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Ensign Ayiana Sevo - Not a test this time!

2014-09-27 03:55:39


(( U.S.S. Victory - Bridge, Approaching Duronis System )) Vess: Approaching the terminal. Stand by for re-entry into normal space. oO Finally! My butt is getting numb from the trembling! Oo ::Ahead of them, there was a slight change in the energy patterns, and suddenly they were through. Instantly, alarms started to sound on stations surrounding the Bridge. First a thermal warning lit up, then a proximity alarm squealed.:: Vess: Hang on! :: Ayiana focused her attention on her screen, trading the corridor schematic for a sensor scan of the immediate area. The ship was suddenly flown into a barrel roll, something the inertial dampers could only compensate for so much. Like several other crewmembers, Ayiana was flung out of her chair to the floor. As she lay there momentarily, she was in viewsight of the main viewscreen. What she saw terrified her. The thing was massive with dozens of weapons and tentacles. To Ayiana, it looked partly organic. She got up and sat back in her chair as quickly as she could. A throbbing emanated from the back of her head and her neck ached; she probably got whiplash as her head smacked against the floor. :: Nugra/Eerie: response Vess: It's a bloody ship! Right in the exit path! :: The heat ala= rm went off again.:: And this gate's almost in the star's photosphere! Sevo: Hull temperature five-hundred thousand degrees and climbing! :: Ayiana set a secondary panel to show statistics of the Victory's i= nternal environment. :: oO I hope this ship has metaphasic shields! Oo Eerie: Joy. Let's get shields up. Defensive posture. Eriss: Aye Sir, Shields up and holding..... Eriss: Computer, Activate tactile interface on the Tactical console. Eriss: Incoming torpedoes.... six... no eight... brace for impact. :: Ayiana sat back in her chair and gripped her armrests tightly, waiting for the inevitable crash. Moments later, it happened. It felt like the ship slammed into a wall. :: Eriss: Forward shields holding at ninety...ninety-one percent. Permission to return fire. Sevo: Hull temperature eight-hundred thousand! Internal temperatures climbing as well. It is at dangerous levels in the sections directly adjacent to the hull. Do we have metaphasic shielding? Nugra: Aft torpedo tubes 1 and 2. Fire at will! Eriss: Torpedoes away. ::Three of the four impacted directly on the body of the squid with the fourth intercepted by a flailing tentacle. :: Nugra: Bring up aft camera. I want a picture of this thing. Vess: Bringing it up now. :: The ugly organic squid like ship traveled through the space separating them with unerring accuracy. It's tentacle like arms were reaching out. :: Nugra: Mr. Vess, bring us around, try to get all front weapons to bear. Vess: Easier said than done, the star's gravity is making us sluggi= sh. Nugra: Mr. Stevens, feed trajectory data to Lieutenant Eriss as soon as you get the attack vectors. Stevens: RESPONSE :: While this was happening, One of the officers to the side approached the Gorn. :: Nugra: yes? McKay: Sir! We detected transporter signature from the cargo bay. It looks like three teams just beamed aboard the portal while we were passing by. Nugra: Are we still in transporter range? McKay: Barely. Nugra: Mr. Eerie. Grab Santucci, Sharpe, Stevens and Sevo. Arm up and prepare for combat. I'm sending you in to support Captain Faranster. She seems to have jumped ship. We're going to make another pass at the station to get you on-board. Eerie: Yes, Sir. Everyone to the transporter room, grab the essentials, we don't have any real time for anything else. ::Eerie was up and mov= ing to the turbolift.:: oO Here we go again! Oo :: Ayiana got out of her chair and followed the others into the turbolift. :: ((Station)) :: Materializing on the station, Ayiana couldn't help but think bac= k just a few hours to her first away mission on the ancient moon facility. She was filled with the same dread she felt earlier. The place looked similar to her; both places were most likely built by the same race. Alarms started sounding almost as soon as they had appeared. :: oO So much for the