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Cpt Jalana Rajel - A whole new world...

2018-11-09 02:30:26

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(( Shuttle Team 1 )) :: Jalana nodded and stepped to the hatch. With a press of the button next to it, the hatch hissed and moved aside. Bright light blinded Jalana and she raised her hand to shield her eyes from it. Sand brushed over her like a Klingon Face Peeling. For a moment she regretted not having put on pants instead of her skirt, because being uncomfortable might have been more pleasant than the drum of thousands of tiny grains against her skin. With a quick motion she unrolled the collar of her uniform's turtleneck and covered mouth and nose with it, so she could breathe without inhaling half a desert. The Trill gave herself a moment to get used to the feeling, though that was not really going to happen she could try to find a rhythm in it and then try to fade it from her attention. She wished it would be as easy as it sounded. Shortly after that she stepped outside and her boot sank ankle deep into the sand surrounding the shuttle. Taking a few steps was not as easy as usual, but that was to be expected.:: Rajel: Friendly environment. Atan: Reminds me of my aunt's place. :: Jalana smirked behind her turtleneck mask, assuming that this was the aunt on the Vulcan site, at least that would fit the environment the closest, unless the Bajoran one lived in the desert too. :: Mitchell: ? Rajel: Can you see where the energy signal is the strongest? Atan: Working on itanyone else? Sh'Thelzan: Readings aren't very clear, maybe we can triangulate? Mitchell: ? Rajel: ::nodding:: Then let's go there. ::She took a muffled breath and began her course towards what she hoped would bring them some answers. :: Mitchell: ? :: They began to walk, kicking sand with every step. It somehow reminded Jalana of Trill's jungles, trying to climb through the thicket, tripping over roots hidden by layers of low growing plants, humidity and heat beating down on the resolve. This was dry heat, but it also wasn't easy to pass through. Oh how much she wished for that high layer of protection from the sun now, which despite the dark layer of cloud radiated some heat onto them. :: T'Seva: I see a local. :: Her heart skipped a beat at the words, but then saw the reptile running over the sand as if it was nothing. That kind of local she was okay with. :: Sh'Thelzan: Well, guess it seeing us won't violate the Prime Directive. Rajel: Unless it speaks the same language as the inhabitants and tattles on us. ::She smirked behind the turtleneck mask.:: Mitchell: ? T'Seva: Any life is a good sign, really. Rajel: Agreed. If it were completely dead I'd worry about our health a lot more than I already do. :: Speaking of which, she pulled out the Tricorder and scanned the team, just to make sure that they were really all okay after being exposed to the outside for a bit now. She'd have to check regularly, after all there was something here they had not been able to identify from the ship. Even though they were able to breath here and had not noticed anything harmful to them yet, it didn't mean that it was completely safe. :: Mitchell: ? :: They kept walking through the desolation surrounding them, the wind picking up whipping more sand against them. Sometimes the direction changed and pushed forward instead of against them, which was helpful to get them closer to where they wanted to go, whereever that was. But walking faster in these conditions also could lead to easily deplete them of their strength. :: T'Seva: I hope we find something soon Sh'Thelzan: That count as something? :: Following Ardaris gaze, she spotted some shape in the distance that for once didn't look like desert or dead plants. It was a construct, a building. How did that get here in this kind of environment that was deemed not suitable to live in? She looked around with knitted brows. What had happened to this planet to make this happen? Or who were the people who could actually live in this setting? :: Rajel: Makes one wonder. ::Mumbling:: Mitchell: ? T'Seva: Huh. Could be a miragebut I think it's too= windy and sandy for that. Sh'Thelzan: Style telling anyone anything?? Rajel: My brother is the architect, not me. Mitchell: ? Sh'Thelzan: Getting organic matter but no life signs. Should be good for shelter if we want to get out of the sandstorm. Mitchell/Atan: ? Sh'Thelzan: Will admit I'm not built for sand. Rajel: You're not alone with that. Mitchell/Atan: ? :: Jalana opened her medical tricorder again, while Ardaris opened the door, which was surprisingly easy. Checking the scanning results, she widened her eyes but it was too late to warn them. The smell coming from the dark inside was unmistakable. She sighed shaking her head. :: Rajel: Someone died here, a while ago. Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Rajel: Species is unclear, if we can deduct from what we know about skeletons across the galaxy we have a 67% chance of the person being female. At that grade of decomposition, she must have been here for a couple of weeks, but in these weather conditions it could be less or more. Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? :: Her eyes followed the point and looked to something halfway buried in the sand. It looked oddly familiar, but hard to say since only part of it was visible. :: Rajel: Anyone else get a weird feeling? ((OOC: Usually I only leave a handful of tags here, but I wanted to push us forward to also get to our new location, so please bear with me :) )) :: She didn't wait for an answer and headed through the sand to the structure and as she came closer she recognized more and more of it. Reaching it she brought her hand down, brushing over the metal and some of the sand slid down the surface, her eyes widened as it revealed an ID number and a very familiar symbol. :: Rajel: A shuttle! Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Rajel: :: A quick glance to the tricorder screen.:: No, nobody here. I would assume the person inside the building was the pilot if not for the unknown species. Any power left in the ship? Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? :: She sighed and looked back at her tricorder. Maybe they could still make out the pilot, since the ship itself was empty and if it wasn't the person in the building that was. She turned around herself, trying to boost the scanner when she suddenly stopped. It was a mere blip but she'd seen something. She took a few steps forward. :: Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Rajel: I saw something on the medical tricorder. ::She informed them and tapped on her Tricorder to access the recording form a moment ago.:: Vulcan, Boslic, Bajoran... the other team! ::She raised her hand and pointed in the direction of a rock formation in the distance. :: This way. Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Rajel: ::Turning back to them:: So the energy signature is at the same location? Then mark this spot, we'll check it out later, maybe recover the shuttle and check out the body. But our mission has priority ::it was not like the body would walk away:: and there is a chance that the pilot was checking on that signature as well. Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Rajel: Another spike? Well even more reason to head there now. Let's go. :: They continued their travel through the harsh environment and despite the rock formation not looking to be far away it took a whole lot of time to get there. Jalana had checked her tricorder over and over but the blip remained the only one. Nothing gave them a sign or even a hint of anyone but them being around, save for the one or other animal adapted to that environment. After what felt like hours of walking - which in reality might have been half an hour to an hour - they finally reached the caves. Rajel: Still no lifesigns. Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Rajel: So the source is ... ::She looked to the cave, and the darkness inside.:: Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? :: Cave climbing was not necessarily on top of the list of 'Want to do' things, but Jalana also had said many times that this new life for the symbiont was about making new experiences. So this would most likely become one too. She really should have worn uniform pants instead of the skirt. With a sigh she took more steps forward, ready to get climbing, when something tingled on her skin, wandering all the way through her. :: Rajel: What- :: And without being able to check her tricorder, nor having a chance for seeing the light from the insides of the cave flare up. Then things went black. :: (( Unknown for the characters - Salem, Earth )) :: As she opened her eyes, her cheek rested on something hard and cold, blurry dark gray in her vision. She felt like she wasn't even in her body, until she tried to move and the whole thing ached. A moan came over her lips as she pushed herself into a sitting position. Concrete. Why was she sitting on concrete? They had been in a desert, no... about to enter a cave. Raising her eyes she looked around spotting the others of her team. They were spread on the ground, like a small round plaza, surrounded by fog, lit up orange vegetables with holes in them that looked like faces, lanterns faintly illuminating a cone around them, spider webs and strange figures that looked quite unsettling, like skeletons, rotten flesh and other she had never seen before. :: Rajel: Everyone okay? Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? Music from somewhere: ....night Something evil's lurking from the dark Under the moonlight You see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to scream... Rajel: What in the... where are we? Mitchell/Atan/Sh'Thelzan: ? ----- Captain Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer USS Constitution B Image Team Facilitator A238906JL0 GTalk: JessWerner79@gmail.com, Yahoo: Lawinia_A@yahoo.de , Skype: chandni_khondji, Discord: Chandni#6085 Email: werner-jessica@gmx.de -- *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*= ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* "Maybe it was a gas leak in the shed." Her parents' mumbling voices went past Alana, it was all too much for her. Never had she seen a fire like that, and the pile of ashes in the garden showed how lucky they were that nobody had been inside when it went off. But something felt wrong with what her brother said. Not the words themselves in the first moment, but seeing their gazes, the looks her parents shot over to her every now and then. They were full of shock and something else that the little ten year old girl had never seen before. 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