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Ensign Jacob Horne - And Now the Fun Begins

2018-01-12 16:12:06

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((USS Constitution - Holodeck 1, Dragon's Lair)) ::As the door leading out of the holodeck finally appeared and whooshed open Jacob knew the adventure? Game? Mission? Whatever it was, it was finally over. Looking around he saw reactions differ from person to person but they were all relieved that it was done, that everyone was mostly safe and unharmed, and that things would be getting back to normal. Well, whatever "normal" meant for the Constitution. Jacob had heard some stories but was finally beginning to understand "normal" for himself. His first two missions involved helping rescue a stranded away team and getting trapped in a D&D themed holodeck adventure. If this was "normal" Jacob knew he would get used to it:: Rajel: Alright everyone, check in your departments and see if anything has been happening outside as well, there were indications. Saveron and I will go and talk with Maxwell. Yito: Understood Young: ::Nodding rapidly:: I'll head to the bridge and see if I can be of any help. Saveron: ? Rajel: And great work, all of you. It was a very unusual situation and I've seen some great adjusting and working towards the common goal. Thank you. Computer, end Program. ::With those words the scene around them - the towers of treasure, the intricate drawven architecture, the dragon, the entire world of Utopia - were no more. It was all replaced by a yellow grid on a black background.:: (OOC: Totally happy to backsim any conversations that happen here) ((USS Constitution - Jacob Horne's Quarters, Deck 9)) ::First opportunity he got Jacob returned to his quarters to take a long sonic shower. The adventure had definitely taken a toll physically and left him feeling dirty. After showering and putting on a clean uniform Jacob picked up the PADD sitting next to his bed and noticed he had a new message. It was from Dalton, his mentor. Jacob read it:: ~*~ Recipient: Jacob Horne (Ensign) Sender: Dalton Jones Jacob! How's it going kiddo? It was so good to hear from you and know that you're doing well. I couldn't be more proud of you and what you've been able to accomplish. You were always a special kid with so much potential. You just needed to see it for yourself. You're turning into a fine young man and I can't wait to see where else this Starfleet adventure takes you. Anyway, I gotta run, sport. I've got a couple of adventures of my own that I'm heading out for. I'll tell you all about them when I get a chance. Oh, and make sure you do the same. I want updates. Take care, Jacob. I miss you. I really am very proud of you. Be safe. Be good. And have fun. -DJ ~*~ ::Jacob allowed a little smile. He looked up to Dalton and to hear that he was proud of Jacob meant a lot. Jacob knew that he hadn't been the easiest kid to deal with. Lot's of people had given up on him along the way but not Dalton:: Horne: Computer, record message ::The computer chirped:: Computer: Recording message Horne: Hey Dalton. Thanks for the message. It means a lot to me that you still take time out of your day for me. You want updates? Try this one out. After the last mission we had an awards ceremony on the ship's holodeck. On the way in the computer randomly assigned everyone a different Dungeons and Dragons character to play. It picked a half-orc warrior for me. Talk about the exact opposite of my personality right? And that's just it, I could *feel* the orc personality at times. It wasn't just an holodeck trick to change my appearance. It was amazing. I'm going to have to look through the code to see if I can figure out how that happened. During the awards ceremony a dragon kidnapped our first officer. The rest of the staff had to split into team to complete three tasks, retrieving various items from the realm so we could defeat the dragon and get our FO back. At first we thought maybe it was some kind of game for the senior staff to relax but we soon learned that the holodeck was locked and we didn't have any traditional Starfleet weapons or abilities, just those our of characters. As crazy as it was, and as glad as I am to be *me* again, I do miss some of the orc personality. He was violent and always ready for battle. I'm not a fighter but I wish I had more of his confidence. Oh, and speaking of D&D, how did we never play when I was growing up? Maybe it was too low-tech for me at the time but I can see the attraction. I might have to look and see if there's any kind of D&D group on board the Constitution that I can join. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Enjoy yourself on your adventure. Can't wait to hear about it. Computer, end recording and send. ::The computer chirped again:: Computer: Recording complete. Message sent. oO Now, to check on engineering Oo ::Jacob clicked through a few options on the PADD and started to read some of the status reports from the time they were on the holodeck. There appeared to be ship-wide problems with just every system. Lighting. Environmental controls. Replicators. Turbolifts. Navigation. Holographic projectors. Everything across the board seemed to have one kind of issue or another:: oO Docking with SB104 failed?!? Oo ::Jacob sighed and started to make his way towards main engineering. It was going to be a long few days:: ---------------- Ensign Jacob Horne Engineering USS Constitution-B C239408JH0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. 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