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LtCmdr Atan T'Seva, Teaming Up

2018-11-06 22:03:52

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(( USS Constitution - Bridge )) Saveron: What have we discerned so far, Commander? ::He spoke up, his pleas= ant tenor carrying.:: :: For right now, Atan stayed quiet as Saveron got caught up. She did glanc= e at Elaina Ren for a momentwith Saveron back :: Any: Response? Blair: As we approached the provide coordinates, we found this planet and s= oon started picking up the strange readings as well. Unfortunately our sens= ors can't make heads of tails of what's going on down there= , as something is interfering with our scans. Any: Response? Blair: We don't know much about the planet aside from the fact that= it's documented as uninhabitable, but our sensors are reading an M= -class environment in some areas. So we're sending down two teams t= o investigate what's happening. Spears: ::Looking at the science officers:: Correct me if I'm wrong= but that seems atypical Davis/Mitchel: Response Foster: M-Class? Do we have a full atmospheric reading? Atan: :: glancing at the tactical console. :: Not from here... Any: Response? Blair: Nope, transporters can't penetrate whatever it is that=E2=80= =99s interfering with sensors, so our teams will be going down in shuttles = that are having their sensor suites modified as we speak. Davis: Engineering reports modifications to the shuttles are now complete, = sir. They are now undergoing pre-flight checks. Any: Response? Blair: The teams will be as follows: Team One: Jalana, T'Seva, Prud= ence, Ardaris, and Christopher. Team Two: Lystra, Seja, Sarah, Eleanor, and= Dr Foster. Everyone else you're staying here with me to monitor bo= th teams. ::The Captain was leading a team. Because of course she was. T'Seva= wasn't too keen on it, but she trusted that she could keep Jalana = safe from herself. Most of the time, anyway. She nodded to Blair. :: Davis: Aye, sir! Any: Response? Blair: The shuttles should be ready to depart within ten minutes, so what q= uestions do we have? Any: Response? Ren: In addition to sending down the two teams, I still think we ought to s= end a probe to help in the scans of that large area. Foster: That's not a bad idea. Young: ::Clearing his throat.:: I'd recommend a Class-3 Atmospheric probe. = It's vectored deuterium micro-fusion propulsion systems will be useful in a= tmospheric flight, not to mention it's structural integrity fields, just to= be safe... ::He beamed as everyone's eyes fell on him in surprise.:: Oh ye= ah, Hi guys. ::He nodded acknowledgement to the Captain and caught Seja's s= mile. He winked in return. Raven was glad to see his good friend again.:: Atan: :: flickering a grin at Young :: I agree. Anyone: Response Ren: The probe can get into places the team cannot and it's expendable. On= ce we get data from it, we don't have to retrieve it or we can destroy it.= Foster: Yep, we learned that lesson last mission. Saveron: I must concur. Given how little we know, it would be logical to av= ail ourselves of all available data before putting personnel at risk. One w= ould recall the situation on the Hinji homeworld. Anyone: response Rajel: Okay. Have the Class-3 Atmospheric probe prepared and dispatched whe= re the energy spikes are the strongest. It might help us to cut through som= e of that interference and we'll have some heads up for the shuttles. Have = it transfer its readings to the shuttles and the Conny. Blair: response Saveron: Understood Captain. ::He said simply.:: Rajel: Alright, then let's get prepared and meet up in 15 minutes. Blair: response :: Once dismissed, T'Seva went to get the equipment she'd n= eed. Including a type 2 phaser, an extra power pack, and a science level tr= icorder. She was no fool. The place might be inhabited although she was per= sonally more concerned about dangerous wildlife. Some larger animals took a= very heavy stun to stop. Well, that and spores, pollen, and such, but that= was medical's responsibility. :: ( Shuttle Bay 2 )) :: She made it to the shuttle bay in good order, a bit ahead of the Captain= . Leaning against the wall to wait, she was surprisingly relaxed. Of course= , she had gone into situations like this before. Sometimes you needed an in= telligent, sentient brain, not just a probe :: BlackwellSh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? :: The Captain entered, with a crewman in tow. No, wait, he was