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2018-11-06 01:01:13

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((Bridge - Deck 1 - USS Constitution)) ::This place was starting to get annoying. It was almost as though the planet was actively trying to stress them out and Ed was feeling some of the pressure seeping in from the other bridge officers. Was this what it was always like up here? When sickbay got hectic he was able to get into work mode and do his thing. It was all medicine. Here though, all the other departments were weighing in and the sheer amount of data being tossed around was easy to get lost in.:: Blair: Alright everyone calm down. Let's work the problem. Anyone: response ::Everything was fine. Then it wasn't. In what seemed like a blink,= all the life support telemetry vanished off his screen. It wasn't as though= the team had up and been suddenly killed, the screens would have been blaring a myriad of alarms and flashing red lights if their life signs had ceased and it still held a connection. No, the screen was simply devoid of data. Just like the sudden loss of the probe. It was there, then it wasn't=E2= =80=A6:: Blair: Elaina, try to contact the shuttles. Ren: =3D/\=3D Ensign Ren to Captain Rajel! =3D/\=3D ::No response:: Ren: Sir, I think we've lost vitals and combadge connection with the crews! Spears: Commander, based on the absence of any input from the bio-scanners it's impossible to be sure of what is going on with the health of t= he away team members. All I know is that we have no data coming in from the shuttles anymore. ::Even as he spoke Ed tried cycling through frequencies to try and re-establish telemetry. What was more annoying than anything was that there was something coming *out* of the interference. It just wasn't usef= ul.:: Davis: The magnetospheric interference is too strong. And those chroniton radiation spikes, sir - They're increasing in amplitude and frequen= cy. Blair: Is there anything that can be done to counteract the interference, even just a little bit? Spears: Sir, if this audio signal is making it up to us so clearly, could we modify our outgoing communication frequency to match? Davis/Ren/Horne: Response Young: We need to find those shuttles. Ensign Davis right? ::He gave him a reassuring smile before continuing.:: Can you run a multi-phasic sensor scan of the atmosphere around the last known coordinates of the shuttles and probe? Davis: On it, sir. Blair: What other suggestions do we have? How can we figure out what=E2=80= =99s going on? Horne/Ren: Response Young: ::To Blair.:: If you don't mind Sir, a multi-phasic sensor sweep is probably our best bet of getting any coherent information that we can use. It's a sweep specifically designed to penetrate areas of intense interference where conventional scanning methods are ineffective. Blair: ::nodding:: Do it. Young: Right. Ensign Davis... ::He motioned for him to continue the multi-phasic sweep. Raven continued analyzing his probe readings, or lack thereof.:: Davis: Sir, I don't have them but I do have something. The source o= f the chroniton radiation spikes and the music signal. There's a= zero-point time-space rift - a kind of pinhole in subspace. The signal's comin= g through it. Blair: That's a good find Lazarus. ::beat:: Keep monitoring it, fin= d out what you can. ::Things were getting more interesting for the science types. Unfortunately Ed's own scientific expertise was in biology, not these kinds of ph= enomena. He still followed the conversation with interest all the same.:: Horne/Ren: Response Young: Did you just say Chronitons? Davis: I can also see an ion trail for the shuttles and probe . They stop after getting within about 30 kilometers of the anomaly. Almost as if they were struck by it, like a lightening bolt. No debris. Blair: No debris? That means that we can't assume the worst. ::It was at this moment that Ed decided maybe they should be hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. He tapped his comm badge and muttered quietly so as not to interfere with the flow of ideas on the bridge.:: Spears: =3D/\=3D Spears to sickbay. Stand by for possible away team casualt= ies. Bring ORs one and two to standby and set up the auxiliary triage centre.=3D= /\=3D Davis/Horne: Response Blair: Raven, find us a way to get through to the shuttles. We need to warn the teams about our findings. Young: I'm on it Commander. Blair: Just keep working the problems people. We'll figure this out= . Young: I've had an idea. Ensign Ren, i'm going to direct the signal from our communications array to the exact co-ordinates of the rift. Instead of blanketing the area with a comm signal, let's try a focused approach. ::He made it happen, sliding his fingers quickly over his controls.:: Give it a shot now. Spears: And try modulating the frequency to the one coming up from planetside. It seems to have an easier time cutting through the interference. Davis/Horne: Response Ren: Yes, Sir. :Ren tapped her combadge again.:: Ren: =3D/\=3D Ensign Ren to Cpt Rajel and Lystra, come in. =3D/\=3D ::There was a brief spike of static.:: Ren: =3D/\=3D Ensign Ren to Captain Rajel and Lystra? Do you copy, over? = =3D/\=3D Rajel: =3D/\=3D Ra...ere. ...opy b...d int...nces. =3D/\=3D Lystra: =3D/\=3D response ::Ed sighed with relief. The signal was bad, possibly due to the limited power on the shuttle's comm arrays, or maybe due to proximity to th= e anomaly but hey, voices were a good sign in his book.:: Blair/Ren/Horne/Davis: response Ren: =3D/\=3D Captain, Lt. Lystra we are picking up a zero-point subspace r= ift in the atmosphere. It is made up of Chriton spikes and an embedded music signal. We recommend you stir clear of it. Are you picking it up on sensors yet? =3D/\=3D Young: No good. ::He sighed:: I think it's too late for that. Blair/Ren/Horne/Davis: response Rajel: =3D/\=3D I c....ou cl....pea...an't... =3D/\=3D Lystra: =3D/\=3D response Ren: Sir, do you want me to tell them anything else? Young: No point. ::He slumped in his chair.:: The Commline just went dead. Spears: At least we know they're alive. Now we just need to figure = out how to get them back Blair/Ren/Horne/Davis: response Ren: Commander, I think I have figured out what's going on here. ::Ed blinked and looked at their newly appointed counsellor. Was one of their newest crew members about to save the day?:: Anyone: response Ren: I think the teams and the probe have crossed into a time rift....another time in space...more specifically, 20th century Earth. That would explain the music from that period. I believe that we can bring the teams back whent they try and come back. However, it will take a lot of work on our part. Spears: I don't think any of us are going to gripe about rolling our sleeves up and putting the work into getting our crew back... ::For what it was worth, Ed was willing to use up all the water in his well if it meant getting his friends and colleagues off that planet safely. The call of the explorer was hard to resist, but it did pose a lot more risk than say, taking a cushy posting back in the Federation core.:: Anyone: response Ren: We have to creat a time rift of our own and focus it into the rift that's out there. Hopefully, we can get them back, when they blast away from the planet. ::Ed couldn't keep the surprise off his face this time. He looked pleadingly at Raven, trying to ground himself in science for a moment.:: Spears: I'm sorry, but *create* a time rift of our own. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't doing that, firstly, quite beyond our capabilities and second, quite against Starfleet regulations? ::Oh no... Ed was quoting regulations now. What was he becoming?:: Anyone: response Ren: Well, we have to work with quantum signature, Sir. Perhaps, I'm not saying it will work, but perhaps it will penetrate the chriaton spikes and the interference enough to bring out people back when it's time. ::That was it. Temporal mechanics and now quantum physics. Ed was out of his depth. He crossed his arms, raised an eyebrow, and hoped that someone with a more specialized background would save the day and translate all of that into something he could understand. Or at least point him at someone who needed a scalpel or hypospray waved at them.:: Ren: We need an engineer and a science team. Anyone: response Tag / TBC LtJG Edward Spears, MD Medical Officer USS Constitution-B C239502ES0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. 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