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JP: Cpt Rajel & Cmdr Traenor - The Return (Part 1)

2019-01-11 13:29:00

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((Holodeck 3 - USS Constitution)) Computer: The holodeck is currently in use. Traenor: I know that, and that's not what I asked! ::sighing:: Comp= uter, override and allow access, authorization Traenor Zeta Two Four. ::It was an abuse of protocol to use his codes to gain access to somebody else's active holoprogram, but considering the circumstances and th= e person involved, Maxwell Traenor doubted that the recipient would hold it against him.:: ((Mari'ata Dance Studio - Trillius Prime)) :: The wooden floor felt smooth underneath her fingertips as she sat on the floor of a memory. One leg stretched to the side, the other folded and pulled close to her chest, she put her weight more and more on her hands, lifting her sit from the floor to hovering slightly above it. She folded the stretched leg, slowly pulling it close until her body was high enough to allow the leg to slip underneath her. Staying in the same motion the other leg followed until it was center of her and then slowly stretched to stand like a one-legged bird. Her arms detached from the floor, moving along her sides towards the ceiling as she tiptoed, trying to reach the reflecting surface above. Then the music filling the room changed from sounds of nature that seemed misplaced inside the room to a gentle dance of bells and harps, inviting Jalana to follow the wind and her body didn't need another cue, it bent and twisted, folded in half before going back to its full length. Twisting around herself, she closed her eyes allowing her body to remember the gentle breeze in the music, the steps she had done so many times she could do them in her sleep. The music became faster, slowly and increasingly more powerful. Pirouette followed another and another, until she jumped into the air and did a split in mid air, hearing the thud as she landed on the floor and then her ankle gave in and she plummeted to the wooden floor, where she rolled slightly to soften her fall, something she has learned later as police officer and it still was in her blood. Or rather her memory. Despite not hurting she spat out a Trillian curse and fisted the air in front of her. :: Traenor: ::smirking:: Nice moves there, Captain Twinkletoes. :: Her head jumped up at the sound of the familiar voice. Had she programmed Maxwell into this? No. Why would she? He never had been in the studio she had used so many many decades ago, he had not even been alive at that time. Realisation that he was real hit slowly but then her green eyes widened and she jumped up from her position, running her hands over the skintight leotard. :: Rajel: Maxwell! ::She beamed in delight:: What are you doing here? Traenor: Nuh-uh. First you have to tell me, since when do you dance? We=E2= =80=99ve been to plenty of dress code events, and I've never seen you cut a = rug like that before. That's some first class moves! Rajel: ::Laughing:: Because I didn't know. I had the urge to see if= I can still do it. But turns out memory of a past life and body of the current life can be quite disharmonious when it comes to physical skills. Traenor: Which host was that again? I swear, you get more and more hosts the more we speak of them ::He was kidding, of course. Friends for many years, the topic of Rajel hosts had come up a few times, in casual conversation. And each time, Maxwell feigned Human ignorance. It was a bit of a running joke between them, and each time he pulled it, he expected a smack from the redheaded Trill brunt of his unsophisticated humor.:: Rajel: ::chuckling:: The dancing was my second host Zindara, the body roll in the end was the fifth, Arlen. ::grinning:: Now tell me what brings you here. Not that I mind seeing you, of course. Traenor: Well, since you're asking so nicely. ::pulling a PADD from= behind his back:: I have some temporary transfer orders here that just might interest you. :: Temporary? She took the PADD from his hands, and in a habit raised her hand to push a strand of hair behind her ear, but there was none. She had put her hair into a bun and it felt unfamiliar. With a little awkward motion of realisation she let her hand drop and looked up from the writing with a bright smile.:: Rajel: You are back on the Conny? Traenor: You know it, Doc! I'm back! Well sorta. The details are in= there, but I'm still officially a part of the the regional taskforce. I=E2= =80=99ll be on assignment aboard the Conny instead of one of the station's support= ships. ::Maxwell was fairly certain that Jalana knew about the taskforce, since it had stripped her of her first officer mid-mission with no fanfare and with no recourse. Traenor had come to terms with that, but had Jalana? He heard that she had received a good first officer in exchange, which had to have helped ease the burden a lot. Maxwell had read up on Commander Alex Blair= 's impressive service file, and secretly thought she had gotten the better end of the deal anyways. Not that he would admit it, of course, he was self-deprecating, but only to a point.:: Rajel: You are aware that despite that I will shamelessly use you for our issues and tasks, right? Traenor: Captain Inejiro insisted that he would have it no other way. And I for one like being shamelessly used. ::After a second, Maxwell felt a warm blush rise up his neck and towards his cheeks. He honestly hadn't meant to use such an innuendo, espec= ially with an old friend and a commanding officer. Perhaps Jalana didn't = hear his words the way