datafrag], leaping to safety.:: Rajel/Saveron/Foster/Choi/Vehk/datafrag: ? Atan: I suggest we hit it with all we have. Young: Gladly! ::Arrows. Grenades. Loud noises and bright flashes of light. The Constitution staff was attacking with all the fury they could muster. The attack seemed to slow [datafrag] down but didn't seem to be doing much in the way of damage. The explosions sent more coins and gold flying high into the air.:: Sindri:: I don't actually think anyone is holding back at this poin= t we just need to do it together! Vehk: Ardaris! ::The dragon veered to the side. T'Reshik saw her opening. Screw teamwork - she needed to get Saveron out of danger, and being encased in a highly thermally conductive material whilst in close vicinity to something that could breathe goddamn fire was not going to be an obstacle to that. She whipped at the horse's reins and surged forward.:: ::In the background, she heard someone inquire as to the success of Young's arrows, and then the telling sound of a bow being hurriedly ditched.:: Horne: Where's the sword? Rajel/Saveron/Foster/Choi/datafrag/any: ? Young: Uhh, nope. ::Jacob watched as T'Reshik put herself firmly between the dragon and Saveron, T'Reshik reached out a gauntleted hand to the other Vulcan and braced herself against the horse, ready for Saveron to climb onto it.:: ::And that was when Ardaris struck. The sound of ice against fire sizzled through the air, and then, a moment later, flames erupted across the piles of treasure - coming straight for Saveron and T'Reshik Teryn found himself in the middle. Smartly using his shield to deflect the fire around the adventurers who emerged relatively unscathed :: T'Reshik: ::pointing:: Fire! Horne: Captain! :: Taking a cue from Teryn Jacob crouched in front of the King and placed his shield to protect them as best he could. Jalana/Saveron/: ? ::The flames died down and there was another flickering of the world around them. As Jacob stood and surveyed the scene around him no noticed something at his feet. Upon a closer look he noticed that it was a rather large piece of gold, with many many sides, each one with a different number.:: oO A golden die? Oo ::Jacob knelt down and realized that that number that had landed on top was a 1. It seemed fitting.:: Sindri: ::In the background, gripping grenades in both hands.:: O= r do that? Young: ::To Vehk:: Oh wow.. If it wasn't for you, I'd be toast. Vehk: ::panting, both from the heat and from the surprise they hadn=E2=80= =99t just been turned to toast.:: You're welcome. Atan: I think it's dead. Sindri: I'm not too sure about that.. ::He looked about carefully.:= : This game has rules, so something should change if we achieve a goal? Atan: Let's hope the simulation plays by the rules and lets us out now. Young: ::Sighing:: That would be nice. ::The sound of coins shifting, someone climbing. T'Reshik looked round as Rajel and Horne dealt with Saveron.:: Vehk: Stand back. ::Vehk raise his staff and slam it into the dragon's eye. Being already dead, it didn't react. Jacob thought it was a little overkill but guessed you couldn't be too sure, especially after all of the twists and turned that they had all just been through:: Horne: Any: ? Vehk: Are we able to issue commands to the program now? Atan: :: hopefully :: Door? ::T'Reshik silently extended a hand to Saveron again, glancing down at his feet, which... Well, if the dress was flammable, it wasn't too surprising that the shoes had been too.:: Any: ? Horne: Arch. ::Nothing:: Yito: Computer end program. Any: ? Yito: Maybe we need to do something else. Unite the queen and king or something. But I'm no expert at these games. Any: ? Horne: Where is Dameroth? Or was it Damerov? ::Jacob couldn't remember:: He seemed to be the one giving us updates and moving us in the right direction. Vehk: Given the dragon was speaking in Klingon ::He fell silent fo= r a long moment.:: Perhaps Commander Saveron knows more. ::Vehk approached them and bowed his head.:: Vehk: Commander. I trust you are unharmed? Sindri: Maybe it's just a lag? ::He spoke optimistically.:: Saveron/Jalana: ? Horne: ::Looking around at the crew:: We were lucky. Sindri: Um where did my grenades go? ::He held up his empty hands.= :: ::Jacob started to feel funny. The world around him started to raise up? Or was he falling down? He looked at his hands, turning them palm up to palm down and back again. Slowly they started to change from the orc green he had grown used to see back to his normal, much less green shade.:: Horne: Is it over? Saveron/Jalana/Yito/..(any): Sindri: Can we go now? ::He implored.:: I am so over this quest! ::The others were back to their normal selves as well. Normal sizes. Normal Starfleet regulation uniforms. No more weapons and Jacob guessed no more special powers either.:: Any: ? ::A few moments later the arch appeared and the doors leading off of the holodeck opened, exposing a view of the Constitution:: Horne: ::jokingly:: So do you guys want to stay here and debrief? Any: ? ---------------- Ensign Jacob Horne Engineering USS Constitution-B C239408JH0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-constitution. 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