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PNPC Salzaar Valys - Those Key Relationships

2019-01-11 22:03:45

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*((Promenade =E2=80=93 Starbase 104))* ::Salzaar felt good. His first visit to the Hinji Market had been more successful than was typical for him if previous experience was anything to go on. The station's commander had essentially brushed him off by t= elling him each business entity existed as an independent enterprise and that the station only cared that they didn't participate in the trafficking = of illicit goods. Otherwise they just issued permits to businesses. In practical terms it was telling Salzaar to go and talk to each business individually and that there was no central chamber of commerce to represent them as a collective. But now that he'd chatted with some of the Hi= nji merchants he understood why that might not be on the table for a while yet. There was a mild undercurrent of discontent in some of the Hinji with the way Starfleet was operating in their space, and while diplomatic overtures were made at the higher levels, those were not being well publicized to the masses. The organizational structure of the Hinji people might have had a hand to play in that, certainly, but Salzaar filed it away in his organized mind as a potential inroad to better relations down the road. He was so absorbed in his own thoughts after the meeting that he nearly collided with someone coming the other way.:: Valys: I am so very sorry. I- ::He stopped and looked at the person properly for the first time. Red hair, markings that were most common to a Trill, though some other species presented with similar. He hated to presume, especially on something so important as identity but:: Valys: You wouldn't happen to be Captain Rajel of the USS Constitu= tion? :: Her brows raised, widening her green eyes.:: Rajel: Why yes, I am. Though I go by Jalana. And you are? ::Oh no He'd almost run over the very person he needed to = speak with:: Valys: Salzaar Valys, at your service. Though this isn't how I ima= gined our first meeting. Rajel: Oh, Salzaar! ::Her whole face lit up into a bright smile.:: Of course, the Trade Representative. ::She looked at him with a mock-suspicious look:: You haven't been following me, right? Valys: No, of course not! I would never presume to coopt a commanding officer's time like that. Rajel: ::laughing:: I'm just another crew member. My time is just as precious as anyone elses. Valys: Truly, if there's a better time I can certainly wait. I=E2= =80=99ve already set up the offices aboard the Constitution so it's simply a matter = of formal introduction and discussion on what I've been sent here to a= chieve by my directors back at the Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau. Rajel: You just used the two things that I don't like in one sentence. ::she grinned at him:: Valys: Wh- On no ::This was just great. Moments into their conversation and he'd alr= eady landed himself on the CO's bad side? Salzaar's eyes clearly= reflected his sudden panic.:: Rajel: Office and formal. ::She added to not bring him into an awkward pause:: I was on my way back anyway for a meeting, why don't we talk on the way? Valys: ::His face visibly relaxed:: Oh, oh yes of course, Jalana. :: She nodded towards him and gestured along the promenade. Placing her hands behind the back of her calf-long dress she strolled next to him. :: Rajel: So what brings you out here to the Constitution? I was surprised that you weren't actually working solely on the station. Valys: I am under the impression that's exactly how my predecessor= ran his operations in this region. I might have done the same, but my assistant convinced me that keeping mobile might offer up some opportunities to meet people that might otherwise have been missed. Rajel: I see. Nothing wrong with that. ::She offered him a smile:: Natural curiosity. And you spoke about introductions, so please go ahead. Valys: Well that was simply to say I wished to put a name to a face, and vice versa. And to give you a chance to get to know me a bit better. People in my line of work hardly have the most spotless record when it comes to the interests they serve, or the company they keep. I'm here to bui= ld bridges between the federation at large, and the independent enterprises and governments that exists on its boundaries for the mutual benefit of all. Rajel: Response Valys: Well the *Constitution* is an impressive symbol of Federation power, even in this modern era of shipbuilding. There's a certain majesty = to the Galaxy class that simply can't be matched by newer ships. And I thi= nk based on some of the public reports I've read that she has a fine reputat= ion thanks to you. Rajel: Response ::Salzaar ducked around a group of loudly haggling Ferengi who seemed thrilled to have found a merchant up to the task of putting them through their paces. Salzaar noted the bartering seemed to be over a set of highly polished metal figurines of an abstract nature. He turned his attention back to Jalana.:: Valys: I of course have no authority or desire to dictate to you or any of your crew. We go where you go, and if there are times when we're fl= oating in space away from any sentient life for a stretch, we can work via subspace quite easily. Really the only thing we have need for is a dedicated comm channel that can send and accept private communications, but your operations department seemed confident they could get that set up with yours or the first officer's approval. Otherwise you'll sim= ply see my associate and I around the ship, interacting with the crew in their off time and so on. Rajel: Response Valys: And of course our expertise would be at your disposal at any time, day or night. I have some years of experience negotiating trade agreements, and working with some particularly tough customers. I could be a resource in dealing with some of the denizens of this corner of the sector. My civilian credentials may even come in handy at some point, who knows! Rajel: Response Tag / TBC *Salzaar ValysJunior Federation Trade Representativesimmed by* *LtJG Edward Spears, MD* *Medical OfficerUSS Constitution-BC239502ES0* -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-constitution. 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