that they now resonated in his mind. As if willing his errant and disobedient mind back into line, he resolutely locked eyes with Jalana and willfully ignored her dance outfit.:: :: If Jalana had noticed the innuendo - spoilers: she had - she didn=E2=80= =99t show it. Instead she focused on the conversation. :: Rajel: Well, can't have that brilliant mind go to waste by using it= only for the task force. ::smirking:: Traenor: Of course, Doc. The temporary part is more a reinforcement that I'm not here to usurp anyone's authority or position. ::She tilted her head and looked at her old friend. She had known him since his placement on the Apollo. It was quite a while and she had learned to read between lines, identify the small undertones. Jalana made a small =E2=80=98mhm' sound and crossed her legs before lowering herself to= the floor sitting indian style. She then patted the floor beside her.:: Rajel: Sit. Traenor: ::after an interrogative glance, unsure what was going on:: Sure= ::Maxwell lowered himself towards the floor, at first attempting a similar posture to the Trill beside him. It did not go well. Old injuries, though healed, still plagued his joints. Middle age, and a propensity to shirk all but the most basic of Starfleet physical regimens, only compounded his lack of flexibility and grace. Groaning painfully and giving up on a contortionist stance, he finally maneuvered himself into a straight-legged seat, arms propping up his torso from behind him.:: Rajel: Do you want to tell me what's really on your mind? Traenor: Nothing, really. ::pause as she stared probingly at him:: Well, nothing important. You don't want to hear about my insecurities any= ways, do you? Rajel: ::smirking:: Just a bit. ::She nudged him gently:: Out with it. Traenor: ::sighing:: Miyabe-sama interrogated me at some length about how well I'd fare on the Conny again. Apparently there's this b= elief that once an officer has reached a position of authority, they have trouble relinquishing it. And damned if he doesn't have me doubting myself,= just a bit. :: Jalana had met Captain Inejiro before and he did seem to be a fair but firm leader. Though she had heard of some of his crew members that he did have a certain behaviour that sometimes could put salt into a wound. He seemed to have a talent for finding these wounds. Some of his crew credited his heritage for that. Jalana didn't know a lick about the culture = he belonged to. She just took him for who he was. The Trill tilted her head, watching her friend thoughtfully. :: Rajel: Did it lead to you questioning your skills? Traenor: Well no, not doubting my abilities, either scientific or as a team player. Captain Inejiro may not be aware that in my nearly 3 decade career, less than five of those have been in a position of authority. Departmental head or first officer, that stuff is all relatively new. So I don't= doubt that I'll behave in that aspect. But there's still the dyna= mic to consider. Rajel: Dynamic? ::She knew what he meant, but wanted him to talk about it.:: ::Maxwell paused again, a good long pause. He wanted to be sure that he worded this carefully so as to not sound unnecessarily narcissistic, or condescending to the abilities of his once and future crewmates.:: Traenor: I can see where one could foresee a risk of complications, however. There are officers on this ship who have only ever known me as a ranking officer, a superior officer. In a crunch, would they be able to treat me as an equal or subordinate? Or would they revert to past practice? In a crunch, could *I* keep from reverting to past practice? :: She smiled, leaning her head back to look at the reflective ceiling, though her eyes were on him. :: Rajel: I ran into the opposite problem when I became Captain. Everyone knew me as the CMO, the doctor they ran to for advice, help, exams and then suddenly there was this wall put up between me and those that were colleagues for years. I had to force myself to not go back to Sick Bay to treat the crew, no matter how much I still want to. .oO Some people will keep that wall up they are used to put between them and you, others will tear it down, again others never saw it. Oo. Traenor: See, that makes sense to me. It's not like you barge into = sickbay every chance you get and try to take over. And I never did the same in a science lab when I was first officer. So then why did I let Captain Inejiro plant that seed of doubt in my mind? ::She took a deep breath, watching the top of his head as she spoke softly. :: Rajel: He didn't. It was already there, he just put some sun on it = that made it grow. ::She paused, turning her head to look at him directly again.:: As you said you have been in the position longer than you have been in leadership. I trust that you are not storming into the department trying to command everyone around out of a short lived habit. ::grinning:: Traenor: ::smirking:: I'm not going to suddenly become power-mad, I= promise you. It's likely just my own insecurities about juxtaposing the fam= iliar and the new. Something I'll make sure to speak with my counselor ov= er, I assure you. I'm sure Sav would adore the opportunity to pick my bra= in from his little couch in his office! Rajel: ::laughing:: He might, though the Counselor is Elaina Ren now. Saveron is in stationed in Sick Bay. Traenor: Oh? The more things change, and all that. Well, I'll be su= re to visit this new counselor, then. ::now it was his turn to elbow Jalana:: And what's on your mind about all this? Any concerns or reservations yo= u'd like to share? 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