element of surprise. Oo Nugra: =3D/\=3D Eerie. Go! =3D/\=3D Eerie: =3D/\=3DTransport successful, I suggest we find the biggest power so= urce and set a delayed fuse. At least it would give chance to get off. =3D/\=3D Nugra: =3D/\=3DResponse=3D/\=3D Eerie :=3D/\=3D Yes, Sir and good luck. =3D/\=3D Santucci/ Sharpe/Stevens: Response Eerie: Move out, full sensor readings, and find me something that will work. I'll take point. Commander Sharpe if I fall, you know what to= do. Sharpe: Response :: Ayiana pulled out her tricorder - standard issue of course. Her own was still sitting in her bags in the shuttlebay. It had seemed like an eternity since Ayiana first docked on the Victory. But it had been barely a day. :: oO Well, I'm officially on my second day! Oo :: In addition, Ayiana was equipped with both a Type II hand phaser and Type III rifle. As before, she kept her rifle slung on her back, and had the hand phaser in her left, continuing to scan with her tricorder in her right. :: :: An energy blast ricochet off the bulkhead sending sparks everywhere. Lt. Eerie returned fire, looking for the nonexistence cover. Ayiana turned her head around frantically looking around for the source of the blast. She headed towards the nearest cover - a small lip in the wall of the bulkhead. :: Eerie: I will hold them. ::Firing into the now smoke and ash. He moved to a side wall using a bend in the corridor for a bit of cover. He returned fire. One of the blasts caught a piece of the ceiling sending small bits of material over everything, like a rain.:: Sevo: Sir! I'm detecting the same EM and subspace readings as I d= id back on Dagaro. I'd say its the same type of robots. Santucci/Stevens/Sharpe: Response Eerie: Grab the explosives and work your way round. I will distract them.::Firmly.:: Sharpe: Response Santucci/Stevens / Sevo: RESPONSE Eerie: That is an order, Now. ::Loudly over the firing.:: Sevo: With permission, sir, I'd like to stay back here with you. = With a little more scanning, I might be able to find a weakness in these robots. Eerie: RESPONSE Sevo: Understood. I'll work as quick as I can. :: Ayiana crouched behind Lt. Eerie, using his massive, durable frame as additional cover. She placed her phaser on the ground next to her, keeping it ready just in case she had to grab for it fast. She started typing into her tricorder frantically, all the while the screeching sound of Eerie=E2= =80=99s phaser blasting in her ears. :: oO Let's see. Maybe they are vulnerable to certain frequencies of= Their cores are shielded. Hmm. Oo Eerie: RESPONSE, if any. :: Sweat started to trickle down Ayiana's face and neck. :: oO = Come on, come on! I've got three lifetimes! Think! Oo :: More phaser fire sounded in the distance. Lots of explosions - no doubt the rest of the team was dispatching with the robots, but they just kept coming. :: oO Okay, if I can't disable them with electromagnetic energy, mayb= e=E2=80=A6. Oo Sevo: Of course!! :: She exclaimed. :: Eerie: RESPONSE, if any. Sevo: The subspace field! They have a subspace field connecting them like a collective consciousness. Maybe it is how they communicate or receive orders! If I can just find a way to jam it=E2=80=A6 :: In the distance, it sounded like the battle was intensifying. More explosions, and Ayiana thought she heard someone scream in pain, but it could have just been in her head. She wasn't exactly calm at the m= oment. She returned to her tricorder, focusing her scans on the subspace field. := : oO Lets see, if they are communicating on a fluctuating frequency of five to fifteen millicochranes, I should be able to send an inversion frequency along a triaxilating wavelength of... Oo :: She finished inputting her commands, and with a final tap of a finger on her tricorder=E2=80=A6 :: Sevo: There! Did it work?! TBC ---------------------------- Ensign Ayiana Sevo Science Officer U.S.S. Victory ---------------------------- --=20 You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 - the USS Victory" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to To view this discussion on the web visit sb118-victory/CALVpmT5QaQxcfN%3DFw5_6RAwo4e%3DVQH%3DZy%2Bxe3wxm0R-x7BwUAQ%4= For more options, visit