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LtJG Edward Spears, MD - Too Many Quantum Physicists In The Kitchen

2018-11-08 22:15:28

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((Bridge - Deck 1 - USS Constitution-B)) Blair: As I was always taught as a child, all ideas are good ideas. They just aren't always the right idea at the right time. Ren/Davis/Horne: Response ::Ed simply nodded. He could almost feel the tension on the bridge now. He really hoped it wasn't like this all the time. It was enough to dri= ve him back to sickbay and keep him there.:: Blair: So let's hear some other theories. What's going on d= own there, and what can we do for our people? Young: ::Deep sigh:: Okay, what's your thoughts Ensign? ::To Davis:: Davis: Well, sir My guess is that this is phenomenon was made and = not naturally occurring. There are too many processes at play to create something like this to just assume that it is naturally occurring. Plus if any feature were slightly different - as Lieutenant Young pointed out - it could be wildly unstable or dangerous. Also, given that the amount of energy at play and it did not do any apparent damage to the shuttles suggests more than mere chance. In my opinion, the place I would start is figuring out who made this. Search for evidence. Young: ::Nodding:: I'm inclined to agree with you there. There has to be some clues that we can trace from our end. Nothing like this could possibly be created cleanly, I mean there must be evidence out there that we can use, we just gotta find it. ::He clenched his fist in frustration.:: Ren: Yes. I agree. There must be some evidence out there that points to who may be responsible for the zero-point rift and the embedded music from 20th century Earth. Where do we look for that? Ren/Horne: Response ::Ed allowed the science officers to workshop their ideas without interruption. All the while he pondered the idea that this was a temporal anomaly. *Could* that have accounted for the disappearance? This was both fascinating and terrifying.:: Blair: These are all good theories, but there's just one thing. We = can't prove any of them. With all of this interference, we can't be certa= in, and I'm not going to authorize ANY action until we can be certain. Ren: Yes, Sir. Horne: Response Davis: Understood, sir. Blair: So what we need right now is ideas on how to get through the interference ::pause:: and remember what I said a few minutes ago, all ideas are good ideas. Young: ::Thinking out loud.:: If I can somehow reestablish contact with the probe... Maybe that would give us some options? Davis: I have an idea, sir. Given that we are =E2=80=9Chearing=E2=80=9D mus= ic that is probably unwittingly being transmitted by a malfunctioning device, but did not intercept any other kinds of communication, suggests that there is a limited bandwidth of frequencies that can permeate the anomaly. The music is coming in at 44.1 kHz. :: Davis tapped at his console. :: At that time in Earth history, the only broadcasts in that range are maritime mobile communications. We aren't hearing any of that as a coherent message= , but I can filter out other noise in the signal created by the bits and pieces that are inevitably in there. That might clear some things up? It also suggests the other side of the anomaly is not particularly close to a large body of water. Young: That's the kind of data we need. Man, it really looks like the time rift theory gaining ground here. ::Raven looked over to Ren.:: Ren: ::Nodding.:: Perhaps if we broadcast on the same frequency, we could get a message to our crews? Spears: Or might be be able to use a similar frequency to get our sensors to cut through the interference? Horne/Blair/Davis: Response :: Raven got to his feet and awkwardly shuffled over. His green eyes were kept low, his embarrassment wholly apparent. Ed felt badly for his friend as he approached. He'd never really seen Raven act like that toward= s anyone else before. Ed tried to keep busy with the blank vital signs on the screen. There wasn't much to be done there:: Young: ::Lowering his voice so the rest of the bridge crew couldn't hear. Uhh, Counselor? Ren: Yes Lieutenant? Young: So I... ::His shoulders dropped sadly.:: Look Counselor, I'd like to apologize to you. Ren: You don't need to apologize, Lieutenant. Young: I shouldn't have been so... I'm not usually as horrible as you just saw. Honestly, I'm probably due an appointment with you when all of this is over. Ren: Apology accepted, Lieutenant and I will make an appointment with you as soon as this is all over with. Young: I am sorry. It was nothing personal. I guess I've had quite a hard time sorting out my Dad's mental health care recently, I may have neglected my own. Are we cool? Ren: ::smiling, she nodded:: Of course we are! No worries. I am not a scientist. I am a counselor and I shouldn't spout off scientific theories without proof. Don't worry about your father, we'll talk about that later. What my concern is, is you. Are you alright right now? Young: No, I'm fine I promise. ::He grinned:: It's just been a tough few weeks. I will check in with you once we get a chance though. Ren: Sounds good, Lieutenant. About the probe...how do you think we can reestablish contact with it? Young: ? Ren: That just might work. Ask the Commander. Young: ? ::Ed sighed. He hoped that would be the end of that particular saga. It had been clear that Raven's father's appearance had rattled the= young scientist. Ed felt like he'd feel similarly if one of his own paren= ts decided to show up unannounced and then decide to live aboard. But it had become clear to Ed that he was not very useful up on the bridge with these kinds of problems. He'd be better off down in sickbay preparing for possible casualties among the away teams. People he cared for were missing and he hated simply sitting here. He needed to be doing something.:: Spears: Commander Blair? Blair: ? Spears: Sir, permission to return to sickbay to prepare for ::He c= ouldn't even bring himself to say the word.:: To prepare? Blair: ? Spears: There's a heck of a brain trust up here, commander but my a= rea of expertise is putting people back together again, or understanding how people live in their societies. This hard core quantum and temporal physics is outside of my lane and I don't want to be a set of idle hands. Blair: ? Young/Ren/Davis/Horne: ? LtJG Edward Spears, MD Medical Officer USS Constitution-B C239502ES0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. 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