trying to c= atch up with her. :: Crewman: Wait! ::He waved a PADD in his hand and arrived at the hatch out o= f breath, before handing it to her.:: Rajel: ::Taking the PADD she took a look at it and her shoulders slumped. N= ot another.:: Thank you. :: Jalana took the PADD and talked to Rue. :: Rajel: Rue. ::Holding the PADD out to her.:: I'm sorry. Blackwell: ? :: So, StarFleet was stealing Rue. T'Seva supposed she was glad it = wasn't her. No, she knew she was. She felt safe on the Constitution= okay, to be honest? She hated transfers. :: Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: No, I didn't know either, it just came in. I... I'm going to miss yo= u. But the Eagle is a good ship with a great crew. Blackwell: ? Atan: Good luckwe'll miss you. Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: Rue, do me a favour? Blackwell: ? Rajel: Keep an eye out for Wyn. Blackwell: ? Rajel: ::nodding:: Yes, he told me just after the briefing. I'm glad that h= e'll have a friend with him. Blackwell: ? Rajel: ::smiling:: Thank you. Keep in touch, will you? Oh, and... no self-d= estructive trips because you think it's on you to protect everyone. That's = a matter for the whole team. Blackwell: ? :: The Captain waited outside to talk to Rue. Atan took a position on the s= huttle and firmly strapped herself in. :: Rajel: Alright then. Ardaris bring us out. Sh'Thelzan: On it. Buckle yourself in; can't promise things won't get bumpy= . Atan: I think, given the nature of this planet, you can more or less promis= e they *will*. Mitchell: ? Blair: =3D/\=3D Bridge to Shuttlebay. Things are all set here, what=E2=80= =99s your status? =3D/\=3D Sh'Thelzan: Green and ready to to go. :: Atan checked that she was secure once more. :: Rajel: ::nodding towards the Andorian:: =3D/\=3D We are ready to head out. = =3D/\=3D Lystra: =3D/\=3D Shuttle's prepped and ready for launch, Commander. We're g= ood to go. =3D/\=3D Blair: =3D/\=3D You're free to depart at your leisure. Good luck an= d we'll see you when you get back. =3D/\=3D Lystra: =3D/\=3D Understood, sir. Launching now. Good luck, Jalana. =3D/\= =3D Rajel: ::Smiling:: =3D/\=3D To you too Lystra. See you on the surface. Raje= l out. =3D/\=3D Sh'Thelzan: Launching us now. Let's see what's out there. Atan: Once more into the breach. Mitchell: ? ::Atan saw the flicker of the probe launch as it sped ahead of them. She wa= s glad she wasn't the one flying this - she had her quals, but Arda= ris was by far the better pilot. :: Rajel: How's the atmosphere? Will it be a calm ride? Sh'Thelzan: Still trying to figure that out. Readings are a bit messy. Atan: Have you ever encountered a tidally locked world that was? Mitchell: ? Rajel: ::frowning:: No data from the probe yet? Sh'Thelzan: Least not for-hold on! ::And the planet proved her right not long after, with turbulence that shoo= k the shuttle around. T'Seva was braced and ready for it. She=E2=80= =99d endured far worse. :: Mitchell: ? Rajel: Guess we have an answer. ::Okay, that wasn't a small storm. It was a massive one. T'= Seva was very glad for Ardaris' expertiseand her own iron = stomach. :: Mitchell: ? Rajel: How long until we touch surface if we continue like that? Sh'Thelzan: Going to be a rough few minutes. Anything you can get on the sc= ans'll help. Atan: Hopefully nobody's prone to airsickness. Mitchell: ? Sh'Thelzan: Wouldn't say I'm flying blind but it's more than bit cloudy out= there. ::That, T'Seva thought, was an understatement. This was a rough rid= e, but she was comfortable with it. Perhaps surprisingly so. Judging by Ard= aris' antennae, she was not having an easy time flying. :: Rajel/Mitchell: ? ::Ardaris' antennae twitched back and forth and she adjusted the shuttle's = trajectory, smoothing things out as much as she could.:: Sh'Thelzan: Anything from the other shuttle? The Constitution? Atan: I'ma bit concerned about the other shuttle. Rajel/Mitchell: ? ::Ardaris used a word in Andorian that was not pleasant. :: Sh'Thelzan: Will worry 'bout it when we're landed in one piece. Atan: That would be a good thing. Rajel/Mitchell: ? Rajel: Yes make sure to get us down safely first. ::To the others:: Try to = adjust or boost the sensors anyway. We'll have to get into contact with the= m. ::Since ships didn't just vanish into thin air it was clear that somethi= ng was wrong with the tech.:: Atan: We may be experiencing the other side of what was affecting the Const= itution's sensors. Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? :: And then they were under the cloud cover, with the planet surface visibl= e beneath them. It was warm in the shuttle, perhaps a little too warm, but = at least they seemed to be heading for a landingand touching down.= :: Rajel: Everyone okay? Atan: In one piece here. A touch bruised. Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: The other shuttle? Atan: I don't see them Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: Chris, try to boost the comms, maybe rotate frequencies. T'Seva try = to get a good sensor read on the outside. I want to know if we can go outsi= de without melting in radiation or something. Atan: Working on it. :: She started to check the sensors - checking radiation, oxygen levels, to= xins :: Mitchell: ? :: Abruptly there was a hideous static screech. Atan's sensitive Vu= lcanoid ears were overloaded and she gave a small yelp as she covered them.= :: Rajel: `::shouting over the static:: Can you clear that up? Mitchell: ? ((OOC: I will 'translate the lines Tonya posted in a way as they are receiv= ed for the team, for the full lines as posted please refer to her sim "Thro= ugh the static" :) )) Ren: =3D/\=3D ...ign Re...tain Ra... tra? ...copy, o...? =3D/\=3D :: The Constitution had managed to punch through the interference. :: Rajel: =3D/\=3D Rajel here. We copy but have bad interferences. =3D/\=3D Lystra: =3D/\=3D response =3D/\=3D :: Oh, good. At least one person was alive on the other shuttle. :: Ren: =3D/\=3D Ca... tra we a... ero-po ... in the atmosphe... ... ade up .= .. ton spike ... music signa... ...mmend you sti... Are you pic... rs yet?= =3D/\=3D :: Music. Music? Maybe some natural signalafter all, people had us= ed the radio signals from gas giants in music recordings before. :: Rajel: =3D/\=3D I can't read you clearly, I repeat I can't read you. =3D/\= =3D Lystra: =3D/\=3D response =3D/\=3D Ren: =3D/\=3D ? =3D/\=3D :: And blessed silence returned. :: Atan: One of the times I wish I hadn't inherited my father'= s ears. Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: ::sighing:: Well, we should try to see if we can find anything usefu= l outside then. Do we need suits? Atan: Air is breathable, no known toxins. It's a little warm out th= ere, but we should be fine without suits with the usual caveats. :: Hopefully nobody would be allergic to the planet. It happened. :: Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: Then let's go out. Link your tricorders to the shuttle power, that w= ill hopefully amplify their power and we have a backup for recording anythi= ng. It'll send what we scan automatically to the Conny. Atan: Got it. Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? :: The hatch openedand sand blew into the shuttle. It was, yes, wa= rm out there. It was also insanely dry and dusty. A true sand desert. Jalan= a unrolled her collar. T'Seva thought that was a smart idea and fol= lowed suit. She stepped out, and Atan followed, sinking into the sand. :: Rajel: Friendly environment. Atan: Reminds me of my aunt's place. Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: Can you see where the energy signal is the strongest? Atan: Working on itanyone else? Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? Rajel: ::nodding:: Then let's go there. ::She took a muffled breath and beg= an her course towards what she hoped would bring them some answers. :: Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? :: T'Seva hung back slightly to act as rear guard, although she did= n't draw her phaser. :: T'Seva: I see a local. :: She pointed to a small lizard scurrying across the sand. :: Rajel/Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? T'Seva: Any life is a good sign, really. Rajel/Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? :: As they continued through the sand, the wind picked up slightly, throwin= g grains of it over them. It wouldn't be long before you couldn=E2= =80=99t tell who was in which department any more. :: T'Seva: I hope we find something soon Rajel/Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? T'Seva: Huh. Could be a miragebut I think it's too= windy and sandy for that. :: It looked like a small buildingthere were people here after all= . Or had been. :: Rajel/Sh'Thelzan/Mitchell: ? LtCmdr Atan T'Seva Chief of Security USS Constitution S238312D10 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-constitution. 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