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Ensign Jarred Thoran - The Negotiator (Caraadian Ship)

2017-06-09 09:02:54


((Caraadian Navy Ship, decaying orbit around Debin VII)) Brint: Tha . . that is Andula. But she looks so ill. I wonder how long she = has been infected? Thoran: I'm guessing long enough Lieutenant. Now she needs our help= . ::He wondered if the infected crewman was going to be as amiable as the t= wo Caraadian's they had met already. It had felt like an eternity s= ince his academy training for these situations, something Thoran hoped he w= ould not have to use:: Brell: Did you know this crewperson well? Brint: No, I don't know much about her. All I know is that she work= s in security and tactical and from what I have been told she is really goo= d at what she does. Gullide: Response Brint: What do you need me to do in the meantime? Shall I bring security pr= otocols on line? Brell: Please do Lieutenant. Gullide: response Brint: response :: Thoran strode across the bridge and took up a position near the door tha= t stood between them and the crewman, whilst Brell made his way to the cons= ole Thoran had just left. He checked his weapon once again:: Brell: Security force fields seem to be inoperable. The door can be sealed = but if she has any engineering know how she might be able to override it. Brint: response Thoran: ::Tapped the console on his wrist, opening a private channel to Bre= ll and the Captain.:: =3D/\=3DCaptain, based on our present situation, I wo= uld recommend contacting the Blackwell's transporter room. If thing= s go south with this encounter we may need to beam the Commander and Brint = out in a hurry. =3D/\=3D Zaekia: =3D/\=3D I understand but we can't remove them without the= ir permission - that would be kidnapping. The Commander already rejected my= attempt even just to have a transporter lock on people, so we would be rea= dy for emergency beam out, if necessary. If Brell can persuade them otherwi= se then I'd agree with your assessment Thoran. =3D/\=3D ::Despite being the most junior officer here, when it came to matters of se= curity Thoran was the authority. It was his job to ensure the safety of his= ship mates, a task that was weighing heavily. Wondering how many other fre= sh faced ensigns had born the sole responsibility for keeping an away team = safe, especially one with the Captain, Thoran dared not imagine what would = happen if things went wrong :: Zaekia: =3D/\=3D Perhaps what we really need isn't so much an escap= e plan as more backup. What about sending down a small team of security per= sonnel. If Andula gets past us, she won't get past them. Brell, I= 'll have to leave that with you as time is limited. =3D/\=3D Thoran: :: He turned to look at Brell:: Commander Brell, once the Captain a= nd I are through, please close and seal the door behind us. ::He turned bac= k around to face the Captain:: Ready when you are sir. Thoran: =3D/\=3D Ready when you are sir.=3D/\=3D Brell: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D Zaekia: =3D/\=3D Ready here as well. Let us through on my mark. Three, two = one - and - go! =3D/\=3D ::As soon as the Captain gave the order, Thoran rushed through the door and= took up position on the left hand side of the corridor. If any marines had= seen the two officers making their way into the corridor, Thoran had no do= ubts they would have been impressed. It was dark in the corridor and a fain= t stale smell hung in the air. Further down the corridor, lit only by emerg= ency lighting and the two torches was Andula. Upon spotting the two officer= s she wasted no time in acting.:: Zaekia: Stand down Andula. We're from the Federation Medical Ship B= lackwell. We've come to help. Andula: You've come too late! Everyone is dead! Zaekia: Not everyone. There are survivors on the bridge=E2=80=A6 ::The Captain was trying to keep the situation under control, whist maintai= ning a calm tone. With the dim light and shadows lining the corridor, Thora= n estimated Andula was about 10 metres ahead of them. He hoped they were ab= le to resolve the situation, as under current conditions Thoran was not sur= e he would be able to hit Andula. As soon as the Captain had finished, Andu= la spat at him, her face twisted into hatred.:: Andula: Not for long! They're going to pay for their crimes. :: At the academy Thoran had taken extra classes in diplomacy and now he wa= s glad. It was time to put them to the test.:: Thoran: Andula, I gather you are in Security and Tactical, I am as well. I = understand your frustration and need for vengeance, but that is not the ans= wer. Please put down your weapon and let us help.::Thoran moved slightly fo= rward as he spoke, gesticulating with his hand, trying to reassure her:: Andula: I have no quarrel with you, Starfleet, step aside. This doesn=E2=80= =99t concern you. Zaekia: Please, we're trying to understand what happened. Andula: I hate them! This is their fault. ::Thoran empathised with the woman. Just like him, she had a responsibility= to protect the crew of this ship and now most of them were gone. He hoped = if the situation were reversed, he would not act the same way:: Thoran: This is not the answer. Is this what your friends, your loved ones = would want? I understand your pain. It doesn't seem fair. Andula: Have you not seen the bodies=E2=80=A6 the sheer carnage. Have they = had to attend to dozens of dying men and women without any sort of medical = support? I've lost everything, everyone that was important to me. T= hey let the crew down, they left us to die. ::He could sense both the hatred and sadness in her voice. Thoran decided i= t was time for a bold move. He crouched down and placed the phaser rifle on= the floor, keeping the phaser in its holster. As he stood up he held his h= ands up. Trying to seem as non-threatening as possible, he continued in dia= logue with Andula:: Thoran: Please, stand down. I do not want to hurt you Andula. Enough of you= r people have died already. We have people working on the illness. We need = you and them alive, to find answers. Whoever is responsible for what happen= ed here will be held accountable, you have my word there will be justice. :: Thoran had been moving ever so slowly closer to Andula, whilst keeping h= is body in the firing line of Andula and the Captain. With the fact she had= not attacked them on sight and had not reacted so far, Thoran hoped they w= ould be able to talk her down. .:: Thoran: Why don't you put down the weapon and talk to me, tell me w= hat happened, how you got here? Zaekia/Andula: Response Ensign Jarred Thoran < oran> Security and Tactical Officer Andaris Task Force< _Force>, USS Blackwell NCC-58999 A239405JT0 --=20 You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118 =E2=80=93Andaris Task Force" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to To post to this group, send email to Visit this group at To view this discussion on the web visit sb118-andaris/DB6PR1001MB1144CAD18AAAB296D8021C3C9ACE0%40DB6PR1001MB1144.EU= RPRD10.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM. For more options, visit