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PNPC Eden Taylor - How Rude

2019-01-12 22:02:30

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*((Cadet Dorm Quarters, Deck 37 - USS Constitution))* ::It didn't matter if it was unladylike to harrumph. Eden Taylor struggled with her duffel and harrumphed across one deck, harrumphed down a turbolift past two dozen other decks, and harrumphed across a final deck. She harrumphed as she passed door after door, looking for the one that she was being forced to relocate behind, and harrumphed when she finally found it.:: Taylor: So this is home now. Great. ::The door opened, and she noticed immediately that there were already three cadets present, and based on the state of their belongings, they had just arrived as well. This quarters arrangement change was in no means their fault, there was nothing to be gained by taking out her frustrations on them, so she put on as best a smile as she could and entered the room.:: Taylor: Ta-daa! Looks like we're all here. Cr'iori: Cadet Srasha Cr'iori, pleassed to meet you all. Taylor: Eden Taylor, third year. Thyar/Malyz: response ::Eden took a good look around the room. Closet, really, if square footage was the defining factor. Two sets of bunks, a table with chairs, and presumably an exit to a common room and head used by a group of quads similar to this. Eden was no princess, but neither had she ever had to deal with such... privation. And lack of privacy. Okay, maybe she was a little bit of a princess.:: Taylor: Have we divvied out the bunks yet? Do I get top or - hey, Barque, give it up! ::The beagle known as Barque had, without Eden's notice, headed straight for Srasha's leg and was sniffing it aggressively, body taut. She knew her uncle's dog well enough that she was certain that he meant no ill will, but it still was bad behavior for a companion animal. There was an old Earth saying about cats and dogs, but that didn't apply to Caitians, did it?:: Cr'iori/Thyar/Malyz: response Taylor: He's only here temporarily, sorry about that. I was given no notice about this relocation, and I have to wait until my uncle is back on Starbase 104 and takes him back. Barque really belongs to my uncle, and he's usually a good boy, I promise. Cr'iori/Thyar/Malyz: response ::As much as she had tried to put her bad feelings behind her, Eden still felt a little bitter about the terms of her relocation to the shared quad. She looked at the other three, and wondered if they had been brought here under similar auspices.:: Taylor: So, how did you find out about your transfer to these quarters? Because I got a really snotty message from some commander in Operations. Check this out. ::pulling out a PADD and reading from it:: "Cadet Taylor, a recent audit of quarters allocation has highlighted your inappropriate placement in quarters reserved for Junior Officers. Whether or not nepotism was a factor in this improper assignment, it is incumbent that it now be rectified. Please vacate your current quarters and report to the shared residence as detailed below by 1800 hours today. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Signed, Commander Tanin Kelbi." ::looking at the others with disbelief on her face:: Can you believe this? How rude. Cr'iori/Thyar/Malyz: response *PNPC Eden Taylor* *USS Constitution* *~as simmed by~* *Commander Maxwell Traenor* *Strategic Science Liaison Officer, USS Constitution* *A239111MT0* -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Constitution-B" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to sb118-constitution+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send email to sb118-constitution@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-constitution. To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/sb118-constitution/CAGVBS%3D9B9zFt5BQtMxt7eGJrbxuxkrwfGQyXmgYXGu5YjOKJdg%40mail.gmail.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.