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LtCmdr Traenor - Anything But The Children

2018-01-11 02:28:34

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*((Security Office - USS Constitution))* ::Georgio had just suggested that they turn off the holoprojectors around the ship, barring those in sickbay, in an attempt to slow down Emma the crazy former EMH. Maxwell Traenor had balked at that idea at first, out of concern for Georgio and Mark Two, but if Georgio insisted, and with Mark's portable holoemitter still functional, then the plan had merit.:: Traenor: ::to Paku:: Then you just might get your wish to stay out of the action after all. ::directing his speech now to the others on the comm line:: =/\= Okay, then. If Mr Paku can work at that plan, then Mark and I will join you, Doc. Just keep us apprised of where you are and what Emma is doing, and we'll be there as soon as we can. =/\= Mark Two: It sounds like she's looking for someone. ::Traenor looked at Mark inquisitively. He hadn't thought of that possibility, but it made sense. Who would she be looking for, though? Themselves? Who else?:: Milsap: =/\= Right. I'll try to tail her and let you know where she's headed. =/\= Traenor: =/\= And you, Mr Georgio. Since you'll soon be confined to sickbay again, even though it's for a different reason this time, you'll have a special role. You get to entertain the essence of a red dragon should it come to call. =/\= Milsap: =/\= If anyone can do it, he can. He practically had Emma eatin' out of his hand when I got here. =/\= Georgio: =/\= response =/\= Mark Two: =/\= I know you can do it! I have faith in you Georgio! =/\= Milsap: =/\= All right, I'm goin' after her. Mark, take care of yourself and do whatever Commander Traenor says. Milsap out. =/\= Mark Two: =/\=Stay safe! Please!=/\= ::Maxwell let the comm line lapse, and moved back towards the weapons locker. If Emma was on the move, he would need heavier hardware if he wanted to take out holoprojectors on the fly. He hated the idea of shouldering a phaser rifle, but he would need to if Paku was to remain behind to work on less violent ways to disable a hologram's mobility.:: Mark Two: So we're headed to sickbay? Traenor: ::slightly distracted as he fiddled with the rifle settings:: To start with, yes. We'll follow Doc Milsap from there to wherever he's tracked Emma. Mark Two: Saveron! Counselor Saveron is somehow connected to Datafrag the Dread. Emma mentioned his name specifically! ::Mark had exhorted so passionately that Traenor almost shot himself in the foot. Thank the fates for safeties on firearms.:: Traenor: Saveron? Emma wouldn't be after him, would he? Mark Two: But Saveron's in the holodeck... she wouldn't go after him in the holodeck. ::He screwed his brows together, confused.:: Traenor: Exactly. If she wanted after Saveron, then she would have simply transferred her program into the holodeck instead of storming off with a medical implement. ::He screwed up his face in concentration. Think, Traenor, think! This was the second ship that he and Saveron had served together on, why couldn't he remember what it was about Saveron that would fascinate Emma so? He had a terrible mind for social facts about others, and Saveron was a fairly private person anyways. Most Vulcans were, so it was not surprising that Maxwell knew little or nothing about his personal life.:: Traenor: Mark, you've been a doctor here on the Conny for a long time. When Saveron reported aboard and came in for his medical, did he come alone or was he accompanied by dependents? ::Normally the computer would be a better source to ask that question, but in its current untrustworthy state, he doubted he would get a proper answer to his query, especially with files of interest to Emma or Datafrag the Dread. Mark, however, had independent data storage capacitors as part of his portable emitter, and if there was a memory that related to his personal experience or professional dealings, then he just might have the answer Maxwell was currently worrying over.:: Mark Two: response Traenor: ::it was not the answer he had hoped to hear:: Damn. I feared as much. We've got to go. ((OOC: Hopefully this answer is vague enough to allow Mark to answer either way ;) )) Mark Two: response ::It didn't take much effort to compel Paku into putting his efforts towards shutting down the ship's widespread holoemitters. The Kelpian knew the gravity of the situation; indeed, had been the first to raise the alarm about it all. And his threat ganglia retracted ever so slightly at the prospect of no longer having to barge headfirst into battle, guns a-blazing. With that squared away, the bridge officer and his photonic follower made their way purposefully out into the corridors.:: Traenor: Okay Mark, we need to catch up with Doctor Milsap as soon as possible to advise him of your idea. What Emma has said, and is doing, is suddenly very dangerous. Mark Two: response Traenor: No matter what happens, I'd like you to stay back. If something happens to Doc Milsap or myself, you'll be no help if Emma zaps you too. And you might be the only thing standing between our, um, severed bones? and triage if we are overcome. ::Already he had forgotten what it was that Emma was wielding, except that it sounded very very painful if used nefariously.:: Milsap: ::panting:: =/\= Commander Traenor...Emma's in...demonstration room 12. She's armed...and the kids are in there. =/\= ::Traenor stopped, alarmed both at the tone and the content of Milsap's unexpected, sudden message. Kids. Kids. Oh my. When he spoke next, it was almost more to Mark than it was to Milsap.:: Traenor: =/\= Saveron has a kid. We must stop Emma. =/\= Milsap: =/\= There's another...hologram, too. Is there any...security available? =/\= Traenor: =/\= I'll put out a general alarm, but with comms and turbolifts and everything else acting up, I wouldn't count on speedy backup. But I can't stress it enough, I think she's going to... ::he couldn't even vocalize his fears:: You must stop her, Doc. We'll be there as soon as possible. =/\= Milsap: =/\= All right. I'm pretty sure...I can get her attention. Out. =/\= ::Maxwell looked at Mark, and for a moment he saw the EMH as if he were a child. Most of his interactions with the holographic being had imparted on him a sense of his childlike wonder and responses to the world around him. It reminded him of his own niece, who in his own mind had been but a toddler only yesterday. Though she was a grown woman now, he would still fiercely defend her with his own life, and that sense of protectiveness extended out towards all children. Whether it be Mark Two, who only seemed childlike, or Saveron's progeny, who was likely childish in stature only, or any other child on this ship, he would not stop until the threat against them was vanquished. With a fair growl in his tone, he barked out a general summons to all security officers to converge on Milsap's location, then he ushered Mark with him on their way.:: Traenor: ::voice husky with emotion:: I'm sorry I let Emma threaten you, Mark. I shouldn't have left you with her earlier. I won't let that happen again. Mark Two: response *LtCmdr Maxwell TraenorBridge Officer, USS Constitution* *A239111MT0* -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. 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