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Cmdr Sarah Mason- Off we go!

2018-11-07 16:42:02

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(OOC- More soon! Promise! -Mel) ((Bridge, USS Constitution-B)) ::Sarah smiled to herself- she didn't have far to go, so she remain= ed at her station monitering the situation and waited for others to arrive. While she did so, she noticed Jalana leaning in and talking to Alex. She wasn=E2= =80=99t one to eavesdrop but she had a feeling that Jalana was about to drop a bomb on the man. She snuck a peak and his reaction told her she was right. That was the nice thing about no longer being First Officer she could j= ust roll with it better now when Jalana wanted to bend the rules.:: ::Soon the lift doors opened and the remaining senior officers joined them. Sarah turned to face Alex and Jalana to listen in on what they had to say.:= : Rajel: Thank you everyone for coming. Alex here is going to explain what's going on. Blair: Thanks for coming everyone, I promise that this won't take m= uch of your time. ::There was a slight pause. Sarah could relate to what he was probably feeling- she had been there before many times. This was his first mission as XO with them and she hoped she could make it go smoothly for him..:: Blair: ::Gesturing to the planet on the view screen.:: We've been c= alled to this system to investigate some strange sensor reading that were picked up by the USS Gallagher as they went through the area. ::break:: HQ wants us to figure out what's going on here. Saveron: What have we discerned so far, Commander? ::He spoke up, his pleasant tenor carrying.:: ::Sarah turned to see the speaker- surprised to see Saveron. :: Mason: Nothing conclusive as of yet. Blair: As we approached the provide coordinates, we found this planet and soon started picking up the strange readings as well. Unfortunately our sensors can't make heads of tails of what's going on down t= here, as something is interfering with our scans. ::The conversation continued. It was all a summary of what Sarah had already known as she was already on the bridge when it happened. She listened but was waiting to hear what they were going to actually do about it.:: Blair: The teams will be as follows: Team One: Jalana, T'Seva, Prud= ence, Ardaris, and Christopher. Team Two: Lystra, Seja, Sarah, Eleanor, and Dr Foster. Everyone else you're staying here with me to monitor both t= eams. Davis: Aye, sir! ::Sarah nodded her approval. She had suspected Jalana would be going, but had thought that perhaps she would be left behind so Alex would go as well. It was an interesting development to say the least.:: Blair: The shuttles should be ready to depart within ten minutes, so what questions do we have? Rajel: We will meet in Shuttle Bay 2 in 15 minutes so you have some time to prepare anything you need to take with you. If we are complete sooner we'll leave then. ::Sarah was already building a mental checklist of items she would need- tricorders, phasers, basic first aid kit, rations. She didn't play = around and if they crash landed it would likely take time to be rescued.:: Ren: In addition to sending down the two teams, I still think we ought to send a probe to help in the scans of that large area. Foster: That's not a bad idea. Young: ::Clearing his throat.:: I'd recommend a Class-3 Atmospheric probe. It's vectored deuterium micro-fusion propulsion systems will be useful in atmospheric flight, not to mention it's structural integrity fields, just to be safe... Oh yeah, Hi guys. ::Sarah gave a small wave of hello:: Lystra: Welcome back Ren: The probe can get into places the team cannot and it's expendable. Once we get data from it, we don't have to retrieve it or we can destroy it= . Foster: Yep, we learned that lesson last mission. Saveron: I must concur. Given how little we know, it would be logical to avail ourselves of all available data before putting personnel at risk. One would recall the situation on the Hinji homeworld. Rajel: Okay. Have the Class-3 Atmospheric probe prepared and dispatched where the energy spikes are the strongest. It might help us to cut through some of that interference and we'll have some heads up for the shuttles. Have it transfer its readings to the shuttles and the Conny. Blair: We'll have them prepared and then launch right before the sh= uttles depart. Saveron: Understood Captain. ::He said simply.:: Rajel: Alright, then let's get prepared and meet up in 15 minutes. Blair: Good luck out there everyone. 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